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Valin Aresh was a male Human Sith Lord who claimed the title Dark Lord of the Sith and ruled part of the galaxy during the New Sith Wars. His faction of Sith was headquartered at Ciutric IV, and by 1,389 BBY at the latest was in active conflict with the New Sith Empire.


At some point in his life Aresh lost his left forearm, which he replaced with a black cybernetic arm largely of his own design. Though Aresh ruled less territory and had fewer followers than the Council of Five, many Sith and Jedi considered him a dangerous man, particularly as he was supported by a group of dark side elite he called his Dark Vanguard. A Humanocentrist, Aresh employed non-Humans as soldiers but only trained Humans to use the Force. He corrupted the Jedi Knight Eviar Seldec, whom he took on as his Sith apprentice. Aresh called his flagship the Purity and often commanded his various wars from its bridge; only Humans were allowed to serve aboard.

When he was not in the field, Aresh often spent long hours employed in scientific research and experimentation on Ciutric IV along with an Arkanian geneticist whom some beings called his "second apprentice". Aresh also had a smaller lab built aboard the Purity so he could continue his most critical experiments even when the war forced him to battle.

By 1,387 BBY, Aresh had been forced by circumstances to order conscription into his armed forces; he was fighting campaigns led by Elata Cazars, Mali Darakhan, Darth Saleej, other Sith, and the Crusader's fleet. At the end of that year, however, Saleej's subordinate Targere approached Eviar Seldec with a proposition: that the two factions join forces to assassinate Jedi Supreme Chancellor Phnyong on Anaxes. Aresh was initially disdainful, both of working with non-Humans and of the possibility of success, but Seldec convinced his master that, succeed or fail, the mission would at least allow Aresh breathing room against his many enemies. Aresh finally blessed the meeting.

Powers and Abilities

Trained to mastery in the dark side of the Force, Valin Aresh was so powerful that Eviar Seldec—himself a master of the Force and once a hero of the Jedi Order—had no thought of betraying or overthrowing his master. Aresh was capable of Mind Shard without even looking at his target, could use multiple Force powers at once, and was widely regarded as a superb lightsaber duelist.

By those who knew him well enough to know his capabilities, Aresh was generally accepted as one of the galaxy's leading experts in genetics and genetic engineering. He also had at least some degree of skill in mechanical engineering, as he designed some of his equipment as well as his own cybernetic arm.

Appearance and Personality

Aresh's original appearance was unknown. By 1,387 BBY he was bald and had skin the color of milk gone bad a few days. His eyes were red and yellow more often than not; their original color was unknown. He was left-handed; his cybernetic left arm ended in sharp, claw-like fingers. He carried a red-bladed lightsaber, though he was often content to leave it in his presence rather than on his person. In his laboratory or throne room he would often wear loose-fitting garb and go barefoot, and sometimes went days without showering, eating, or resting when in pursuit of some idea or experiment.

Aresh was a man of many contradictions. He was a Humanocentrist who despised non-Humans and even Near-Humans, but one of his closest collaborators was an Arkanian (though he referred to the being only as "Arkanian" or, when they were apart, "the Arkanian"); he had a quick temper when he was in a bad mood, but could also appreciate macabre humor; he often needled or even physically abused Eviar Seldec to make him a dutiful and useful apprentice, but also appeared to trust Seldec and consider him a friend.


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