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This article is about the character from the Bloodlust series. You may be looking for another character with the same name.

The Sluissi nicknamed "Doc" was the personal doctor of Jedi Knight Bolo Artel during the Clone Wars. The Jedi suffered from a rare and dangerous disease that caused him to have an insatiable bloodlust, needing constant medical care. Doc and his patient formed a close bond and fought together during the Clone Wars.


Clone Wars

Atairis Trade Crisis

At the start of the war, Doc accompanied Artel to the Atairis System. The system was in crisis, its supply routes cut off by the Trade Federation as a consequence for staying loyal to the REpublic. Doc stood by Artel as he reestablished trade routes between the Republic and the system to take the place of the Trade Federation.

Battle of Atairis

When Separatist troops landed outside the city, Artel gave Doc a message and ordered him to fly back to the shuttle where Artel's apprentice was staying with a squadron of clone troopers. Doc passed on the message and the shuttle returned to the Akarak, Artel's flagship, and Artel's message was passed on to the Jedi Council, who sent reinforcements.

Some time after the battle was won, Doc met with Artel on the Akarak and was commended for his actions. Despite the victory, however, the system had declared itself for the Separatists in any case.

After the Clone Wars

During the Atairis Trade Crisis, Doc promised Artel that once the war was over, he would conduct research into Artel's condition. It is only speculation whether or not he kept to his word.

Personality and traits

Doc was a kindly old man, giving sound advise and acting as a father-figure for Artel. He was also very loyal, obeying any order without question.


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