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Greetings, sir. Would you like your teeth mildly scrubbed, totally washed, or completely chiseled?
—A V-97

The V-97 toothbrush was a sentient toothbrush produced by Tryuin Industries a few hundred years before the Battle of Yavin. It responded to verbal commands from the user and had several settings to appeal to multiple species, from light brushing to those with more sensitive teeth to chiseling for strong-toothed species such as Wookiees. Unfortunately, some criminals exploited this and used the toothbrush as a murder weapon, as on maximum settings it could be fatal to some species. For this reason, it was banned by the Republic government, and Tryuin industries quickly sold the line to a small subsidiary to avoid more humiliation. The design team for the toothbrush, which had also come up with the equally disastrous GRA8 mathematics droid, was fired.

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