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They're some kind of Jedi Jawa. I don't know, but I know they have one of those artifacts you love so much. I had a treasure hunter friend who got roughed up pretty bad trying to look for it, so I'd be cautious.
—A patron of Chalmun's cantina to Naastau

The Uwitinawa was a nomadic group of Force-sensitive Jawa shamans on Tatooine.

Instead of making a living from salvaged droid and ship parts, allied Jawas would give them food and weapons in exchange for healing and spiritual advice. Their warrior caste used enchanted staves in their battles with the Tusken Raiders, and had trained their reflexes to be able to deflect projectiles. Unlike most Jawas, who wore brown or black robes, members of the Uwitinawa wore red robes while their leaders wore purple or green robes and wore masks, often resembling bird beaks, carved from the bones of canyon krayt dragons.


At some point before the Clone Wars, the Uwitinawa discovered an abandoned Jedi holocron, which they kept and worshiped. The Mandalorian Naastau, at the time working as a treasure hunter, learned of the holocron during his stay on Tatooine and attempted to barter with the Jawas to acquire it for his employers. After they refused, Naastau slew a number of Jawa shamans and stole the holocron before escaping the area.

Years later during the Galactic Empire's reign, the Uwitinawa were wiped out and their sandcrawler was destroyed during a battle with Imperial stormtroopers, as part of Emperor Palpatine's plan to eradicate all Force groups that were not loyal to him. One member survived, however, and usurped leadership of another Jawa tribe, which he led in revolt against the Empire. This failed, and the last of the Uwitinawa was killed in combat.

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