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Peace will guide the planets. Love will steer the stars.
—Ussej Padric Bac II

Ussej Padric Bac II was born to a long line of legendary war heroes, politicians, Jedi Knights and Sith Lords. His ancestor, Jonathan Bac, was the first Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic. His grandfather and great-grandfather were both Senators of Alderaan. His parents were Laili Jeyna Rendar, the sister of his uncle Kit Corwin Rendar, and Saint Ussej Padric Bac who went on to become the Shaman of the Whills. His mother and uncle originated from Corellia. His wife, Bara ErMez, would eventually give birth to a son named Ussej Padric Bac III, a legendary Bendu High Priest that brought about the Holy War during the Great Sovereign Crusades.

The second Bac to bear the name “Ussej Padric”, he fought in the final battle of the Great Rim Lines War on Dxun where he met a young Republic Colonel named Cos Jonathan Dashin who would later go on to be one of the most instrumental Supreme Chancellor’s in galactic history.

After he died on Dxun, the newly elected High Priest Neil Rendar analyzed the Prophecies of The Skywalker and realized that Ussej was one of the Prophets of the Whills spoken of in the Prophecy of The Nine Prophets. His mistakes during his life helped to bring about an age of awakening for the Bendu Order. During this time, not only were there changes in appearance to a more formal and monk-like style, but also a change in the way that the Order viewed itself. The three men of the Bac Family helped them to realize what happens when pride gets the best of people, including those held in such high regard.


A Prophet RisesEdit


May you live long, Ussej Padric Bac II, and may you greatly prosper from the love that your parents have for you, a love greater than anything I have ever seen before.
—Damien Nightblade

Ussej Padric Bac II was born on Telos IV to a long line of legendary war heroes, politicians, Jedi Knights and Sith Lords. His ancestor, Jonathan Bac, was the first Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic. His parents were Ussej Padric Bac and Laili Jeyna Rendar, the sister of his uncle Kit Corwin Rendar. His mother and uncle came from Corellia, whereas his father came from the legendary Bac Family of Alderaan. Unlike most children, however, he was not born into a happy, fully functional family. At the time of his birth, his father and uncle had just been redeemed from the darkness of the Sith Empire and had helped the Galactic Republic regain control of Coruscant in the final battle of the Great Territorial War. His mother had been in labor for hours under the watchful eye of Damien Nightblade while his father was gone, but his father and uncle were able to make it back to Telos IV just in time for the birth. Ussej and Laili decided to name him Ussej Padric Bac II, calling him "Junior" for short.

One month after his birth, the group of escapees was picked up by a small ship in the Unknown Regions. Fearing for the life of the baby, his father and uncle prepared themselves for a fight were they to be boarded. However, they soon found out that the unknown people were not attackers, but rather they were members of a faction called the Bendu Order that were on a mission of exploration. Much to the group’s surprise, the Bendu were enthralled by the senior Ussej Padric Bac, though they would not say why until they were certain. They asked that the group return with them to their homeworld, Kal'Shabbol, and they agreed to make the two week long journey.

The BenduEdit

They seem peaceful enough. Keep your eyes open, though, just in case.
Ussej Padric Bac

After two weeks, they arrived on Kal’Shabbol and were amazed by the simplicity of their surroundings. The village surrounding what was called the Bendu Temple of Light looked like something out of ancient legends rather than a modern day city. The Bendu Order explained to them that the population valued tradition and that they believed that if you create a machine to do the work of a man then you take something away from the man. The new arrivals were greatly impressed.

The Bendu High Priest, Somus Malachor, invited the group to dinner so he could explain to them the history and philosophy of the Bendu Order. They were hesitant, but eventually agreed to attend as his guests. Over dinner, Malachor explained that he was a descendant of Zios Malachor, the first Bendu High Priest, who in turn was a descendant of The Skywalker, who Malachor explained was the first person to discover the Force of Others. The Skywalker was also the founder of the Jedi Bendu Order, a group that lasted for thousands of years until a schism broke it into two, creating the Jedi Order and the Bendu Order. Malachor went on to explain their philosophies, and the senior Ussej finally felt that he had found a group with philosophies he agreed with. Along with Kit and Laili, he decided that they would stay and become part of the Bendu Order.

Bendu TrainingEdit

Training to become a Bendu is not an easy challenge. It demands a great deal from you physically, mentally and spiritually.
—Somus Malachor

The young Ussej was able to live a very normal Bendu childhood. While he was attending classes and playing with friends, his parents were off learning everything they could about the ways and the culture of the Bendu Order and the entire Ashlan Expanse. Laili did not wish to be trained in the ways of the Bendu Order, but rather she wanted to find a way to become active in larger affairs. She was told of a political crisis on Had Abaddon and, at her request, was appointed Ambassador to Had Abaddon to try to help calm the growing tyrannical movement. As she worked feverously, Ussej the senior and Kit were training to become Bendu Priests, positions they were elected to after only three years of intense training. However, the two Ussej’s were able to form a great bond with one another and often spent down time together.

At the age of thirteen, the young Ussej became a Bendu Apprentice and was placed under the tutelage of his father. The first path in Bendu Training was to learn the history and philosophies of the Bendu Order, those sessions lasting from six months to one year. Seven months after he began learning the history, he overheard a conversation about his father where Malachor referred to the Prophecy of The Voyager. Ussej returned to his father and asked him what it was and he revealed that it was an ancient Bendu prophecy, one that The Skywalker had written. His father then said that he himself was supposedly the one who would fulfill that prophecy, though he was not sure if he believed it or not.

While he was training, his mother had been on Had Abaddon trying to negotiate with the tyrannical rebellion. Husen Al-Dubrir, the leader of the rebellion, told her that he would overthrow the democratically elected government. Laili told him that the Bendu Order would intervene if any action was taken against the government, but Al-Dubrir did not back down. Knowing she had no other choice, Laili left the planet and returned to Kal'Shabbol.

When she returned, Ussej was fourteen and training in the art of the sword, as well as the powers of the Force of Others. He was asked to train by himself for a few days as his parents had to head into secret meetings with the Council of Priests. When the meetings were over, Ussej was told that he would be receiving a new master as his father was leaving for months and perhaps even years to infiltrate the rebellion on Had Abaddon and, hopefully, bring it down. Ussej was crushed that his father was abandoning him, and quickly turned to his mother for support even though she was the one who recommended her husband for the job.

Ussej continued his training while his father was away, becoming more and more proficient as his eighteen birthday drew closer and closer. He hoped to face his trials on his eighteenth birthday, though with his mind still conflicted due to his disdain for his father he was unsure if that would happen or not. On his seventeenth birthday, his father returned and reported that his mission was a failure and that Al-Dubrir had overthrown the government of Had Abaddon. Ussej could not believe that he had been left fatherless for three years for nothing and soon began to shut out everyone in his life, including his mother, simply so he could train.

A Prophet’s TestEdit

Recklessness and ResponsibilityEdit

Do you really think my father will care about anything I do?
—Ussej Padric Bac II

Days before he was slated to take his Trial of Will, Ussej was sent to the village of Jerlem to speak with the village leader, Johasn Segroll, about opening up better trade routes with the other villages on the planet. While at dinner at the Segroll Mansion, Ussej met the village leader’s daughter, Tesia. The two spent time with one another the next day and started to become greatly attracted to one another. Having never been exposed to a true relationship yet, Ussej felt that it was love at first site. The night before he left, the two made love as a way to say goodbye. The next morning, they said goodbye to one another as Ussej returned to the Bendu Temple of Light.

The day after he returned, Ussej prepared himself for his Trial of Will. For his task, he traveled down into the Well of Souls at the base of the Ashlan Mountains to find the first of three sacred stones that were to be grouped together to form a jewel that hangs at the neck of every Bendu Knight. Each jewel was different, giving every Bendu a unique crest of their own. As he repelled down the well, he discovered why it was called just that. The souls of the dark warriors killed one hundred thousand years before attacked him and he did not know how to defeat them. He did, however, have a theory. He dove through a small shaft and found the first of the sacred stones. As he held it out in front of him, the souls were scattered in all directions by its power, giving Ussej enough time to escape.

With the first stone safely with him, Ussej began his long ascent into the Ashlan Mountains. His first stop within the mountains was the ruins of an ancient Jedi Bendu monastery. Within the one hundred thousand year old ruins, he found the second of the three stones. By the time he left the lower levels of the ruins, the sun had set and the temperature dropped dramatically. However, because he was determined to complete his quest as soon as possible, he did not stop for sleep or warmth. Instead, he traveled into the harsh, cold snow. When he finally reached the top, he made his way to the Holy Ridge of The Skywalker and found his third stone. Once he had it, he placed each peace upon an alter at the edge of the ridge. The stones fused together and the symbol it created was stunning. With a flash of light, he found himself just outside the Bendu Temple of Light and proceeded to show the Council of Priests that he had completed the task.

As his final trial, the Trial of Fear, was being prepared, Tesia contacted him and asked him to meet her in Jerlem. He immediately flew to the village and embraced her, as he could tell that she was shaken up about something. She told him that she was pregnant and he was the father. Neither of them wanted to care for a child at that point in their lives, so they decided to turn to a practice that was shunned by the religious beliefs of the Bendu Order as well as the laws of Kal'Shabbol: abortion. They searched for a doctor who would be willing to perform the operation for a hefty price and, within hours, it was done. Ussej said goodbye to Tesia once again and returned to the Bendu Temple of Light, distraught that he might have made a terrible mistake.

Two days after the operation, Ussej faced his Trial of Fear. His father administered it, and the images he faced came and went quickly. What Ussej saw first was the night that he and Tesia made love and the second and final image was that of the abortion from only days before. Ussej had tried desperately to try to fear something more than the abortion, though he was unable to. Once the images disappeared, his father was furious that he would break such a sacred rule of the Bendu Order, as well as a law of Kal'Shabbol. However, Ussej defended himself saying that his recklessness and stupidity was a result of his father not being there for three years and then spending so much time working once he returned, a comment that stung the heart of the Bendu Priest.

Later that day, Ussej was forced to testify before the Council of Priests about the incident. He told them that he had met a woman, who he refused to name, when he was sent to Jerlem and they made love three nights later, just before he returned. He continued by saying that he had found out about the pregnancy two days before his Trial of Fear and the abortion had been completed in hours. The Council of Priests was shocked and appalled and immediately sentenced Ussej to spend time in prison. His father supported that sentence, though Laili pleaded with her husband to help set things right.

Tesia found out about Ussej’s imprisonment and traveled to the Bendu Temple of Light to see him. He told her that the Council of Priests did not know that it was her and that it was stay that way. However, Tesia reminded Ussej that they had indeed broken the law and it did not matter whether or not they agreed with it. She reminded him that if he was to be a Bendu Knight then he would have to take responsibility for all of his actions, including the bad ones. Ussej knew she was right and they both agreed to testify once more before the Council of Priests and face whatever sentence they were to hand out.

After they testified before the Council of Priests, Ussej and Tesia were taken into an anti-chamber to await sentencing. Ussej admitted that he was skeptical at first about whether or not he truly loved Tesia when he first met her, but told her that over the past few weeks he had grown to love her, especially in the face of sentencing. Tesia told him that she had felt the exact same way. Though he did not have a ring, Ussej kneeled down and asked Tesia if she would marry him whenever they were through with whatever punishment the Council of Priests was to give them. Tesia said yes, just as a guard told them that the decision had been made and that they were to return to the chambers. When they did, the Council of Priests announced that Ussej had been pardoned, thanks to the efforts of his father, but would not yet receive Knighthood. Tesia, however, was to be expelled from Kal'Shabbol. She asked where she was supposed to go, but the Somus Malachor told her that it was up to the grace of God and her own free will to choose where she would go.

Tesia was brought back to Jerlem by Bendu Guards and Ussej went to his parents chambers to speak with his father. Ussej was furious that Tesia was being sent away, though his father told him that he did everything he could. Ussej didn’t believe him, but he was convinced when he was shown a transcript of the Council of Priests meeting. Ussej also found out that his father was devastated for having hurt him when he left and he wanted nothing more than to rekindle their friendship. Ussej fell into his parent’s embrace and, for the first time in years, they were one whole family.

Under the cover of darkness, Ussej made his way to Jerlem where he found rioters outside the Segroll home who were threatening to severely torture Tesia as a harsher punishment if they got to her. Ussej made his way to the back of the mansion and slipped into Tesia’s room where she was thankful to see him. He said that he could get her out if she trusted him, and because she did they slipped back out the window to flee to safety. However, a few pedestrians saw them slip out and alerted the protesters who began a chase throughout the village to find them. Johasn Segroll ordered the protesters to stop the chase at once, though they did not listen. Ussej and Tesia found shelter in a cave where they stayed for the night, holding onto one another for protection and mental support. Ussej stayed up all night while Tesia slept against him, just in case the protesters found them.

The next morning, they attempted to make their way to the starport though they were found out once more. However, this time the protesters were met by a force of Bendu Knights, led by Ussej Padric Bac, to protect them. However, it was not enough. Tesia was shot in the back and collapsed in Ussej’s arms. She told him how much she loved him, but she soon fell prey to death. Enraged, Ussej lashed out at the protesters who shot her and proceeded to behead him. However, his father pleaded with him to stop, reminding him that Tesia would never want him to become a murderer. Ussej stopped, though he still had harsh words for all of the protesters. Ussej returned to the Bendu Temple of Light, filled with remorse and regret. After Tesia’s funeral, he fell into a deep depression and did not know how he could break out of it.


I will not let an injustice such as this pass.
—Ussej Padric Bac II

One year later, the Had Abaddon military attacked Kal’Shabbol and penetrated the gates of the Bendu Temple of Light. Once inside, they kidnapped a group of Bendu Apprentices, as well as Laili. Ussej tried desperately to get to his mother in time, but he was too late. The enemy forces left, bringing his mother with them.

While the Council of Priests was debating what to do, Ussej stormed into their chambers and demanded to know what was happening in terms of rescuing his mother. His father asked him to leave, and when he refused he was removed from the chambers. Somus Malachor suggested sending the young Ussej to Had Abaddon to attempt to rescue the hostages. His father asked why, and Malachor told him it was because he believed it to be a suicide mission. The Council believed that Ussej had not received just punishment for his sin against God a year earlier, so despite his father’s protests it was agreed to send the young Ussej to attempt to rescue them. The next day, Ussej said goodbye to his father and uncle and began his week long journey to Had Abaddon.

One week later, Ussej arrived on Had Abaddon and immediately began a reconnaissance mission throughout the area of Husen Al-Dubrir’s palace. He found that Laili was being used as his slave girl, kept at his side at all sides. Infuriated, Ussej had to calm himself before making any unwise decisions. He decided it would be best to infiltrate the palace as a guard, therefore being able to get close to Al-Dubrir. The plan worked perfectly. Within one week, he found himself standing in the Throne Room of Al-Dubrir. Not wanting to waste any time, he immediately sent the Throne Room into lockdown and attacked the royal guards. Al-Dubrir, however, managed to flee into the palace. With the guards taken care of, Ussej freed Laili and told her where she could find his ship for safety. However, she said that she would go with him to help as he searched for Al-Dubrir. After an intensive search, Ussej and Laili found him and Ussej engaged him in hand to hand combat while Laili searched for a weapon. Al-Dubrir gained the upper hand in the duel, though Ussej quickly countered it. Laili threw him a weapon and Ussej stabbed Al-Dubrir through the heart, effectively ending his oppressive regime. With the day won, Ussej and Laili went back to the shuttle and returned to Kal'Shabbol.

When Ussej returned, he took a much needed rest on the shores of the Ashlan Ocean. His father found him there and the two had one of their first friendly conversations in years. However, Ussej soon admitted that he took out his anger and other darker emotions on the guards and Husen Al-Dubrir on Had Abaddon. His father reminded him that there is nothing wrong with having those emotions, so long as they are used sparingly. He then reminded his son that regardless of how angry he was to get, he had faith that he would not turn into another Darth Mantus. For the first time in months, Ussej cracked a sincere smile. The two walked back to the Bendu Temple of Light, knowing that their strong bond had returned.

A Prophet's DestinyEdit

The Sacrifice of AngelsEdit

I didn’t risk everything to have you die from a landslide.
Laili Jeyna Rendar

A decade past and Ussej came back into favor with the Council of Priests. They had been amazed that he had survived the mission and was able to kill Husen Al-Dubrir. Thus, he was put back onto the track to advancement in rank, just what he had always wanted. However, it took him almost ten years to be able to fully cope with the death of Tesia.

When he was thirty years old, the now-Bendu Priest traveled with his uncle on an excavation mission in the Ashlan Mountains. Their goal was to set up a digging site in a spot believed to be the grounds that once housed an ancient Jedi Bendu monastery and find what artifacts they could for study. However, things went horribly wrong. The ground gave way beneath Kit and he was trampled by a rockslide.

Ussej contacted the Bendu Temple of Light, letting them know the situation. His father was on the other side of the planet, and although he couldn’t personally be there to help heal him he did order a team of medical technicians to try to sustain him until he could arrive. Laili, however, knew that it would not be possible, given the description of her brother’s injuries.

Laili took a shuttle to the survey site and found Kit battered and broken twenty meters down. She climbed down, finding her son standing over her brother. Though she was not very powerful in terms of Bendu powers, she knew that she could save him. Ussej protested, as did Kit, but she said that she did not risk all of their lives years before only to have him die at the bottom of a hole in the ground. She channeled her life-force through her palms and sent it surging into Kit, the life returning to him. However, Laili grew weaker and weaker as the process went on until she too collapsed on the brink of death.

Laili was rushed to the medical facility inside the Bendu Temple of Light. As she was being hooked up to life-support, Ussej and his father came in to see her for what they knew would be the last time. She told them that she knew that they would never understand why she had to do what she did, but she did explain that she knew she could not let Kit die. He had a young child that he had to care for and more to live for at that point than she did. She asked to be taken off life-support and her request was granted. She died in the arms of her family. Two days later, a large funeral was held in remembrance of Kal'Shabbol's golden child.

True LoveEdit

My past is something you do not want to know about.
—Ussej Padric Bac II

The years continued to roll by and Ussej felt that he had finally found peace within himself, even after the death of his mother. Just days after his thirty-ninth birthday, Ussej was sent to the small village of Vattica and met a young woman named Bara ErMez. She was the daughter of a Vattican nobleman, and at first he did not think anything of her, partially due to the fact that the last time he met the daughter of a powerful man she ended up being murdered right in front of him.

However, after days of careful consideration, he decided to see Bara once more. He invited her to dinner at the Bendu Temple of Light and they sat up on a balcony the entire night talking about nothing but themselves and what they had done and seen in their lives. Though she was a bit taken aback by his past, she could not help but be impressed by all the things that Ussej had done.

For the next few months, Ussej and Bara were inseparable. They spent the night at each others homes on many occasions and generally had dinner together. Six months after they met, Ussej asked her father for permission to marry her. After he and his own father gave their blessings, Ussej proposed to Bara. She immediately accepted. Only weeks later, they exchanged vows and became husband and wife.

Two months after they were married, Jana found out that she was pregnant with Ussej’s child. They could not have been happier, as they had both wanted children for quite some time. However, Ussej’s memories of his tragic relationship with Tesia came back to haunt him. He tried to think of them simply as memories from his past and soon set his mind on focusing on the future.

Paternal LoveEdit

Always will there be an Ussej Padric Bac within this order.
—Ussej Padric Bac II

Nine months later, a fleet of fighters made their way to the surface of Kal'Shabbol. Dozens of soldiers from Had Abaddon made their way out of the ships and towards the temple. As Ussej made his way to help defend his home, Bara went into labor. She told him to go and fight, but he refused. He swore that he would stay by her side and help defend her, knowing that the ruthlessness of Had Abaddons would mean that they would not even show mercy to a woman giving birth to her child.

While Ussej tended to his wife, his father made his way to the lead ship and came face-to-face with the true leader of the coup on Had Abaddon, a woman he thought had died forty years before: Adena Qel-Droma, the former Empress of the Sith Empire. They engaged one another in a fierce duel, their aging bones meaning nothing to them. Their duel took them to the roof of one of the fighters, but the fighter soon began to ascend into the air.

As the fighter moved higher, Ussej and Adena jumped off onto the Holy Ridge in the Ashlan Mountains, the ridge being the supposed site of the original Jedi Bendu monastery on the planet. Adena tempted him to kill her, remembering how he had vowed to never kill again. Ussej refused and only a few seconds later, Adena stabbed him through the chest. He did, however, manage to unarm her as he fell to the ground. His lightsaber now cutting through the thin ledge itself, Adena tempted him to end it once more. He still refused, telling her that he did not have to, as the ground was about to give way. Adena soon realized that she had been led into a trap and, just as she attempted to stand, the ground gave way and the two legendary warriors fell hundreds of feet to the ground below.

At that very moment, Bara gave birth to a baby boy. Ussej and Bara were thrilled, though they still had not picked out a name for him. However, the joyous event was soon marred by sadness as the news of his father’s fall reached their ears. Ussej made his way to the base of the Ashlan Mountains only to find that his father was almost near death. His father took his hand and told him how much good their family had done for the people of Kal'Shabbol. His dying wish was that, someday, the Republic would be able to realize the good that men could do and save itself from its eminent destruction.

For days, Ussej kept to himself, mourning over the death of his father. He was able to find comfort only in his prayers and in the thought that his father was with his mother in the embrace of The Skywalker. After one week, Ussej began acting like himself once more. After a large funeral and the burial of Ussej Padric Bac next to Laili Jeyna Rendar, Ussej and Bara decreed that all first born males in the Bac Family would carry the name of his father, so he and Bara named their son Ussej Padric Bac III.

The Impact of WordsEdit

The real test of a hero is knowing when the greater good will be served by an evil act.
—Ussej Padric Bac II

Five years later, Ussej secured the nomination to become the newest Bendu High Priest after the retirement of his cousin, who had said that he wanted to spend more time studying and less time governing. However, there was always a six-month transition period before becoming a High Priest. During this period, the Council of Priests learned of an ancient Jedi Bendu holocron that had been discovered by their probe on Dxun. Knowing someone would need to retrieve it, Ussej volunteered for the mission. Bara also decided to travel on the mission, knowing she needed some excitement in her life.

Their son was placed into the care of Neil Rendar, Kit’s son. Before heading off into deep space, Ussej had a much-needed father-son conversation with his son about responsibility and character. His final words to him were about the tests of heroes and the words would live on with the young boy for the rest of his life. When they finished speaking, Ussej made his way to his father’s ship and he and Bara made their way to Dxun.

The Battle of DxunEdit

I can see a great future between the two of us, Sir Bac.
Cos Jonathan Dashin

The trip to Dxun took four weeks in his father’s ship. When they arrived on the Mandalorian moon, they found nothing but rain, mud and insects. However, they soon found themselves in the middle of a deadly conflict that saw the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order against the forces of the Sith Empire and the Mandalorians in what would prove to be the final battle of the Great Rim Lines War.

Ussej and Bara made their way into the conflict, knowing that fighting it was the only way they would be able to escape it. During the battle, Ussej met a young Republic Colonel named Cos Jonathan Dashin, the man leading the battle. They vowed to help each other escape and they could both see a possible alliance between their respective factions. However, their dream of forging an alliance would be short lived.

As the battle ended, the Republic and the Jedi emerged victorious. The Sith forces limped away, very few Sith having survived, but the Mandalorians refused to leave as they said it was their territory. The crippled Republic knew that they could not retake the moon right then and there, but they vowed to return to take it back.

As Ussej and Bara made their way back to their ship, they were captured by the Mandalorians. As they were being taken away, Ussej saw Dashin making his way onto a Republic carrier. Dashin looked back to see them being dragged on and was forced to make a decision. He ultimately decided not to rescue them, saying that it was just two Jedi and that they had to return to Coruscant to help defend it from a possible counter-attack anyway.

Ussej and Bara were brought back to a Mandalorian base as prisoners of war. The Mandalorians believed that Ussej was a Jedi Knight, though he told them that he was not and that he knew nothing about what was going on. Ussej and Bara were interrogated for days, but in the end the Mandalorians gave up on questioning them.

Deciding that they were not worth the effort they were putting into finding out information about the Jedi, the Mandalorians decided to execute them. It was decided that they would be beheaded by Mandalore himself, which was ironic as the Mandalorian leader had served with Ussej Padric Bac during the Great Territorial War, though neither of them knew it at the time. As Mandalore lowered his sword to Ussej’s neck, Ussej called a sword into his hand and killed the guards surrounding Bara.

After Bara started to run, Ussej fought Mandalore in a brutal duel to the death. Bara, however, was forced to run throughout the settlement, trying to get away from the Mandalorians that were chasing her. When Bara was only meters away from Ussej once again, a shot rang out and Ussej turned to see Bara fall to the ground, her lifeless body being dragged away by her killers. While he was distracted, Ussej felt a sharp pain in his heart and looked down to see a sword in his chest. Mandalore pulled it out and Ussej too succumbed to death.


Welcome home, my son.
Ussej Padric Bac

Upon the moment of his death, Ussej found himself surrounded by the lush landscape of the mythical world of Ashlan Four, the world he knew to be the mythical location of the supposed Order of the Whills and The Skywalker. Looking down at a small pond, he saw his reflection and saw that he looked just as he had when he was a youth. Ussej walked around the area for hours, coming into contact with the Whills and passing the chambers of the Journal of the Whills. As he rounded the Whill Monastery, he found his father, also looking youthful, sitting within the gardens and the two had a joyous, emotional and tearful reunion.

Ussej did not understand why he was on Ashlan Four, but his father told him that he had been put through a test, much like he had, to see if he could handle what was necessary to be one of the nine prophets of The Skywalker. His father told him that he passed and was granted eternal life. When Ussej asked why his father was there as well, he responded by saying that he himself had in fact fulfilled the Prophecy of the Voyager and that he was the Shaman of the Whills, being granted eternal life as well. His father also assumed that Ussej would ask about their youthful appearances and told him that when one died, their physical appearance reverted to how it appeared during their prime.

Ussej's final question was one of Jedi Bendu death legends. He reminded his father that, accordingly to legend, when someone died the gates of Heaven were supposed to open up and the fallen one was to have been greeted by The Skywalker, yet that did not happen for either of them. His father told him that the young Ussej the third would also be put through a series of test, thus completing the pre-ordained circle of the hero, the guide and the savior, and that their presence would be required to help guide the boy through his life and through his tests.


Ussej’s mistakes during his life helped to bring about an age of awakening for the Bendu Order. After the death of his son, Josiah Rendar helped the order rebuild itself from the ground up. During this time, not only were there changes in appearances to a more formal and monk-like style, but also a change in the way that the Order viewed itself. The first three Ussej’s of the Bac family helped the order realize what happens when pride gets the best of people, including those held in such high regard.

Kal’Shabbol also went through many changes during this time as well. Fearing annihilation, a few dozen citizens began protesting the government led by the Bendu Order, stating that their recklessness during the Holy War was what caused the attack on Kal’Shabbol. Though the Bendu certainly could not deny those claims, they were not prepared to sacrifice their mandate as the protectors of Kal’Shabbol. They had already done that once, to no avail. The few dozen protestors were eventually exiled by the citizens of Kal’Shabbol to Had Abaddon where they were not heard from again.

Ussej’s final words to his son about the tests of heroes served as Ussej Padric Bac III’s justification for the Great Sovereign Crusades. However, after careful consideration, his son realized that he was not talking about fighting and potentially killing those that they considered to be “in the wrong”, but rather those that fought to vanquish truth, justice and freedom. However, those nineteen simple words did define an entire generation. That was the legacy of Ussej Padric Bac II, and it was something that was not forgotten by the Bendu Order.

Personality and traitsEdit

Ussej was the type of person that was easy to get along with but not easy to get to know. However, though many did find it easy to get to know him, such as Tesia Segroll and Bara ErMez, others, such as his parents at times, believed the opposite and felt that they knew very little about their son due to his closed nature. His closed nature essentially came from his own insecurities about himself, stemming from the issues he had with his father. For years after his father had left for the initial mission to Had Abaddon, Ussej shut so many people out of his life that, in the end, it ended up becoming a habit, one he was rarely able to break. However, after thirty years, he finally became comfortable with others and many more people besides his family and good friends were able to break through his armor.

Ussej always tended to be one that was quick to judge others. Many times, he was far too trusting. He trusted the people of Kal’Shabbol to always do what he believed to be morally right and was shocked and appalled not only when Tesia was forced to leave but when she was killed by protesters as well. It was at that moment that he realized that laws of men were no longer in place, but rather they had been replaced by the laws of God that were based upon teachings that had been through dozens of interpretations over the years.

Ussej often believed that he was better than others, even those he loved and respected. He always believed he was more powerful than his father, as did his father, but it forced them both, many times, into competition with one another, leaving both emotionally and physically drained on many occasions. Ussej’s arrogance in this regard also led to his demise during the Battle of Dxun. He believed that due to his training within the Bendu Order, he was far superior to the Jedi Knights he fought alongside with, as well as the forces of the Mandalorians that he fought against.

Though he did have many negative traits, he did still have one major positive trait: he cared. He cared about many things in life, especially the people he loved and the people of Kal’Shabbol. He would do whatever it took to defend them, as would his father, but he would also do things to protect those living outside of the Ashlan Expanse. He did not need to fight in the final battle of the war, but he chose to anyway because, even though he believed he was superior, he had a genuine desire to help the Republic and help the Jedi, as per his father’s last request.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Much like his father, son and descendants, it was recognized from an early age that Ussej had a great deal of power and potential. He quickly absorbed what was taught to him during his training in the art of the sword and gained a quick understanding of the powers of the Force of Others, though it still took many years to master them as best he could. He was also taught the art of Rizen by his father, a secret and dangerous form of combat created years earlier by Damien Nightblade based upon the teachings of Ranka Darkbroode. Despite knowing the incredibly fast form of sword combat, he did not use it in a fight.

Ussej was also highly attuned to the Force of Others and great adept in its ways. During the later years of his life, he perfected a power that the Jedi Order referred to as “Force Teleport”. Calling it Agilitas Abeo, he designed it so that the user of the power would be able to focus on the Force of Others so much that it would literally lessen the effects that the teleportation had one one’s body and mind. When the power was used, the user would float a few inches off of the ground before disappearing in a flash of light., They would then reappear somewhere nearby.

Behind the scenesEdit

Ussej Padric Bac II was created by Brandon Rhea. He is one of two characters to appear in each novel of the Shadows of the Jedi Trilogy, though he is featured mostly in Shadows of the Jedi: The Legend of Ussej Padric Bac II. In the mind of his creator, he is portrayed by actor James McAvoy (Children of Dune) when he is young and actor Joaquin Phoenix (Gladiator, Walk the Line, Signs) when he is an adult.

The name “Ussej” is a respelling of the name “Jesus”, the Son of the Christian God. He is the only one of the three main Bac Family members that has not been Role-Played.