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This article is about the character in Star Wars Legends. You may be looking for Ussej Padric Bac in the Alternative Star Wars Saga.

Ussej Padric Bac, also called Darth Mantus, was a Human male Jedi Master in the years following the Great Territorial War. During the war, Bac fell in love with Laili Jeyna Rendar, which caused him to have feelings of paranoia. This prompted him to believe that Damien Nightblade was attempting to steal Rendar from him. His emotions culminated in his turn to the dark side of the Force, when he became a member of the Sith. He was redeemed by the war's end.

In the fifteen to twenty years after the end of the war and the fall of Coruscant, Bac temporarily trained Dalharil to be a Jedi. He later confronted and fought Darth Viea, the Dark Lady of the Sith, in a lightsaber duel on Alderaan. Both Bac and Viea disappeared from the known galaxy following their final confrontation. After his disappearance, Bac sought out a number of artifacts that contained information about the Bendu Order. He eventually found the artifacts, thus fulfilling his destiny.


Early life

Ussej Padric Bac was born on Alderaan twenty-five years before the rise of the Sith Empire during the Great War. His parents, Padric Bac and Talia Bac, were informed by the Jedi Order that their three month old son had the potential to become a Jedi Knight. Because they were very poor, Ussej’s parents sent him away so he could find a better life with the Jedi Order.[4]

During his early years with the Order, the young Ussej displayed what his masters believed was a great deal of Force potential. For awhile, the Jedi Council believed that Ussej was the Chosen One spoken if in the ancient Jedi prophecy that referred to the one who would bring balance to the Force. However, it was revealed later that Ussej could not have been the Chosen One, because the Jedi knew that the Chosen One would have to be born to a virgin mother which Ussej was not. During his early years, Ussej also became friends with fellow Padawans Damien Nightblade and Remer Ather.[4]

When Ussej was twenty-four standard years old, he was leaving the Jedi Temple and noticed a fire fight on a rooftop a few blocks away. He rushed to the scene and helped his friend and fellow Jedi Estamme Eerar fend off a bounty hunter and a Sith warrior disguised as a Jedi. While there, he also helped rescue a young woman named Laili Jeyna Rendar. After they safely escaped the bounty hunter, Laili told him that she was the sister of Darth Ravinos, the apprentice of Empress Viea and the man formerly known as Kit Corwin Rendar. She wanted to find out why Rendar had betrayed the Republic, but Ussej had no information as to what the former Jedi Master’s reasons were. After a few more minutes of talking and noticing the connection they had to one another, Ussej and Laili spent the night together in a hotel room.[5]


A few weeks after the events on Coruscant, the Jedi Council decided to let Ussej face his trials. He was sent to Telos IV to infiltrate the former temple of Darth Viea, a place where the dark side was very strong to him, so he could locate and retrieve a holocron with a great deal of information about her. Calming himself by reciting the Jedi Code, Ussej entered the temple and was met with numerous traps that attempted to kill him, though he was able to break through them and retrieve the holocron. However, he also had to face traps on the way out, but in the end he was able to escape and returned to Coruscant where he became a Jedi Knight.[6]

After returning from Telos IV, Ussej was promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight. One of his first missions was on Nar Shaddaa with Damien, where he observed Laili speaking with a mercenary named Mathias Helsdain about a mission to the Jedi Academy on Corellia, as Laili needed information from inside of it. Helsdain agreed to take her, and Ussej and Damien followed the two of them out of the bar where they had been watching them. Helsdain and Laili noticed that they were being followed, and when Ussej and Damien caught up with them Laili screamed to the crowd that Ussej had a thermal detonator, even though it was not the case. When the crowd panicked and scattered, Ussej and Damien lost sight of Helsdain and Laili, both of whom were able to leave Nar Shaddaa without being caught or followed.[7]

Some time later, after Coruscant fell to the Sith Army, Ussej followed Darth Ravinos to Corellia, where Laili was laying flowers at the graves of her grandparents. He watched for a few moments outside the gates as Ravinos confronted Laili, who was trapped in a stasis field, and he revealed himself in order to help her. When Ravinos attempted to attack Ussej, Laili somehow broke out of the Force stasis and stepped n front of Ussej to block the attack, causing Ravinos to immediately cease it. Ussej used the Force to push Ravinos back, and he and Laili were able to escape into a speeder. As they were leaving the city, Laili admitted that she believed there was good in her brother. They argued for a few minutes about Ravinos' possible redemption, and Ussej eventually offered her the chance to train as a Jedi, as he had never seen a non-Jedi break out of a Force stasis before. She agreed and they decided to head for Onderon, which had become a hidden Jedi safe haven after the fall of Coruscant.[8]

After they arrived on Onderon, Ussej set up Laili’s training in the Jedi Enclave. He waited for nearly half of an hour before she arrived smelling like alcohol, and after he tried to lecture her they began the session. Ussej started by explaining to her certain Jedi philosophies, including his belief that the Force was not light and dark but rather it was neutral between them, though the conversation eventually turned into one about Ravinos and the merits of redemption. Ussej explained that although no one was beyond redemption, he believed some people were not capable of choosing to be redeemed. The two traded small insults, but after a few minutes tensions became high and they started to yell at one another. Ussej insulted her, and it left Laili leaving the training chamber in tears.[9]

Once they both had a few hours to think about what had happened, Laili returned and Ussej apologized. He told her how much he cared about her, and after a few minutes he expressed his love to her. They kissed and Ussej asked her to marry him, a proposal which she agreed to. Because they wanted to be alone, Laili told him about an abandoned apartment she had seen nearby in Iziz, so she took him there and they slept together for the first time. The next morning, Ussej woke up early and made breakfast for Laili, but as he was doing so he received a message from Damien asking him to meet him on Kashyyyk, another Jedi safe haven. Ussej told Laili that he would be back as soon as he could.[9]


Ussej arrived on Kashyyyk a few hours later and found Damien by a lake near the Jedi Enclave. After they said their hellos, Damien asked Ussej what his opinion on love was, and after Ussej responded with what he called a “text book answer” Damien told him he was asking as a friend, not a Jedi Master. That caused Ussej to change his answer to one he felt was more meaningful, and Damien cautioned him on the so-called dangers of love. Ussej took this as a contradiction, as Damien was in love with Onderonian Queen Arael Maans. Ussej immediately felt that there was some sort of conspiracy involved and that Damien was trying to take Laili for himself, so he became angry and left the area in what Damien believed was a state of dangerous paranoia.[9]

When Ussej returned to Onderon, he told Laili what had happened on Kashyyyk, though she was hesitant to believe it. Ussej took this as somewhat of an insult, and their conversation eventually led into one about their past. Ussej felt somewhat disturbed when Laili said she was a smuggler, as he did not know where her allegiances would be, and he admitted to her that he had never fought in any battles of the Great War. The conversation eventually returned to Damien, and Ussej became angry when Laili did not believe him. It turned into a louder argument, and when he tried to go to bed Laili would not let him, so he threw her across a room. Angry and ashamed, he left the apartment, leaving Laili in tears.[9]

The next morning, Ussej was called to the Royal Palace to speak with Queen Arael Maans. Arael told him that she knew about him and Laili, who had been sent on a smuggling mission to Manaan at Arael's request, and Ussej relayed to her his anger at the Jedi Order and Damien for feeling as if they were trying to take Laili away from him. Arael tried to warn him just as Damien did, which angered Ussej further. Ussej admitted that he cared enough about Laili to even turn to the dark side for her, and Arael offered him advice about how to set things right with Laili. Surprisingly to him, Arael offered him a seat on her royal council, which Ussej accepted.[10]

As Laili was returning to Onderon, Ussej decided to wait for her at the starport with flowers in the hopes of fixing their relationship. Rather than coming back on her own ship, Ussej watched as Laili came down the ramp of an unknown vessel in Mathias Helsdain’s arms. Ussej became angry once again and stormed away, but Laili tried to rush after him, screaming that it was not what it looked like. She collapsed to the ground in pain, which prompted Ussej to rush her to a nearby medical facility. After spending a few hours at the facility while the doctors ran tests, the doctor told Ussej that Laili was pregnant. He told her the news, and they were both very happy to hear it, though Ussej was afraid that the child was not his. [11]

After they returned home the next day, Ussej confronted Laili about whether the child was his, which caused her to become angry as well. Ussej apologized for the question, and Laili forgave him. They spoke about the future, and Ussej told her how he believed that even if the Republic one day encompassed the entire galaxy it would not last forever, and he said the same for the Jedi. What he did mention was that it would not happen for many years. Regardless, Laili asked Ussej to stop saying things like that, which led to another argument. After feeling dizzy, Ussej stepped outside of the apartment and fell into a trance where he saw numerous different sights: a lightsaber fight inside an office on Coruscant, an attack on the Jedi Temple, a cloaked man speaking before the Senate, a volcanic world, a lightsaber fight within the Senate, a dying woman in labor, two babies being brought to two different worlds and the rise of a seemingly tyrannical government.[9]

After resting throughout the night, Ussej went to a meeting with the other Onderonian Council members, though he only thought about his vision and began to believe that he was seeing Laili dying in labor. After the meeting was over, and overheard Damien and Arael talking in a courtyard, and when he walked out to see why he felt high tension he again believed that they were part of a conspiracy against him. Ussej yelled at them both for trying to lecture him, though he quickly left for the apartment. When he arrived, he told Laili that he needed to speak with Damien, whom he said was on Kashyyyk, so the two of them left quickly. [12]

A few hours later, Ussej left Laili on a remote planet that he did not believe anyone could find. Instead of going to Kashyyyk, he instead traveled to Korriban. Upon entering the Sith Academy there, he killed every Sith that got in his way and found Darth Ravinos in Darth Viea’s throne room, though the latter was not there. After Ravinos taunted Ussej for a few minutes, Ussej told him that he was there to kill him as he believed it was the only way to save Laili. He attacked Ravinos, though the Sith Lord was more powerful than he was so Ussej was beaten. Rather than killing him, Ravinos offered Ussej a choice to join him. Ravinos told him that he did not want to kill Laili, as she was the only family he had, and that if Ussej joined him he would be able to gain more power to protect Laili. Ussej agreed, and Ravinos dubbed him Darth Mantus and told him that his first mission would be to also convert Laili to the dark side of the Force.[13]

Mantus led Ravinos to the planet where he left Laili, but Ravinos initially stayed back. Mantus told Laili that he believed they were not safe there and would have to leave, and after she left for a moment to pack a few of her things Ussej found her trying to crawl out a window in the hut she had built. Laili did not believe that Mantus was himself, though Ravinos immediately arrived and spoke with Laili as well. Together, the two Sith Lords were able to make Laili reconsider running away from them, using what they called the promise of family and a better future for them to do so. Mathias Helsdain arrived on the planet shortly thereafter, which led Mantus to believe that Helsdain was the father of Laili’s baby. However, Laili assured him that it was not, and decided to leave with Mantus and Ravinos. Helsdain attacked the two Sith Lords, and even though Mantus was injured they were able to escape onto Ravinos’ ship where Ravinos dubbed Laili to be Darth Kali.[13]


For the next eight months, Mantus trained in the ways of the Sith under Ravinos. When Kali was nearly at her due date, she took a walk through the Valley of the Dark Lords and was attacked by Darth Invidius. Mantus rescued her and briefly fought Invidius, though he rushed her off of Korriban and knew that he would have to get Kali away from Indvidius and his Macabre Alliance, as Invidius’ goals were to kill Kali to get to Ravinos and Mantus.[14] Mantus took her to the medical facilities on Telos IV where she was treated, though she nearly lost their baby. However, the doctors were able to save both mother and child, though they would have to remain there until the baby was born. They also found out while they were there that their baby was a boy.[15]

While they were at the medical facility, Damien Nightblade also arrived. Mantus attacked Damien and the two fought through the medical facility. As they were fighting, another Jedi named Enishi Xagan also arrived, though Xagan left the area and tried to bring Kali with him to no avail. Mantus and Damien continued to fight as that was happening, and by the end of their duel Damien had beaten Mantus. Damien disappeared into the shadows, and shortly thereafter Mantus left to return to Korriban for more training with Ravinos.[15]

After a few days of training on Korriban, Mantus received a message that Kali had gone into labor on Telos IV. He made his way back to the planet, and after some time he was able to watch as his son was born. Mantus and Kali discussed a name, and they eventually agreed upon Ussej Corwin Bac, Corwin having been the name of Kali’s father.[16] Although they did agree upon Ussej Corwin Bac for the name, it was later suggested that the child’s name was actually Ussej Padric Bac II after Mantus’ birth name. It became accepted that they named the child Ussej Padric Bac II, though there was no official confirmation as to what they said when the child was first born. It was known, however, that Mantus also gave Kali an engagement ring after the baby's birth.[16]

A few weeks later, Mantus and Kali’s wedding date had arrived. Mantus was very nervous, at first questioning why he was getting married, and when he heard the sound of glass shattering in the room where Kali was getting ready he decided to break with tradition and find out what it was. Mantus, however, was not allowed inside the door and instead was given the baby Ussej to watch over while Kali was getting ready for the wedding.[17] Shortly thereafter, the wedding began and Mantus and Kali became husband and wife.

Some time after the events of the wedding, Darth Invidius’ Macabre Alliance attacked Korriban in the hopes of overthrowing Viea and Ravinos. Mantus, who was on Korriban, attacked Invidius and the two fought through the Valley of the Dark Lords. During the fight, he came to the conclusion that he had made a mistake joining the Sith and renounced the vows he had made, therefore becoming Ussej Padric Bac once again. As they fought, they began to make their way up a path on a mountainside, and continued fighting until they reached the top. Once they were there, Invidius charged at Ussej and threw them both off the cliff, which left them to hit the ground below very hard. Once they did, both of them feeling much weaker and injured, Invidius attacked Ussej.[18] However, Ussej was able to escape, as did Invidius.

Aftermath of war

Following the war and the fall of Coruscant, Bac became a Jedi Master and temporarily trained Dalharil as his apprentice, though she most trained under Damien Nightblade and Dexon Kyjar.[3]

Search for the artifacts

Fifteen to twenty years after the fall of Coruscant, Bac and Darth Viea confronted one another in a lightsaber duel on Alderaan.[1] To the galaxy-at-large, it was believed that Bac killed Viea during their duel, but there were later rumors that the Dark Lady of the Sith had survived the confrontation.[3]

Bac disappeared from the known galaxy following the encounter with Viea, choosing to begin a search for a number of artifacts that Viea herself had also once looked for. These artifacts contained knowledge of the Bendu Order, though he did not know what information the artifacts contained at the time. He later discovered the artifacts, thus fulfilling his destiny.[3]

Personality and traits

After his encounter with the Dark Lady Viea on Alderaan, Bac began a search for the artifacts that would eventually lead him to fulfill his destiny by finding the knowledge of the Bendu. He was one of the few individuals to be driven enough to search for the artifacts.[3]

Behind the scenes

Ussej Padric Bac was a role-playing character created by fan fiction author Brandon Rhea in 2005 on TheStarWarsRP.Com.[19] The character has become part of the Alternative Star Wars Saga, a fan fiction series co-founded by Rhea, and is featured in stories such as Star Wars: The Tragedy,[20] as well as Star Wars: Episode I - The Chosen One.[21] The character was later adapted by author Adena McDargh for Star Wars Legends, a non-Alternative Saga storyline based on TheStarWarsRP.Com that contains a number of similarities, including Bac, to the Alternative Saga.[3]


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