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Solus Solus 6 October 2009



This is Solus. This is a reminder, a news flash that, yes, I DO still write. I don't just edit and tell writers that their article's grammar needs work. I don't just chat and say HIEZ! I write. Okay? I write.

And I have proof! But let me lead up to it first.

Somewhere around Fall of '08 I just had these ideas for stories. Well, I get ideas for stories all the time, but these right here are the relevant ones. However, I had a problem. I had all these ideas, many of which were conflicting in that they could not be included in the same story. I still wanted to write them, though. I don't have the stay-ability to write a novel for each of them, though - I'm a compact writer, I don't...no, can't...write fluff. I try to pad out …

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