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I know this isn't exactly fanon related but I need somewhere to put these, and I might use them in actual fanon later, so here goes.

Part I - Old Friends Not Forgotten

Part II - The Phantom Apprentice

  • The opening's very chilly. . .
  • ooh, Maul.
  • Sewer chase! XD
  • Well, finally the Jedi are starting to figure things out - the true purpose of the war and all that. They must feel like fools :/
  • So while Ahsoka was running around in the underground, Obi and Ani were rescuing the Chancellor and "dewing it" (and Artoo was doin' his elevator thing XD)
  • And Bo-Katan is standing around and looking sour - I think she almost complimented the clones
  • Obi-Wan is headed off for his boss battle and Ani is doubtless grumping en route to the Chancellor's office. . . oh God, we're getting close. . .
  • Oof, a battlefield. . . :,( (That is one long ladder btw)
  • Ahsoka cares about her troops still. . .
  • Wth? Jesse?! Oh nooooooo - kriff - trailer flashbacks - I have a bad feeling about this. . .
  • Jesse's obviously thinking that Maul is crazy. Not to mention those Mandos
  • Ooh, Saxon is going to be very nice to Almec, I'm sure >:)
  • Oh Jesse. . .
  • H'm, here are Ahsoka, Rex and Bo visiting the PM too. He's quite popular. "Bo, help him remember - " I can tell she'd do it gladly, but oh dear, Saxon was quicker.
  • What he did remember anyway is disturbing. . . Maul having dreams about a certain "Skywalker"
  • Mando action! Oya!!! Bo's turn to be messing around with the elevators XD
  • Crimson Dawn. Ooh. And Maul's still unhappy. . . ha, he's actually pretty good at giving a Mando pep speech
  • The citizens must be wondering about those fancy 501st helmets XD
  • I sympathize with Bo, but - AIII, there he is himself, don't just stand there, people DX
  • sympathy for Bo and Jesse intensifies
  • So Maul and Ahsoka are doing the talking, their allies are doing the fighting (a showdown between the Mauldalorians and Ahsoclones - epic!!) and General Kenobi is probably vibin' on Utapau
  • I really do think that Maul and Ahsoka could defeat Sidious. It would take a lot of planning though. And somehow it doesn't seem they'd work together very well. . .
  • Ahsoka makes a final choice
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