56,517 Pages new here, but not at all new to the concept of a fanon wiki.

I am origionally from the RWBYfanon wiki, who have taught me how to rp and such, and I decided to see if this place has something of the wiki; actual RP things, where the different characters can interact with one another. As such, I decided to open up a RP idea. just reply to this thread to sign up and link the characters page. In a nutshell, its supposed to be taking place on Coruscant, where the newly formed Silver Order is to meet with any other Jedi factions and cells to announce their presence. Led by one of their founders Amity Razelious, the small team will meet with the factions and discuss their roles in the galaxy. Perferrably, they would like to assist where they can by providing safe havens in the Faunali Kingdoms borders,

hope to see you there!