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Alternatively titled, "Look on my works, ye [potential authors], and despair."

This is the first of a few blog posts on my fan fic series, mostly because I'm far too lazy to recreate and update the Days of Dissidence page and fill in a behind the scene section there.

Aside from the table below, here are some observations. The earliest work, Convict's Dawn, could be said to have reached its current state in 2009. Jedi Mourning was finished in 2016. The latter also took the most time to write in nearly three years. So no complete work was released from 2013 until 2016. My most productive year was 2010, with the release of Knight of Alderaan, Phantom Rising, and Absolution in the same year. All other years since 2009 have seen a rate of about one novel and a short story per year.

The shortest story, Phantom Rising, is the only one that clocks in under 10,000 words and just barely. The longest work, Jedi Mourning, is more than twice as long as the next longest, Hands of Evening. Jedi Mourning is so long, in fact, that it is nearly five times longer than all of my short stories put together, and barely shorter than the combined word count of the other three "main" novels in the series (Convict's Dawn-Knight of Alderaan-Hands of Evening). If I had the time and the wherewithal, I would consider splitting Jedi Mourning into two short stories and leave only the central plot for the main text.

With text alone, Jedi Mourning is 4.2 MB large, or about 4 million bytes. Although I do not have the stats on hand, I believe my longest article on the wiki (when they still existed) was about 100,000 bytes. Yeah.

Word Count
Title Words
Convict's Dawn 92,680
Vanguard of the Republic 18,012
Knight of Alderaan 121,717
Phantom Rising 9,963
Absolution 24,017
Hands of Evening 147,715
Binding, Reclusion 18,994
Dark Covenant 115,905
Jedi Mourning 339,316
Total 888,319
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