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Jedi Master 76 Jedi Master 76 18 February 2016

Retrospective 4 -- Final Thoughts

I'd like to say a few things about writing that I think might help newer authors or else give you insight into my own thoughts on this whole fanon/fan fiction thing. Of course, I'm just a guy who wrote fan fiction on a little corner of the internet, so this is mostly bloviating on my part. Yet I'd feel remiss if I couldn't say a few encouraging words after writing some 900,000 words of pulpy prose about Star Wars.

Five things I'd do differently if I deleted the entire series (don't tempt me) and started over:

  • Narrow the scope. Although I flatter myself thinking I created a nice cast of characters, by the final battle, some plotlines are superfluous. Characters that should have said their goodbyes in Hands of Evening linger in the background, t…
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Jedi Master 76 Jedi Master 76 13 February 2016

Retrospective 3 -- Character Attributes

This time, I thought I'd make something a bit more interesting to look at than WALL-OF-TEXT. Given the similarities to Japanese data books, an alternate title would be, "WHAT? 9000!?", but I have a bit of self-respect.

Way back when, sometime during the writing of Hands of Evening, I intended to use some of the series' characters in a role-playing game as NPCs. In the process, I worked out some comparative numbers like physical strength, Force power, skill with a blaster, and so on for a handful of characters.

Even after that campaign ended, I kept tallying character data for most of the important heroes and villains in the series. I had planned to use it as a sort of epilogue, where an investigator for the Sith Empire files a report for the …

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Jedi Master 76 Jedi Master 76 7 February 2016

Retrospective 2 -- Origins

With the fan fiction series complete, for all intents and purposes, let me explain what started this project.

What eventually became Days of Dissidence started as two video game mods, one for Knights of the Old Republic and another for The Sith Lords. Of the two, the mod for KoTOR was far more fleshed out, had more influence on the fan fiction, and it actually had working content. There were two "versions" of the first game's mod, although only one was actually released.

The overall metastory went something like this: a Sith learner from Alderaan named Zaen Benax is forced to flee after he is accused of a crime he didn't commit. He goes to Dantooine (so he can join the party early as opposed to any sort of plot purpose). He meets up with Revan in…

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Jedi Master 76 Jedi Master 76 4 February 2016

Retrospective 1 -- That's a lot of Kilobytes

Alternatively titled, "Look on my works, ye [potential authors], and despair."

This is the first of a few blog posts on my fan fic series, mostly because I'm far too lazy to recreate and update the Days of Dissidence page and fill in a behind the scene section there.

Aside from the table below, here are some observations. The earliest work, Convict's Dawn, could be said to have reached its current state in 2009. Jedi Mourning was finished in 2016. The latter also took the most time to write in nearly three years. So no complete work was released from 2013 until 2016. My most productive year was 2010, with the release of Knight of Alderaan, Phantom Rising, and Absolution in the same year. All other years since 2009 have seen a rate of about one novel…

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