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'Chapter '1


It all started when I was only four years old. The planet Meridium was a peaceful planet. Then Meridium was attacked by a Sith. There was destruction all over. Then the Sith got to the castle. There was battled droids all around the castle. The Sith used force push to knock down the door. He marched down the hallway. He slashed his red lightsaber threw every guard that was in his way. He made it to the throne room. My parents jumpered out to protect me and the planet. “You leave this planet now or we will fight you!”

They said angrily at the Sith.

“If you want to fight then you will get a fight.” The Sith says with an angry and happy tone.

My parents grab a sword and shield, but little did they know it would do no good. The Sith charges at them with blade held high. He slices right through the swords and shields. Then killed my parents right in front of me. Then he turned and started to walk toward me. I had no idea what got over me. I jumped out and forced pushed the Sith back. That was first time ever I used the force. I had no idea what I did. The Sith got back up. Then he deactivated his saber and walked towards me. He takes a knee in front of her.

“You are strong in the force. I will help you understand what you did. I will be your master and I will teach you everything I know.”  He said to me in a calm tone.

That was eleven years ago but he did just that. Who am I? I’m Pretenses Wonder Orthálíá Wonder or what the Jedi called me Jedi Killer. The reason they call me this because I kill any Jedi I am sent to kill.

My master sent me to Tatooine. I hopped in my fighter plane and tock off. My mission is to end a jedi’s life named Christopher. Wants I landed I told my droid to send the message that I made it. I started to walking to fine the Jedi. I accidently walked into the jedi’s haenger that had clones standing in it. They saw me standing in my battle gar and my hood over my head. “ Hey you! What are you doing here?” The clones asked.

“Oh no.” I whispered to myself in a worried tone. I thought of something to say. “ I’m just passing throw. I didn't mean to get in your way.” I hoped what I said works.

I hope I don’t need to attack or run for it. If I have to do either one of them the jedi will know I’m here, but if  what I said does not work... I will have to. I thought as I look at the ground with my hood over my head.

“Check her. Than she can go.” One of the clones says.

“I can’t let you guys do that.” I comments as I pull out my saber out. “ You now made me angry and now I need to kill you.” I say to them as I walk closer.

“ General Christopher the Jedi killer is here!” A clone yells into his communicator.

I knock out every clone in the hanger in a minute. Then the jedi showed up. He saw the clones on the ground out cooled on the sand floor. “ I will now Kill you!” she yells at him with anger but with a tiny bit of sadness behind it.

She force pushed him, but nothing happened. “I’m much more stronger than you. I suggest you stand down now.” He says calmly. He then feels Sadness through the force. Then continued on like nothing happened.

“I will never surrender!” she yells.

He grabs his saber and activate it. He went into a defensive position waiting for her to make the first move. She tries sith lightning on him,but he was able to reflect it. She charges at him with her blade hild high. He blocked the attack. She keeps attacking and He blocks every attempt. How does he know my every move before I even take it. It’s like he’s telepathic or something.

“Yes, yes I am telepathic.” He comments on her thot.

      “Oh no.” she whispered to herself.

         “I did give you a warning to stand down.” he say.

       My master said he was strong,but not this strong. He said it would be just like the other Jedi I've killed. Did he say the wrong plant on aks edit.

     “Your master sent you here to find out how strong I am. He doesn't care if you die or live. Either way he will know who I am.”

“No! He would never do that!” Her eyes turn red. “Also get out of my head!” She yells with anger in her eyes.

She charges at him with the blade held high again,again and again. Every time he is able to block the attacks. Than the reinforcements came in. “If I was you, I would srander now.” He comments to her.

“That's what you think. R2-C2 now!” She calls out.

 The room filled with smoke. Giving them time to escape. As they reached the ship. The jedi came from the shadows. “Leaving so soon. You just got here.” He says in a joking tone.

“Get out of my way!” She yells as her eyes turns a brighter red than before.

“No.” He announces back to her peacefully.

She looks at her droid as she whispered “Go get hooked up and fly over head.”

As the droid goes around she pulls out her saber and activate it. The jedi dose the same. She charges in with the blade held at the waist. He blacks it with eas. She then tries to hit low and high. He blacks those attacks also. She repeated the same moves over and over. He blocks over and over as well. Than he took the attack. attacking her with everything. She bely could block the strykes. Then on his tenth hit one of her saber went flying out of her hands. “I told you to surrender and you didn’t. I am stronger than you. I suggest you surrender now.” He says to her in a happy and serious tone.

“ Like I said last time. Never! Plus this is just a distraction.” She answers in a happy angry way. After she said that her plan was over head and is in jumping distance. “Bye.” She says as she jumps into the jedi fighter. As she starts to get out of the hager the doors start to closes. “R2-C2 we need to speed up now!” She yells in a panic.

They speed up just in time. The minute they could they jump to hyperspace. All she could see was stars and blackness zooming past her. What if he is right. That my master sant me there to be captured or die. Did he know how strong the jedi is. I guess I will find out  when I land. Crap I left my mane lightsaber there. He is not going to be happy that I ran and left my saber.

They came out of hyperspace she could see her planet. “Welcome home R2-C2. We made it back.” She tells her droid happily.

“Beep boop beep.” R2-C2 comments.

As she flies closer to the planet someone over the intercom says “These is scored air space. State your business.”

“These is Princess Wonder. I request to land.” She answers back.

“State you entrance code ” the person says back in a professional way.

“Jedi Killer.” she replies in a frustrated but calm way.

“You my pressed as use awel.” the person says back in a disappointed way.

As she lands in her docking bay she sees her master standing there. She hopes out of her fiter as her master approaches her. As she looks at his face there was a look of surprisement. “Did you defeat the target?” he asks her in a suspicious way.

“No. I have filled you master Nilo and I left one of my sabers behind.” She answers him in a worried way.

He grabs his lightsaber. In a blink of an eye Wonder grabs hers and blocks his attack. As she blocked the first one he grabs his other saber and stabs her in the side. They both disaktevats the sabers and placed them back on their belts. “You are good but you are not as good as me with only one saber. If you fail me again it might be a killing blow next time. ” Nilo comments as he walks away angrily. She limps over to her horse that her master brought her. She pulls herself up onto the horse. “ I’ll be getting going here. R2-C2 you know what to do. She tells the droid with pain in her voice.

As she’s hiding back to the castle she thinks. This is one of my worst fears. The look on my master's face and the way he reacted tells me something. That I’m on the rough side of the force.

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