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  • Captain Ricky

    Hello, everyone.

    While I love the feedback on my characters and short stories that I have already received, I would adore some more. Please, feel free to read or skim through my articles and to give me honest feedback. Here are some links:


    Commander Ponds

    Sergeant Wesson

    Captain Ranger

    Short Stories:

    Star Wars: Revival

    Star Wars: Blue Quartz

    Star Wars: Ryloth Under Siege

    Star Wars: The Yuuzhan Vong

    Star Wars: Revelations

    I hope that most of you who read will enjoy them.

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  • Captain Ricky

    Here is a link to my petition for fans to get more detailed clone troopers in Lego sets.

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  • Captain Ricky

    Don't forget that there is a poll for all Star Wars Fanon users to vote for your favorite Fanon character of mine and I will write a personal story for the winner.

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  • Captain Ricky


    November 21, 2017 by Captain Ricky

    Hello, fandom users. Be sure to read as much of my contributions as possible for your entertainment. Make sure to leave a comment on the homepage too!

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  • Captain Ricky

    Stone (novel)

    November 12, 2017 by Captain Ricky

    Make sure to check out check out my pages such as Stone (novel).

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