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Dormé Parricida in an image by Solus.

In the downtime between the release of chapter 16 of The Chosen One a few weeks ago and the impending release of chapters 17 and 18, which will complete the first part of the novel, I wanted to introduce you to two characters you'll be meeting in the second part. I won't be telling you much, but I'll tell you a bit. Both of these characters also appear in Star Wars: Trials of War - Shadows of Utapau, the first novel in the Trials of War series, and were developed by me and Edward Oliver, author of Shadows of Utapau. Just as a note, these descriptions were essentially written like a casting call.

Amber Heard as Dormé Parricida

A beautiful young Jedi Padawan. Age 20. Brown hair, blue eyes, petite figure. She is the apprentice of Jedi Knight Dana Vash. Dormé is also the best friend of fellow Padawan Padmé Naberrie. She and Padmé are so close that people often speak of them as if they are sisters. Despite their close friendship, they do have frequent disagreements on certain aspects of the Jedi Order; Dormé is loyal to the High Council and feels that they make decisions based on what was best for the entire Order, whereas Padmé believes that the Council has become a political tool that works to keep its own power. Dormé can be naïve, which is both her strength and her weakness as she always tries to see the best in people, even if they may not deserve it.

Olivia Wilde as Dana Vash

A poise and alluring 32 year old Jedi Knight, she is a descendant of Jedi Master Lonna Vash from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. She is seen by her superiors as a potential future Jedi High Council member, just as her ancestor was. Despite only being 12 years older than Dormé, her first Padawan, Dana and Dormé have formed a close relationship, akin to sisters or, in some cases, a mother and daughter. She has a stoic and professional exterior, but when she is outside of "business" affairs she is a soft and caring individual, much like her apprentice.

I hope to have an image of Vash soon. Enjoy the teaser!

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