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About a month ago, on February 28, 2010, I released a short story called Star Wars: The Tragedy, one that clocked in at roughly 2,600 words. Today, I've re-released that story, and now it's at around 5,200 words. Yes, I will be nominating it for featured work status. No, I did not rewrite it just so I could do that. I rewrote it because there were some things I wanted to add to it, things that I was hesitant about adding the first time around but decided was for the best now anyway. This is what I added:

  • The identity of Darth Plagueis.
  • The appearance of an ever-persistent character who loves to appear during many important events.
  • An expanded psychological exploration of Plagueis.
  • More connections and hints connected to SWRP lore and TCO lore.
  • A cover has also been created by Solus, who generously edited anything I missed in my proofreading.

I'm not going to say any more than that because I don't want to ruin anything. Those of you familiar with the SWRP lore that I'm referring to will get a kick out of the identity of Darth Plagueis.

Now without further adieu, here is the story:

As always, comments and feedback are GREATLY appreciated. I hope you enjoy it!

Until next time,

- Brandon Rhea Alliance Starbird (talk)

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