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Rachel Hurd-Wood as Princess Leia in the Alternative Star Wars Saga.

I’m writing this blog posting trying to figure out where the hell the last five years went, because they’ve gone by in a flash. There’s been hurricanes and terrorists, Al Gore and global warming, George W. Bush and Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain, Iraq and Afghanistan; it’s all a blur. Hell the Red Sox won the World Series after eight decades, and then they won it AGAIN. So much has happened over the last five years, but obviously I wouldn’t waste a blog posting to say that.

This blog posting is to commemorate today. Today is the five year anniversary of my end of the Alternative Star Wars Saga. Five years ago I was working on a little website called The idea was to release fake spoilers and production notes as if the original Star Wars trilogy was being made after Revenge of the Sith. It wasn’t like SuperShadow where we’d be misleading anyone, but it was a fun idea where we would look at what it would be like if the originals were being made today. This website was founded by Michael Jones, who was also going to direct and do all the animation for the now-canceled animated movie about Star Wars: Episode I - The Chosen One, but the website (later renamed Sequel-Trilogy.Net) is now defunct.

On December 13, 2004, I received an e-mail from Gregg Tasoulas (known as Ker-Soth), one of the many people working on the “sequel trilogy” project. It said this (spelling and grammar has NOT been cleaned up):

Hi Brandon. You know drevilbob thought of creating a fake sequel trilogy site, a chronologicaly correct release for epIV-V-VI.
I was thinking about writing a completely new script for the episodes, mirroring the better knowledge we have about what happened before.No point in hiding Vader's identity or the Emperor. Would you like to commit yourself to release a new epIV + one shot novels for the downtime after ROTS?
We're thinking about creating something that will be completely new, and will have the feel that it is not a separate trilogy(maybe still thinking about that), rather it will continue to search the original characters and bring new ones. If you have any interest or idea please contact me again.

And so began the Alternate Trilogy, which later spawned Brandon Rhea's Alternative Star Wars Saga, which in turn spawned the creation of the Alternative Star Wars Saga after merging with the Squishy Vic Series.

I’ve been going over a lot of e-mails and old production notes lately, so I’m planning on putting together a brief “making of” e-book about the development, writing, etc. of the ASWS up until this point. It’ll include original plot outlines and various other details and anecdotes about the creation of the ASWS starting all the way back on December 13, 2004. I’m really enjoying this walk down memory lane and I hope you do too. You’ll also get to see the development of a lot of ASWS characters like Kane Starkiller and the lovely lady whose picture is at the top of this blog posting.

I’ll keep you updated on the progress of this mini-book. Hope you enjoy it when it’s done!

Until next time,

- Brandon Rhea

P.S. Give Solus a big round of applause for that Leia image. It's fantastic. All I did was supply the image of Rachel Hurd-Wood, but Solus made her Leia. It came out great.