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Okay, so this is one of my more hackneyed puns, but I've been writing punny blog titles for at least five years and the well gets a little dry at times.

Speaking of a little dry, I clearly did not stick to my planned schedule of releasing a chapter of Convergence every two weeks as planned. RL became very busy; other excuses struck, etc. I do have up to 16 chapters written, but have been a little stalled out with getting them edited and uploaded. There's definitely a lack of motivation on my end to blame for that, as I would rather write and push forward with the plot rather than edit and upload. Thankfully, uploading is much easier to do now with the Visual Editor than it was back in the old days of purely Source. That said, Source is still useful for allowing me things like adding templates and some finer formatting things. See Brandon, I can say nice things about Wikia's newer toys.

As a way of catching up at least a little bit, I have uploaded two more chapters of Convergence where another major character is introduced!

I'm not exactly sure what my availability will be to continue the story; there are some other projects that need attending to as well that are not Convergence, but I am hopeful of making more progress on both that and a re-mastered version of Force Exile I: Fugitive as Mrs. Ataru slogs through it. That said, my New Years' Resolution for 2019 is to at least write the next 24 chapters of the novel! We'll see how far I get!

Happy New Year, everyone!

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