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The next and final novel in the Force Exile Saga, Force Exile: Convergence will have its first chapter released on Star Wars Fanon on 3 September 2018. Set in 328 ABY of the Legends continuity, Convergence takes place centuries after the previous Force Exile stories. With the galaxy thrown into upheaval amidst political splintering and the loss of the Jedi Order, two unlikely heroes will lead a search to find the Force exiles and resurrect the lost traditions that once preserved peace and justice in the galaxy. Unlike previous novels of the series, Convergence will be released on a smaller but more regular schedule—a chapter every two weeks—through the end of the year.

I am once again teaming up with Jedi Master 76 (yes, he still exists) as beta-reader as well as Mrs. Ataru for editing in launching this novel. Seven chapters have already been written and I am excited about how this novel will serve as the conclusion for the series I had always intended to write but had struggled to turn into reality. Even as recently as last year, I was unsure if I would ever write that story. While Convergence certainly does connect to the events of the previous works, I am aiming for it to be highly accessible to those unfamiliar with the series.

Accompanying the first chapter's release will be the completion of the The Essential Guide to Force Exile Characters and The Essential Guide to Force Exile Droids segments for The Essential Guide to Force Exile. Look for a couple of new characters and droids as well as some new pictures of existing characters. A minor overhaul of a portion of the Appendix will also occur, as backstory in that page is outdated with the current vision for Convergence.

Thank you for your interest and readership! Please leave any questions or comments below!