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A month after the 13th anniversary release, I am back with another update on the Force Exile Series.

First, my postquel novel, Convergence. The good news is that I have finished the novel and will be releasing the rest of it shortly. Look for that release this upcoming weekend barring any drastic IRL upheavals. The uh . . . maybe good news is that I reached a very good stopping point in the storyline and decided to end the novel there at an even 50 chapters and nearly 115,000 words. However, there were many plot arcs and threads to resolve and so rather than writing a single monolithic novel, I decided to split it out. I am not sure if it will end up being a duology or a trilogy yet, but knowing me, I would guess the latter. However, I have also decided to put that sequel on hold for now because of . . .


This is hardly the first time I've made major revisions or even rewritten an entire work (see Force Exile III: Liberator). This time, I will be making some adjustments due to canonical/Legends-adherence, as well as overall storyline. The first act of Force Exile I: Fugitive doesn't fit with the current state of Legends as seamlessly as it should, nor does the story flow particularly well. It jumps from anecdote to anecdote and I feel that it doesn't serve the series well given my understanding of plot, pacing, character development, and overall good writing now compared to 2007 when I first wrote it. In terms of Legends adherence, the greater prominence of Plo Koon sans Padawan in TCW means that it makes more sense to make Selu a little older and a Jedi Knight earlier in the Clone Wars (as well as a new Padawan he took in 21 BBY). Since I don't want to have time jumps of years in Fugitive, I will instead be moving the start of that novel to later in the Clone Wars and rewriting a large chunk of Fugitive.

To fill in the gaps from where we left Selu in Second Guessed to the new start of Fugitive, I will be writing at least two new short stories set during the Clone Wars, as well as making minor retcons to some other works to address the timeline shifts. I am not sure yet whether or not I will include these in the Yanibar Tales collection or if I will start a new one that I may re-organize with my other pre-FE I short stories. I've started the first story already. This will also necessitate some minor edits to EGTFE, but I plan on keeping most of the major plot points intact.

For those of you who have been reading thus far, thank you for your readership. I hope that the new stories and novel(s) will continue to entertain as well as remain consistent with the overall vision of the series and Star Wars. For those of you who haven't read any of the series thus far but are considering it, I would encourage you to start with the short stories First Impressions and Second Guessed, then if you find it's your cup of tea, continue on to The Cauldron but pause after that as that's where all the new and modified stuff will occur. I'm hopeful that the two short stories will be finished this summer and the Fugitive rewrite can be done by the end of 2020. Although it seemed that finishing the series in 2020 was likely, that was before I decided to make changes—and finishing the storyline started in Convergence was always going to be a stretch without drastically curtailing the novel.

For those of you who haven't read any of the series and aren't considering it—there are lots of other intriguing works on this wiki to read in a less-daunting format than an enormous series, but please consider checking out some of those works and giving authors like MPK, Sakaros, Solus, Fiolli, Jedi Master 76, or Brandon Rhea your readership, especially if you are quarantined and/or bored to tears right now. I will be grateful just to have pithy remarks on this blog post!

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