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  • Anakin Nakamura

    Name Change

    October 25, 2018 by Anakin Nakamura

    Hello there! I was previously "Jenkins S115 SII" and now I am Anakin Nakamura. I requested a name change, and now here I am with the new name.

    And that's the main topic of this blog post, just to notify members of the Administration and Star Wars Fanon users overall to prevent my edits being reverted. I've always went by the name "Anakin Nakamura" everywhere, except Wikia where I chose "Jenkins S115 SII" instead. Anyways, I guess that's it. Just wanted to let you all know. Wouldn't be very nice if I didn't tell you of the name change.

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  • Anakin Nakamura

    Have ever wanted to feel like what it was to be a Dark Angel of Corellia? Being reborn as a Darth by one of the Sith's most prized and powerful apprentices? Well now you can! In this short story, you'll see yourself through the eyes of the Dark Angel Darth Varanee who struggles as one of the members of this secret organization and attempt to gain the trust of Darth Angel, an apprentice of Count Dooku and is as powerful as Darth Sidious.

    In this short story, concurrent with Alliance Civil War from 5 BBY to 3 ABY, you'll experience the deadly, most unforgiving lives as a member of the galaxy's greatest group of Dark siders as you would experience missions that span from the Outer Rim to the Core World of Coruscant, even on the battlefields of …

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  • Anakin Nakamura

    Hello there!, I'm Jenkins the Editor!. Well its Jenkins S115 SII but Jenkins the Editor is what I prefer. There is also a discussion board of this same blog.

    Anyways, I decided to hold a Character Contest for Star Wars: Alliance Civil War as well as to identify the last two members of Dandelion Squadron, yes you read that correctly. Two lucky winners will have their characters featured in Alliance Civil War!.

    Down below are the rules for the contest.

    • Rule I: Limit one character per person. It can be either an entirely new created character, or an existing character that you've rewrote their history and page to better fit with the story.
    • Rule II: Your character's mainspace article page must be detailed in all aspects such as introduction, which is …

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