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Ty294 has been voted Most Collaborative Author (with Darth Storm and Unit 8311) in the Fifth Wiki Awards!

Ty294 has been commemorated as one of the best users of the Star Wars Fanon community in its annual Wiki Awards.

Ty is certainly my favorite GA/FA writer in Project Cruentus.
Brandon Rhea[src]
You suck, Ty.JA-394[src]
Anything by Ty294 is usually gold.―Unit33[src]
Ty is a great user and always has been...
Brandon Rhea[src]
Dude... you're a walking anomaly.Rattler20200 to Ty294
Well, Ty... got to hand it to you... your convictions, as unfathomable as they are, are certainly rock-strong.LordDarkon[src]

Hello, I'm Tyler (but everyone calls me Ty). Welcome to my userpage.


I'm currently working on or in the following projects:

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