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My fav band,the Modal Nodes

PI This user likes to memorize the digits of pi!
:-) This user has good news:
Lol ROFL This user is very funny.
CIS This user supports the CIS.
Cislogo This user is ruler of the New confederacy.
Cislogo This user created the New CIS.
DarthNihilus This user is master of the sith.
DarthMalakartwork This user is a sith lord.
461px-GannerKrieg This user is Admiral in Darthraul's sith navy.
MaceWindu This user is a master of the Taikin Jedi Order!
Form 1 This user is master of form one Shii-Cho.
Eh This user is a Canadian.
250px-Obivsgrevmagna This user is surprised:Wha!
Calvary This user is a Christian.
CON-party This user support's the conservative Party of Canada.
COBRAAA!!!! This user supports COBRA.
Modalnodes This user supports bith's.
Mango Once upon a time, in a far off land, there lived a...Mango! Mango! Mango,Mango,Mango! Mangooooo!

Darthmaul This user is compleatly loyal to the sith.
Bush This user hates Bush and thinks He sucks.
Forcekickcomalive This user wishes he could do a Force Kick on someone. It's cool!
Yoda4 This user is RECKLESS!
WOOHOO This user likes this scene.
100px This user's got mail!
Hasbro logo This user collects Hasbro Star Wars figures.
OCC This user is a leader of Operation Clan Conservation.
Goblin II mask This user loved the New Goblin in Spider-Man 3.

Bionicle This User LOVES Bionicle!
50px This user has a Wii.
#IRC This user is often present on #swfanon IRC chat, by the name of cobracommander.
CC This user supports Cobra commander.
YAY This userbox makes me have more userboxes as C3PO the Dragon Slayer
Barack Obama This user did not supports Barack Obama as the 44th President but will support him now...until 2012
McCainSWF This user supported John McCain for the 44th President.
HC! This user supported Hillary Clinton as the 44th President. This user now supports her generally.
SV-Cruentus era This user is a participant of Project Cruentus.
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