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Welcome to my userpage! If you are on this page I need not have name myself, yet I should, however, explain some things about myself. People, at least people of afew years ago, know of my articles, know of its resulting fueds and accusations. To these critics I give you the Trudeau Salute. Imagination or creativitly need not be criticized, since you are comparing ones imagination to another, something that is, in regards to your understanding or beliefs, unfair. Also, however no promises, my entire list of articles will be revamped, re-done, re-imagined some time between June and September, since they do not reflect my current ability as a writer. In the mean time I shall be busy with school, politics and furthering my writings as far as possible and if you need to contact me, please do so via either this account, my Transfanon or spiderfanon accounts, both of which I am an administrator, albiet one who does jack-all. So please, explore this wiki, it is the key to unlocking your imagination and your creativity.

Your perseption of reality and imagination is but an extension of your mind.


Like my articles or dont...but dont wine to me bacuase you dont like it. I mean it...

stuff I own

I own the following:

  • All Star Wars Movies
  • Lots of other Star Wars mechandise
  • Paintings
  • Political History Books (Currently ready Blue Thander: Truth about conservatives from Mcdonald to Harper)
  • Papers regarding Philosophy


Since being here I have won a single award. If you think that isnt a lot, just look at your userpage.


Troyb has been voted Most Collaborative Author (with Darthtyler) in the Third Wiki Awards!

Troyb has been commemorated as one of the best users of the Star Wars Fanon community in its annual Wiki Awards.


If you want to be my friend please sign below. Yes I know some of the users below are gone, blocked or non-active. I'm too lazy to clean it up.


Power is treasured most by those who dont have it. Those who do, either lose their love of it, or people lose the love of that person



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