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Ol' Fett-head does a swan-dive, with a half-gainer... Right into the mouth of the sarlacc pit! AAAAAAHH!!
—Me, paraphrasing Raphael to a friend.[src]

Trak Nar is a self-taught artist and lifelong Star Wars fan who also contributes to Wookieepedia and The Doctor Who Wiki. She also has a freakin' sweet hat!

About Trak

Green is the color of grass, and of leaves on the trees, and of Greedo.
—Central Computer[src]

Trak glomps Zuckuss

Trak Nar is a self-taught artist, occasional writer, and editor. A lifelong Star Wars fan, she has amassed a sizable collection as much as her finances (and space to store it in) will allow. Her favorite characters are Greedo and Zuckuss. And Han shot first. One of the prides of Trak's collection is her Special Edition boxed set mainly for the reason that it had survived the full brunt of a house fire without even a smudge. That alone was enough to make Trak a believer of The Force.

Trak enjoys drawing comics and character designs, designing and building costumes and props, cosplaying, and writing. She sometimes serves as a creative consultant for her friends' writings. Interested in psychology and biology, Trak likes to write up various theories on character personalities and alien physiology.

Trak's Contributions

That's what happens when you pull things outta your ass— you tend to come up with shit.
—Me, explaining some BS[src]

Here's a sampling of what I've contributed thus far...

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Major Article Edits

  • Dalek Cleaned and expanded the article with permission.

Trak's Projects

You and your disgusting pickled freaks! I hate them... I hate them!
—Dora, as she topples jars of preserved oddities[src]

The following is a listing of the stuff I'm working on...

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