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aka What's it to you?

  • I live in The Good Ol' US of A!
  • I was born on April 24
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am MALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hello, <insert name here>! As you probably know, my name is Trainferry88.

My Story

To make a long story (A ten year story) short...

I was born in Chicago, Illinois, USA and moved to Iowa when I was two. I lived there for six years, then moved to Florida when I was eight. There, I discovered wikia. At first, I only looked at canon wikias studying and studying facts ( I have a photographic memory). I liked looking at Canon wikis, but i longed to write my own interpretation of canon events, called fan-fiction, or fanon (I know this sounds kind of like a drama play or an opera, so I'll try to hurry it up). Then, I discovered a major breakthrough in my life: The Fanon Wiki. The first fanon wiki I edited on was the TUGS Fanon wiki. Then I began editing on the thomas the Tank Engine, or TTTE Fanon. By that time I barely knew what STAR WARS was, and had never gotten interested. When my friends asked me to play Star Wars with me, I couldn't answer, and they taught me the basics of it. I became interested, and by this time I know double the information about Star Wars than they do. I made an article on the Indiana Jones Fanfiction Wiki, and then switched my main editing wiki to star Wars Fanon. I have watched every single movie at least ten times, and I am a fan of the Clone Wars series on Cartoon Network.

Personal Favorites

Favorite Canon Characters

  1. Han Solo
  2. Luke Skywalker
  3. Anakin Skywalker

Favorite Fanon Characters

  1. Ace**
  2. Camil Fon**
  3. Chall Bastan
  4. Jerry McDalmatian**

Favorite Canon Governments

  1. Alliance to Restore the Republic (Rebel Alliance)
  2. Galactic Republic
  3. Chiss Ascendancy

Favorite Fanon Governments

Favorite Canon Ships

  1. Millenium Falcon
  2. T-65 X-Wing
  3. Imperial-II class Star Destroyer

Favorite Fanon Ships

  1. Skywalker**
  2. Tatooine Star**
  3. Jerry's Jackalope*
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