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Hi <insert name here>! I'm Thenorthernman. I'm a friendly guy and contribute regularly to this site. Feel free to check out some of my articles and stories. But I digress. You didn't come here for this rant. You came here to know more about me as a person didn't you? Well, it's your lucky day. You shall have your wish.

I was born just over sixteen years ago just outisde Manchester, England. I went to a Church of England Primary and Secondary school (or elementary and high schools), and currently attend a Catholic Sixth Form College. That's for students aged 16-18. And so here I am, on the cusp of adulthood, brimming with ideas to expand that galaxy far, far away.

On a slightly pompous note, I have written two featured quotes and one featured article.

I've been gone for a few months, during which time I focused on revision for my exams. But they're now over and I'm back!

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