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Hello. This is Super Skywalker with todays Intergalactic Broadcast. This just in: Two Star Destroyers recently mecrilessly crash into aech other without awarness of the situaltion! Local Bothans blame Imperial Grand Admiral Thrawn who was there at the scene. Imperials Prove one of the Star Destroyers to be a "Rebellion Decoy". Thrawn threatens to destroy thier planet with the Death Star for their lack of understanding. We'll have more feedback with you soon...
Super Skywalker broadcasting on IGRH: Broadcast 3/32/14
Messa be rulin Sta Wors Fanon with great Bombad Pawah!!!
—Darth Darth Binks from Darthipedia

Yo!!! I am Super Skywalker. You may also call me Skywalker. I specialize in making images of Fleets and Troops battling each other. I'm am limited only for making images in the Rebellion and the New Republic Times, but some Galactic Republic Warcruisers (Acclamator-class Star Destroyers, and Venator-class Star Destroyers). Request images on my Image Requests Page. I really enjoy Star Wars and Star Trek and seeing their movies. I work on Fanon Articles when I'm on the wiki. Even though I do, don't think it's not hard (Unless you are experienced). Also, I highly enjoy 20th Century Foxs/THX's Films. My Favorite Star Wars song is Into the Trap from Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi.

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