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Punch it, Chewie!

This user is on a temporary hiatus from Star Wars Fanon.

Until this user returns from sabbatical, all questions and concerns should be addressed to Sakaros, SavageOpress1138, or another member of the administrative team.

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Hey! I am Sebolto, a Fanoneer named in reference to the character of the same name from Star Wars: Bounty Hunter. I serve as a Moderator here, so feel free to make use of my message wall if you have any questions or concerns regarding our wiki policies, Discussions forum guidelines, or tutorials.

In light of Administrator TK-999's current state of relative inactivity, I am also the de facto tech specialist on the administrative team. I can answer any technical questions you may have about programming with JavaScript and Lua, templating with wikitext and parser functions, or styling with CSS and HTML.

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