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Always overestimate your opponent.
—RC 2413

RC-2413 is a dark jedi mandalorian bounty hunter who weilds a black saber staff. He took the blade from a dark acolyte he killed after it fled, post clone wars.

Character Bio

RC-2413 is the son of an ARC trooper during the clone wars, who was overseen for having a small genetic mishap in the form of mental problems, and a connection to Force. ARC-3045 was labelled as MIA, when in fact he had deserted his unit and as much of his kit as he could. He succeded in reaching Dxun. After years of being a hermit, he was discovered by a Mandolorian hunting party. He impressed them with his looks of Jango Fett, even after scars and facial hair. His knowledge of Mandolorian helped him to comunicate in a way Basic would not and he was accepted into their clan.

He married and hade a son which he kidnapped and he left his wife.They left to an unknown planet where the boy thought he and his father were the only ones in the galaxy. The son was taught everything and more than 3045 knew, given a name the father thought right;a number. However, Nick (a self given name) had inherited certain traits from his mother that made him less like Jango and a trooper, but more mandolorian and with a stronger connection to the force.

RC-2413 learned of his fathers borderline mental instability and left the overaged ARC for dead and starting his own heritage. He found books on Jedi teaching, and taught himself meager powers. He developed into a bounty hunter, with a double-bladed lightsaber, and force powers. He did small bounty jobs always keeping a super low profile. He accomplished personal guerilla attacks on the Yuuzhan Vong during the Invasion but dissapperaed sometime near the end and is not known to be alive or dead.


Nick flies a heavily modified T-65 X-wing that has been painted in a red and black combination. Giving up some of its speed for fifty percent stronger sheilding and weaponry than a standard x-wing, the Ghost Talon has one small power storage cone in the front of each of the four engines. Also, by abandoning the astromech droid port, a universal storage area is available for items varying between a power generator, a supply pack, bombs, or even a spot for a single passenger, cramped may they be.

The weaponry consists of the four standard lasers plus a Sheild Degenerative Capsule Dispenser at the base of the nose.These capsules are roughly the size of a softball but extremely heavy. The Ghost Talon can only hold four of these capsules. Depending on the size and type of the capital ship,if a certain number of capsules were to hit they would neutralize the sheilds. Also a medium sized laser cannon is fitted under the nose which fires a straight beam for five seconds with the effect of an Ion cannon. The Ion beam is not connected to the targeting computer so only extreme luck, a really big target, or the force can garuntee a hit. Unfortunatley, it takes almost five minutes to recharge the cannon and there is no way around this.

Personal Weapons

Besides his normal black double-bladed lightsaber, Nick also carries an XM sniper rifle, a DC-15 modified blaster rifle, and around three to four grenades of different types. His helmet is of his own make and design, and his armor is a various hodge-podge of clone, storm, and scout trooper armor thrown together into a very efficent battle armor.

RC-2413 is also lucky enough to have found a stealth feild generator belt, but it lacks certain components and as of now is useless.

The Real Me

The definition of stupidity is following a set of procedures, receiving a negative result, and attempting the same procedures again with no discernable change in results.
—Author Unknown

I am a fourteen year old male, with brown eyes and black hair cut short, in the male way. I dont go for that long hair look, its not my thing. Im going through my Freshman year of High school in Rocklin California, which is a half hour north of Sacramento, next to Roseville.

My grades are good, A's and B's, and Whitney HS is a two year old school so everythig is brand new, state of the art.

I am a boyscout. Yes thats right. A BoyScout. Its a whole bunch of fun too. Im almost to the rank of Star, which is two away from the infamous Eagle Scout.

And as for Myspace, I dont like it.I dont have one and I never will. Im not saying its evil, it just is to me.


If it's stupid but it works, it isn't stupid.
—RC 2413

I am not afraid to do anything that might make people think me weird. If you are worried about that, what's the point of life?

I am very analitical, observant, and logical. I make a game out of looking like an information-less, blind-to-the-world person; while in actuallity, I listen and see more than anyone would deem possible. Outwitting people is fun, but not exactly my strongest point. Yet.

I try very hard to make people laugh. I have a quick humor but only in comfortable situations and when appropriate. I stick to what the great Mel Brooks said by knowing that whatever I say, so long as at least one person laughs then I've done my duty.


Live forever or die trying.
—RC 2413

I love the mandalorians. plain and simple. People who live to fight, who only have a good life if it is spent outmatching and outwitting others. The feircest of warriors, truly a pefect balance of a civilian and a soldiers life.

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Other Places

  • Want to see the whole begining of episode 4 all the way till chewie "gets loose."? Of course you do! just copy and paste this into your Run program on your computer and make sure you have internet to see the whole thing in MSDOS.


Who I Am
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Darthmaul This user thinks that Maul and Dooku should have been switched around in the films.
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