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  • Favorite Group-dc Talk
  • Favorite Song-Jesus Freak (nuff said)
  • Favorite Non-Religious Song- White and Nerdy. A very funny spoof of Ridin' Dirty. Here's a link: [1] I literally died laughing when I saw the part with the SW Holiday Special video
  • Favorite SW Movie-Return of the Jedi (Leia...nuff said Tongue)
  • Favorite Canon Character-Kyle Katarn (nuff said)
  • Second Favorite-Jacen Solo (he's not dark and he never will be, I don't care what you say)
  • Favorite Fanon character (mine)-Nathaniel Kenobi Solo (my largest article that is still going under expansion, I've got to finish the Vong war.)
  • Favorite Fanon Character (not mine)-Jasca Ducato (very big, very good)
  • Second Favorite-Zack Fayne (kinda a bias, but it's great, nonetheless.)
  • Favorite Non-SW Movie-Probably it would be Monty Python and the Holy Grail. This movie is so sacrieligious, but manages to pull it off at the same time, lol
  • Favorite Quote of Mine:
Who's next?
—Nathan to the Yuuzhan Vong
  • Favorite Sport- Football
  • Favorite Class- Biology Honors (my teacher's crazy Smile
  • Favorite Attempt to Make Fun of Me: This is very entertaining. I can understand what they're saying, though, but don't care, I know that at least you guys enjoy my work. Smile [2]
  • Best Constructive Criticism Ever Offered to Me- User:MPK (very good, very specific reasonings of why he finds faults in my work, thanks MPK!)
  • More Later

Great & Helpful Users, In No Order, Whatsoever

  • Gnosis is knowledge Great guy who has helped me out many times. Great vandal fighter, also a great writer
  • Aiddat Also has helped me many times. Awesome vandal fighter
  • Ewoksfist Great guy, who always provides me with bigger and better templates and other great stuff. Great vandal fighter
  • MaulYoda Wonderful articles and great vandal fighter
  • Bub Created the 313 and helps fight vandals
  • Jedi Master 76 Great vandal fighter and article writer
  • TempMan Helped with my sig
  • Darth_Aeonz Defended the Haven even when it looked hopeless. It is now, but the help was appreciated then
  • Jasca Ducato Makes awesome articles and tried to make the fanon galaxies connect
  • Pinata Helped me realize a mistake I had made with Tenel Ka's name. Whoops.
  • C3PO the Dragon Slayer Makes funny articles and reverts vandalism
  • Darth Fury Great user and makes great articles
  • Jack Phoenix Great vandal fighter
  • StarNeptune Helps fight vandals
  • Silly Dan Great vandal fighter
  • All of the admins who have blocked vandals!
  • FireV

If I remember someone, I will put you here.

Users I've Made an Homage To

Articles That Are an Homage To Users

Users allowed to use my fanon

Minor News

Not to brag or anything, but I believe that i have created the 1000th article here. Hope that that did not come out as narsisstic. Grin I also have the 2300th article. Number 3,000!. Number 3,400. Number 4,800.

I have also created the longest article on the site: Nathaniel Kenobi Solo. 202,000 something bytes and counting.

I also have over 10,000 edits and was the first person to reach this! I have the most edits and articles on the site right now!

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