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Welcome to NKSCF's Essays and Rants subpage! Mind the ego of yours truly and you might actually learn something from these bad boys. Just my little spot for personal opinions of various matters of importance, be they serious—political—or just something that ticks me off—Michael Moore.

Political Rants

My Thoughts On Evolution

As a born-again Christian, the theory of evolution can be very combating to one's faith. I use evolution in some of my articles. I am not going to write a sermon of why evolution is right or wrong. That is up to you. I cannot force my beliefs upon you, though I'd like you to listen to what I have to say. Evolution is change over time. Now, when you think about it, that makes sense. You change over time, nothing wrong with that, but it doesn't mean your lifestyle. No, it means an entire species changes over time.

Now I, for one, believe to a certain extent that evolution is true. Microevolution is proven and cannot be disproven. Macroevolution is the one I shall be referring to from now on. But, I also believe that Christ came to Earth and became my Savior. Thinking that evolution is true, even to a certain extent is not ungodly. Quite the contrary, Charles Darwin, the one to come up with the theory, was a Christian and didn't even want his work published till he died because he knew how it would affect others. However, he published his Origins of Species in 1859, disregarding his own views on his former religion, as he had become agnostic at the time. (Thanks to Brandon Rhea for checking and correcting a mistake I'd made here.)

My only problem is this with evolution: (Now this may seem wacky to some, but bear with me) If evolution were true, then why are we like we are? We, nobody can escape this fact, are sinful beings, true, but we have something called a conscience. Is this conscience a part of natural selection? At the heart of us all, we know what right and wrong are. Why? What is the point? Doesn't this imply someone thinking, "Hey, they might blow themselves up if they don't have this thing."

The point above was one I just thought about. The real one I was planning to write is as follows: My great-grandmother just turned 100 a little while ago. I attended her birthday party. I heard her life story for the first time. In it, her husband died early in her life. Before I continue, let me give a little background info. My great-grandmother is one of the nicest people you could ever meet. She has always been this way. She also had at least 5 children, I believe. After her husband died, she had to support her family by herself. Now, some people could just wallow in their pain and misery and use it as a crutch. Not my great-grandmother! She realized that Jesus loved her and she followed him without swaying. Without her realizing this, I wouldn't be here today telling you this. That's why I don't believe in evolution all the way, because without the belief in the one true God, I wouldn't be here. Told you it'd be weird. Smile

Whoops, looks like I lied about that sermon bit. Sorry. Tongue

Any questions or comments can be directed to my talk page. But please, let it be civil. I don't like arguing with people I can't see.

My Political Beliefs


As seen above, I agree that microevolution is a proven fact, however, macroevolution is not and has never been proven. I agree that change over time exists and subscribe to the fact that God either made the Earth in seven literal days or a broader stage. Either way clicks with me.


Anime Rants

Kai Doh Maru

So I couldn't sleep one Monday night and I flipped through the channels, wondering what could possibly keep me entertained. On my travels through the likes of ESPN, AMC, and F/X, I went to the Sci-Fi channel for that entertainment I sought. The featured program tonight was part of their Ani-Monday specials: Kai Doh Maru. If you know anything about me, then you'll know of my unabashed love of anime and the various series attributed with it. I did not like this movie. In fact, in layman's terms: It sucked.

Kai Doh Maru is very confusing, including its title, of which, the meaning of is never explained in the whole forty-seven minutes this thing runs! Argh (A quick Japanese to English translation gives this gem as the meaning: Shell (Kai) ? (unknown what Doh means) circle/zero/money/full (Maru).) The animation at the beginning is very two-dimensional and black and white, which almost made me turn it off, but I stayed, hoping it would not suck later on. I was halfway right, it did change—into color—but it still sucked.

The story follows a girl named Kentoki. In the movie, however, she's been raised as a son to be an heir to her father and creates some wonderful not-too-subtle homosexual undertones with her best friend, a fellow princess that falls in love with her "prince". And you thought your love life stunk. (Normally, I could care less about anything involving homosexuals in films, books, real life, etc., but something about this one just pissed me off. I have no clue why.) Unfortunately for me, and the audience, the fact of her gender isn't explained until later, which leaves us confused as to whether or not Kentoki is a boy or girl, because he/she is described as both by certain characters at one point in time. The most notorious time is when she's grown up and becomes a soldier under a certain Lord Raiko, who saved her from her uncle's scheming. The audience is left to wonder whether or not the "boy" they saw moments before had suddenly had a sex change operation, and makes us all feel perverted for even asking. I was not amused with that.

Kentoki, being raised by her father as a boy, is suddenly attacked by her conniving uncle, because all uncles must be conniving to take away their brother's throne or whatever. She escapes thanks to the deus ex machina of the year: Lord Raiko, who just happened to be there at the right moment to save the...I'm going to call her thing now, for lack of better reasoning of figuring out her gender. Raiko then inexplicably maintains the thing's lifestyle as a boy and makes her a soldier, and, despite the fact he's about in his thirties—I'm going on the animation revealing that, because it wasn't brought up as far as I know—he falls in love with the thing.

What follows after that is cliched swordplay of samurai anime I've seen a thousand times before and means absolutely nothing to me. The princess who still loves her "prince" comes back under the control of an oni (Japanese demon with horns), a betrayal occurs that I could care less about, and the ending is so ambiguous it should have a banner stating: THIS IS FREAKIN' AMBIGUOUS, MAN! GET SOME!

Atrocious is one word that I would use to describe this film. A waste of an hour of my life is another. While it does have its moments (not all of the fighting is cliched "Yeah! Fight time!") Kai Doh Maru fails to keep me into the story and causes me to worry more about the implausibilities it suggests. Give it one and a half stars out of four from me. Thanks Sci-Fi and Japan, I couldn't go to sleep for an hour after this atrocity entered my analytical mind.

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