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Star Wars: The Shining Hour


Star Wars: The Shining Hour is a stand-alone alternate universe Star Wars fan fiction novel currently being written by Corusant.


The government dissolution is abrupt, chaos and confusion are everywhere; a New Era has begun......

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Behind the scenes

Aua Skywalker is based on famous world leaders around the real-world. The Andromeda galaxy on the cover was the main galaxy for Star Wars.

TSH Chapter 1

Star Wars: The Shining Hour
Chapter 1

A flash pops out from a photo beam. "Whaaa....Whaaaaa.....WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA....WHa..." says the baby .

"The baby, honey, please,!" cries Bdda Skywalker not just from the grand sight of his son, but also from her wifes hand pressure.

The baby is cradled into the Erica's arms. "Aua" she faintly says , thus name's meaning " Out of an idea" , is given, although some of the nurses refer to it as "ouch", and also many parallel opportunities.

At this same-time an aligned solar eclipse covered the capitol city of Theed. "Ousa planet esa gonna go hypertentionally ...blAAAAAah.. ah!!" purges a drunken guncan as he flips over and kills himself over a Theed long bridge.

The Naboo Senator stages an emergency, while everyone, organizinly, panics. Aua Skywalker, himself had five birthmarks, which about looked the same as the dark eye of the eclipse, one on each arm and leg , finally, the center was near the respiratory valve. Only one was fading as he grew more hyper. In the subdivision near Theed, Aua's parents lived in solar dome where they both worked for the Galactic Senate. Bdda Skywalker was an Aviation Technician, while Erica was a Registered Nurse. Every few times Bdda would have a different set of the new rechargable technologies and mixed drinks from a space station for the whole family to provide. " A new cyber ball, and liquid fusion drink" as he rolled and threw both objects to young Skywalker, as he left for work.

"Fantastic, daddy!" says young Aua Skywalker, as he played with a floating cyber ball with his one and only pet rancor, while being stabalized with a mega liquid fusion.

Suddenly one night, Aua was sleeping on top of his dome house while he was watching the stars when he faintly dozed off while the brain cells wormholed in to the 5th dimension of the void. He started seeing swirls of mini stars, nebulas, planets, and universes surrounding his body until it overpowered him, and finally woke up almost slipping to his death, if it wasn't without his pet rancor, Ruby, which caught his shirt. " Thanks, Ruby," says Aua. " Why....Why does this happen every goshdarn night!" as he is powns both fist to his head. He lays he head between his elbows and looks shivers when he and Ruby hears a ruffle near a bush. "Growwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwlll" Ruby speaks as she creeps toward the bushes. " No no mesa no harm please." says an unknown guncan. " Seriously, happy birthday Ruby", says Aua kiddingly. " Mesa esa try to find the Zuwawjtei-ent- heime- ee-wowow0aoa-aaas--glaco- sos- swa swamp, wii yousa help mesa eh? " Says the guncan. " No kidding " says Aua. " Nu kiddin, weelly?" says guncan. "weally, beey beey, " says cheerfull Aua leaving the scene. "Wiiiiit! Weesa havn't weeelly eentwoduced eh?" Says Guncan trying to intervene. "Okiedokie" Aua arms folded. "By ta wee, mesa nami es....(he cheerfully turns around and stairs at Ruby.)...Ou OU," applied Ou Ou. Years later, Aua's family were assigned a station to be moved at Coruscant, just for a work briefing on more daring assignments. Aua's Rancor had already died of cystic fibrosis during old age, and rough times were lying ahead for the family. When their spacetanceport landed on Westport he was homesick to the core.

He was never used to city-life and complained alot about his space-surrounding fantasy headaches. A 10 year old Twilek was the first to invite him to with new city friends to play cyberball. "Wewwwwaa dude, where did you gets those tubular hover skates?" says a Bothandude.

"They were virtually made.." says Aua.

"According... to only.... whoom" a Quermian dude smirksly lunges his neck forward.

"According to myself, of course rarely not for the vertebrate-turretlike squeamish at any alternative perspective." smirks Aua, while the Quermian dude jerks his long neck, nervously.

" Well then, gentia you don't pass unless we openly agree using those hover skates, just for a leetle beet." says the bothan dude trying to seduce him as the Quermian dude and other sentient teenage dudes surrounding him.

" Shanx, just shove it, fuzzball." says the Twilek girls.

" Why don't you just frackin..." aggressive Shanx.

" Hey! " interrupts Aua.

" Blow away soulskater" Aua says gently while shoving the glowing hover skates into Shanx's yellow eyes.

While Aua left the Quermian swipingly took, also, his Infared sunglasses and haressly says " Later Padmelicious." The honcho Quermian and Shanx start putting the hover skates as the group watched on, however, they never knew they were out of order. Quermian dude started speeding above the speed level and crashed his poor little head into a Besalisk politicians boodie of melted cream.

As Aua came home to his little apartment near the equator of theGalactic City. He was all home alone in the room where started shuffling into other stuff, mainly, his father's stuff, and, eventually, found a book about the Galactic Civil War . When looking all over the the recorded HoloNet videos of the war, he never knew of Darth Vader's actual name was Anakin Skywalker. He only new Darth Vader as a tyrannical general for Darth Sidious. He keeps looking through more HoloNet videos of the Galactic Civil War and finally freezee to bounty hunter Cade Skywalker. He's panicking to shuffle everything back in, but both hands from his father scared him. " Come with me" says the father as they both take a stroll through out the Galactic City.

" You belong to a lineage of a name which has been a blessing or a curse" his father says. " It's started with a young travellor named Aden Trackus in 172,700 BBY. He fled fromTaungs from their holocaust mutiny. He finally changed his name, some say he used force magic on himself and changed his name to Aden Skywalker. From aftertwards, his lineage has enabled both the greater positive or negative for the galaxy and universe itself." says his father while pushing a button for the next recharge. " Try not to make yourself to cocky. We're already in a city full of lunatics." Says his father. " Oh terd-tic terrific, the laundry/hovercarwash building is overflowed again" as his father tries to help the owner's vehicle stuck in the wash from the ever expanding bubble creating a finer, cleaner traffic jam.

Aua passed out, while, ecaping the trap of the bubblemayhem of all, tranquility.

At the supreme age of 19, Aua, set out for a new spectacular purpose. To serve for the Galactic Unity Military Core of the galaxy. Deployed, for all further instructions , to the Dagobah system, he was to be trained as a RADAR Repairer for the benefit of the 69th Division. The fun didn't start until his squadcraft landed in Dagobah. "All right, get your *(8*) cunt noses out of my starcraft, lets go, go, GO! " yells Staff Sergeant Taz, as rockets and hot flash lasers were shooting from the through everywhere in the swampy, yet clear night Dagobah skies.

TSH Chapter 2


Watch your mouth, kid, or you're gonna find yourself floating home!

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Star Wars: The Shining Hour
Chapter 2

" Fantastic, you sure are some blue light piss special aren't you?" asked Staff Sergeant Taz in Aua face, pleasantly.

" Well, are you going to keep moving, or just look up in the sky and play turbo turrets ADHD with the balls of gas you look to lust, afterwards? Come on, keep moving!" shouts Staff Sergeant Taz while launching the craft.

While, familiarizing with the base, a droid messaged him to meet the Sergeant Major at the fishbowl( Non-commissioned officers headquarters). While inside the fishbowl. The Sergeant Major looks at him strictly. "Well, Private Aua, what honorable business career is your expertise?"

"Sir, Radar Repairer, Sir." says Aua.

" No (*beep*), now please, give me the actual bull(beep) information for this honorable mission? " asked the staring Sergeant Major Tears.

"Sir, just wanted to defend my galaxy, graduated from the 0-010 Radar and Satellite class of the 676 Division, Sir!" yells Aua.

" Don't, bologna bull(beep) me, we all know you need someone to hold your hand and still be blessed as a special soldier throughout this redlight fantasy base. Crystal?" asked Sergeant Major Tears.

"Sir, Absolutey Sir!" says Aua.

" Then get out of my sight," says Sergeant Major Tears.

Aua stood still, not a flinch or skin cell moved. The Sergeant Major looks around knew; he was checking if the private was following command orders and stands up eye to eye with Aua saying " You're dissmissed."

"Sir! Yes, Sir!" yells Aua as he leaves the fishbowl.

While heading to the Radar barracks, he spotted a boot camp buddy.

"O... M... G... Mr. Fin?" yells Aua.

" Ayayayayyayyai.. Misttoo Skeywalka, yousa looce bena en aan offeece party ... eh?" asked the Private Gungan.

"Yeah..." sighs the eyebrowing Aua, "Slippery when wet in the fishbowl. Personally, I think he was expecting you next."

Gulp, the Gungan does, also trying to hold the toots and piss at the same time.

" Oh, cramp , come on it's just like your childhood, remember,... dude" says Aua.

"Yayayaya, tat gue esa joost leeke me fata" says the Private Gungan while laughing in a death state.

" Oh, woopidedoo" says Aua in relief.

"Whoa,whoa,whoa,whoa, weeet e meeneete mesa chaildhoode suckda! Nononononono mesa boot caamp dreell sargeents bot tu wape mesa boodie. Nonononooooooooo!" Says the Private Gungan.

"Queerterds, to Quarters, NOW!!!" yells a Zeltron Staff Sergeant woman.

" Oh, you can rape me anytime," responds the Private Gungan.

"Oh, go rape yourself" says, Noen a Trandoshan Privates introduces himself.

" Dammit. A**clowns move it!" says the speakers.

The 69th Divisions moves into lines from the tallest and smallest sentient soldiers. An honorable Bothan First Sergeant observes his honorable 69th Division. " My name is First Sergeant Regret, of course, Regret, under the Galactic Basic standard, but, frantically I really don't give a frackin toot. It is my attention to deploy this division in zero hundred hours. If one gear slips from their pockets, doubletime(mixture of jumpingjacks and pushups). If one lock is loose from this base, doubletime! If this First Sergeant gives you an honorary notice of innocense, doubletime!! Rainbow Warriors do you understand me !!"

"Yes, First Sergeant" shouts the 69th Division.

"Absolutey,Okay, listen up, you maggot cum. When the droids open a craft elevator you are to follow me in an orderly manner to the first droid inprocessing station. There you will quietly enter and find a seat. You'll remain there until you are told otherwise. Duh?"

"Yes, First Sergeant" shouts the 69th Division.

"Panzies!" shouts First Sergeant Reget.

"Yes, First Sergeant!!!!" shouts the 69th Division.

"Better. Now get in there before I remember that I'm not a very nice guy and change my mind for the special turret and ADHD soldiers, fantastic, around this base." says Regret boarding the large elevator, while some soldiers smile on his remark while boarding the craft.

While, every soldier was lining up for processing. The private gungan still had to go to the restroom really bad, but manages to hold it with special ways of treatments.

The line stops right across the hall from the bathrooms. First Sergeant Regret yells, "Those of YOU who have to GO, GET in there, GO, and then get yer rainbow butts back here in line."

The Private Gungan rushes,but is relieved by the warmth around him and otherwise , 10 minutes, everyone is in line again waiting for the droids to process them for their next mission.

"Alright, planetdirt-balls, listen up! My name is Sergeant Hellbent. I've been assigned the miserable task of making sure your maggots complete the military in-processing forms properly. As it's been my experience that most sentients can't even read, we'll fill out the forms together, one computer at a time. Do not get ahead. You may think that some computers are asking for something, when in reality, it's asking for something else. Don't make me use up my limited supply of detonaters. As we complete each process, the last maggot in each row will form the droid to datalaze every molecule and poop cell you have and form the droid to bring it up front. Do you understand?" asked the Trandoshan Sergeant.

"Sir, Yes, Sir!!!!" shouts the 69th Division.

"Aaaa,Well then, Move Out!!!!!!" shouts the Trandoshan Sergeant.

Every soldier scrambles to get out of the tight passageways. A few of the soldiers crash into some droids carrying Novacaine shots. Every soldier is wondering what's going on.

A smallish (for a change) Commanding Officer Columi enters the room, "As you were. Sit down, please."

Aua notes, with surprise that it's the Columi who helped him in becoming part of the military at the Recruting Center in the Galactic City. The one Columi with the neat diamond stars on his shoulders.

The Admiral,named Admiral Beldar, like other officers doesn't yell like the enlisted ranks do, if they want to. In fact, Admiral Beldar seemed pretty straightforward. Spoke lots of words about how special everyone is, and how "challenging" the next few years will be; about how "proud" everyone will be when they will be relieved. The Admiral finally gave his last brief mission saying, " Listen up, the Galactic Senate has ordered the 69th Division to supply and defend the Galactic chemical bases and and peacekeeping bases. You will land 360 around the bases and supply chemical reactors to the colonial people and plantations of chemical industries, thus all you have to do is follow the tanks and convoys to a ridge near the equator and ship H2O to the chemical treatment plant and bases. You will not give them any water only the molecules of the H20 tanks Is that understood Private Fin?"

"Ster, yeth Ster. Mesa es te waddleboee ov te devis.."

"You are the heart, and brains of this division. You will serve the convoy, and you will give honor to the credits of the galaxy. Is that clear?"

"Ster, yeth Ster" shouts the Private Gungan and stands up.

" Then move your nastylittlemustergallygaingions and move out and carry on!" Shouts the Admiral to the 69th Division as a team, while leaving the room.

“Sir, yes Sir!!!!,” shout the 69th Division as they stood up with a hoorah.

"Pull them sleeves up! I want to see nothing but bare arms. Both sleeves, you idiot!" yells the Trandoshan Sergeant.

Then, all of a sudden, "All Units Report to the Hangar Area" Keeps repeating.

"In the Crafts! In the damn Crafts, you maggots! Get your butts in the frigging Crafts now! Move it! Move it! Move it!" speaks First Sergent Regret with poison gas.

Out in the passage way was a wreck of soldier collisions; Aua and Fin dropped their soldierpacks in the collisions. Aua tries to help Fin and so does Noen. "Are you trying to go AWOL, on me, boy? Damn, we ain't even started to have fun with you yet, and you want to check out? Is that it, dirt-bag? Don't you love it here?" asks the loud First Sergeant Regret.

In a firm voice Aua tries to explain while retrieving his pack "Good! Good! That means you do love it here, don't you boy?" says First Sergeant Regret.

"Yes, First Sergeant!" shouts Aua Skywalker .

"Tell me, boy. Tell me you love it here?"

"Yes, First Sergeant I love it here!"

"How much do you love it here, toad?"

" I desparately, love it alot.. Sir!!!!"

"Good!" he yells." Doubletime! NOW Run, Maggot! And, if you stop running between here and there, I'll have you running all over til' Tatooine freezes over . Faster, you piece of Rancor dung! Run!".

As he saved the crew from Doubletime, he was put last on a different craft away from Mr. Fin and Noen. " Would you like help with those legs to the craft, private?" asked First Sergeant Regret.

" Sir, I am bewildered you've earned it sir!" says the exhausted Aua.

"Congradulations, now do it you're friggin' self!" shouts First Sergeant Regret while leaving the passageway to another craft as Aua is struggling to the deployed craft.

First Sergeant Bellows, from Naboo, continues yelling in a landing craft, "Line Up! Come on, line up you lunk-heads! Four deep! Four deep, not five, you idiots! Move it, move leave some space let's GO!!!"

Landing Crafts are thus, loaded with soldiers near the Craft bay doors. Each one is shot in space from the Processing Station inside a BattleCruiser, and descending into the the thermal heat of the Hoth atmosphere. Nabooin First Sergeant Bellows stands up and orders the following commands, " Division # 69, on your feet!"

The Division is stands up dreadfully for combat, "Lock on!" shouts First Sergeant Bellows on the speaker.

The Division locks on. "Equipment Check!" Shouts the First Sergeant.

They all check the Equipment " Sound off Equipment Check!" Shouts the First Sergeant.

Each soldier shouts in order "10,000 ready!"... " One ready!"

" Are we happy, hoorah?!!!" shouts Sergeant Bellows with a little mean grin.

"Hell Yes, Hoorah," shouts the 69th Divison.

The Craft shakes violently in the atmosphere. " Maintain your interval" shouts the droid leader. " Get ready...... prepare for crash landing and mission succesful."


The Landing Craft woman's robotic voice systems reports the code "Reactor online, radar online, ammunition online, systems online, all systems nominal." The Landing Craft lands on a mesa cliff.

" All right, get off my shemale stockpile cunt starcraft let's go go GO!!!!" Shouts the charging First Sergeant out of the Craft doors. The whole Division and other divisions were to deploy at Charlie Bravo (Chemical Base) to supply and defend the people and the plant. When all divisions met the chemical base, they found all the peope's heads men, women, and children heads surrounding the chemical base with holocrons of pleading in front of the heads." No.....Nooooooo!" Shouts the First Sergeant Regret. He found his only child cut into ten pieces.

" Yuuzhan Vong had help, " Whispers Noen, " their staffs are solid, but the murders are sort from insect bite marks, large and stronger than titanium of any kind." he franticly, whispers.

The Staff Sergeant Zeltron woman whispers something in Regret's ear. The First Sergeant cleans the blood off by cleansing radiation and shouts in tears, "Make camp!".

Aua had to give the First Sergeant alot of credit of many honors, he came trying to save his son and to keep the 69th Division strong and dependable. One mission failed. As they camped and buried the people, they started to build an invisible defense and started partying in a mess hall. Aua, Fin and Noen were eating together when Aua suddenly saw a familiar face two tables in front of his table. The Quermian dude is in a special force unit?

" Ready.. Proceed" says the Mon Calamari soldier next to the Quermian soldier named Bina.

Bina starts to build his blaster rifle and stops under 07:59 seconds.

" Eight seconds" says the Mon Calamari soldier.

"Dammit!!, reload" shouts Private Bina.

Mr. Fin actually loves this kind of competition and asked Noen to time him. While being timed to gear up all the units of the Blaster rifle, a little contraction accidently leaped out from the Blaster Rifle hitting the brown stained nose of Bina. The gungan's eyes shrinked into his head. Mr. Bina shows an evil stare, takes his trey of gunk and comes over to the table, and drops the contraction between the gungan's shrinking eyeballs.

" Mr. Bina" says Aua giggling. " looking very political."

"You better call a doctor or galactic ambulance, because I'm going to tear off your penis and sprout it down your neck, do you understand me boy! HAHH s(*_*)head!" says the enraged and powerful Quermian.

The Private Gungan stands up " HEyeyeyee. Mesa foure faatas seey Welax Taak et sweeetly, wesa a paart ov da sammmme saade. Wen da Gayatic Wepublic von de Galactic Gyactic Ceevil Waar Nami Zommweeda deed not geet allong weet Woan Feil. Ousa sodas ousa Allience Sodas, Eef de Yuusaan Vong adn't konkoed da Naboo zasteem measa wada been Zenata ov de Gungan"

Bina almost breaks his neck while closely dozing to sleep and Aua chokes on some gunk hearing the guncan's honorable speech.

"Zo mabye wesa bunch ov dasatas off da spaace plaaine, eh? Es obvoius, boot sum ov yousa gais av been earsa zo long tat youasa bains a frieeed! Zo waat mesa esa twying da seay esa..." eating a mouthful of gunk " toaat meaaans whee cauunt baaey fwaands, eagh?"

"There's only one problem " says the smiling Quermian.

The gungan barfs up the gunk. , and the coloful Quermian says " Yousa, don't eat mooch" and starts to spray the gunk sprayers toward the private gungan, but the gungan ducked down and it sprays the Commanding Columi.

"Attention!" shouts a soldier.

Everyone stands up, and the Admrial comes close to Bina and says, " AS YOU WERE!"

Everybody sits and eats except Bina. "Son, your are the best private for pealing gunk and headtubes”

"Yes sir"

" Can we count on you?"

"Yes sir " shouts the Quermian in tears.

"Carry on" says Admiral Beldar leaving the mess hall.

"Sir YES SIR" everyone stands and shouts.


Midnight sirens everywhere around the base, and collsions are worse than ever. "Get up, you lazy SOBs! Up! Out of those rack tubes right now! Up! Move it! Move it! Move it!" shouts the urgent First Sergeant Regret.

What in the hell is going on? Is it an attack? I just closed my eyes a couple of minutes ago! many soldiers thought.

"It's 0200, you lazy Rontos! Time to move! Move! We do more before 09:00 then you lazy bastards have done in your entire lives! Move! Up! Get your lazy butts up, now!"

"You've got two minutes to gear up your blastor rifles,blastor pistols, packs , suits ,skiboots,ski-infrared goggles, and thermal detonators, two minutes, move!"

Massive pandemonium as everyone scrambles, all around, Divisions split up and gear their bunktubes functioned and recharged and dives into their bags for shorts and Winter proof boots and ready for combat in the cold-desert plains of perfection and independence.

The long steady journey showed no mercy for the fallen domino affect of soldiers making a straight road of fallen soldiers to the equator. "Suppresing fire!" one ensign reamarked to see supposedly movement. When First Sergeant Regret came to scene he saw what looked like bubbles. Inside these bubbles were three soldiers trapped into suffocation, one of them is Private Fin. The First Sergeant pokes the bubble. "Aaa" says Fin as being zapped inside the bubble.

" Who did this to you?" asked Regret.


"What's a matter You have no courage, or commitment, oh...paadon meeasa.. hona?!"

"UGhhhhh!" Private Gungan's eyes twitch " Te tretn ass weet depd!",.. or ..(They threatened us with death!)

" Pop these clowns and give them some frigging H2O dammit!" barks First Sergeant Regret as he uses a H20 tank hose to pop Fin's bubble and jab it right into the gungans mouth while the gungan's head inceases.

Divisions split and Mr. Fin is stationed in a hovermech convoy. Everyone can hear the Sergeant Major Tears's holocron in Mr. Fin's hovermech convoy. " Private, you better give me a godamn reason why you're sitting in the love seat and not in halftrack with the rest of your honorable noob division?"

Gungan smiles away." Eet waas mesa faat ster. Eff eet wasn't for tat aamosh and for first Sagent Weget devision tu blo mesa, mesa woodn't aft tu ssi yousa teery face opon me naaa...."

" This is the Galactic Unity's Army , not a goddamn global carnival, son; I'll see my chemical reactors are back in halftrack, in the next deployment base!" interrupts Sergeant Major Tears and is televised out without any ending messages.

" Wadger, Wadger, paadon mesa, ota an ouoot" replies the gungan as he knew he was heading back to the chemical base with other convoys without Aua and Noen on their main mission.

The the 69th Division was finally coming close to a glacier they smelled something funny coming closer....

Three Battlecruisers orbit Hoth and Holocron message Coruscant, while one an astronaut Sullustan satellite mechanic was watching a distress signal in Hoth.

"G.S.S. Coruscant we have a problem."

G.S.S. NAVCOM Control:" Copy that, Boga, we're not scheduled for any satellite infared gamma launches are we, over?"

Sullustan Mechanic in Sullustan talk:"Negative, Negative, stand by, we have a code red I repeat code red, over!"

G.S.S. NAVCOM Control:" Copy that, Boga, Holorecord feed on Tracker 1 is clear."

Coruscant Holo Controls:" G.S.S.NAVCOM CONTROL, this CC Control Cleaner we're tracking the radiation, We're looking into it by Tracker 1, stand by. "

The radiation poison exeed's out of the Hoth atmosphere and into space.

Boga's last report: "Control, this is Boga, uh, ahhhhhhhhh!" and is consumed by the radiation and melting alive in the space suit.

On Hoth the soldiers start to camp, a wide green radioactive bomb slowly explodes while increasing the poison ball of electron molecules everywhere. Speeder crafts fly out of order, droids star shooting and soldiers start going green.

" What the hell's going on?" Asked a soldier.

" Find a ditch now! Watch out for those mines!" says First Sergeant Bellows.

The radiation electrons consumes the sentient soldiers and most starts to melt them all alive.

" Ohhh Bluuuuaaaaaaa" cries a soldier as his face starts to melt off his head leaving the skull.

Panic, screams, and mayhem of bodies starts to make Aua blind and suffocated.

"Keep moving we' re almost their son!" yells First Sergeant Bellows.

"LOOK OUT!" says First Sergeant Bellows as he pushes Aua in a cave to save his life from a falling Battlecruiser in space.

Aua is now and will always have the respiratory problems from this Incident. The soldiers skeletons looked like they came close to the cave. Aua finally struggles to breath normally in the cave. Aua now feared in terror, looks at the vast skeletons from his cave and walk into the deep cave. He hears voices, "halt!" he shouts.

All of a sudden, "Well are you going to shoot or give me some warmth and loving?" asked First Sergeant Regret.

" First Sea.."

"Shut your ... Vong are all around 360 and they have a special ally with them." whipers Regret.

Bina interupts, "What the hell are we going to do now man! Vong are flanked on all sides, G.S.S. shit falling from the sky! We're skrewed man , we're totally...."

" Shut up, get a grip Private, our blasters still work which means you can still kick some ass, Duh?"

The Cave shakes from a Battlecruiser crashing the cave. " What the hell was that?" asked an Ithorian soldier.

"Stay here" says Regret.

" You're going out there are you nuts? " says the impatient Ithorian.

" It's over, clear, come on we still have an incident to fight." says Regret on his mini phone speaker.

They move out of the cave. " What the hell happened here?" asked Bina.

Aua stuttered the message. " Ohh, man it's quiet out here" says the Ithorian.

" Hey is your Holoprobe working, mines out." asked Aua.

" Mines down too, oh ayayayaye" says the impatient Ithorian.

"Aua when was the last coordinations on your position?" Asked Regret.

"Sir, the last coordinates were Echo 44, 45 Whiskey 45, 80, Sir !"

"Ohh, Watch out!"

an elevator descends and crashes from the G.S.S. wrecked Battlecruiser with a skeleton rolling down. " Oh, dammit" says Regret noticing it was Bellows.

" All right we're going to regroup whoever's left out in the desert, no baby boasts about it. Move out, Private Bina take point, let's go." says Regret.

Aua comes near the Ithorian " Let me guess, Bina, Regret and your split division .....ambushed?"

"Ohhh, they came an all sides ripping us with their Rancors. We tried messaging a signal to them and then the green house affect broke loose with a massive radiated b..."

" Intruder alert!" says Bina aiming his pistol to movement in the blizzard.

" I don't know the damn countersign, I'm just a runner, don't shoot!" says Noen while coming out of the blizzard in camaflouge.

" The code is your number, what do you proceed Private?!" asked Regret.

" My division was also attacked and abducted near the equator. I 've picked up a rechargeable transmitter while I escaped. I transmitted a message to Admiral Beldar's space station. Admiral Beldar will lead and assemble a task force to defend Charlie Bravo. You need to keep heading up north to counterattack the Yuuzhan will prepare a nuclear attack on the base." Noen says while leaving.

"Where the hell you going?" asked Bina.

" Get to Charile Bravo, go!!!!" says Noen disappearing in the blizzard.

" You heard the Trandoshan , let's go." says Regret.

While heading back about a mile near the Chemical Base they came to a treatment plant.

They start securing the building. The Ithorian opens a number code through a door, shots fire hitting the Ithorian in pain. Yuuzhan Vong start shooting, throwing detonaters, while stealing a hover tank convoy mech. Regret and Bina use most of their ammunition while Aua was treating the healing radiation to the Ithorian. While a hover tank convoy mech was about to aim the at the squad a snowspeeder out of space dives in straight forward and blasts the hover tank Convoy mech, doing a barrel roll all the way to the Chemical base. They follow the snowspeeder's sound and finally hear a familiar voice.

They were met by thousands upon thousands of stranded soldiers heading to the Chemical Base. " Hustle up, to Charlie Bravo dammit move!!" says Noen in the center of everyone running to the base.

The stranded soldiers finally reached an insuing great battle between Admiral's Landing Craft parties and the Yuuzhan Vong trying to defend the Chemical Base. The lost battalions finally counterattacked and flanked the Yuuzhan Vong, a terrorizing bloody battle pursued of teeth byte marks and and nail thrashing! While the Galactic Unity NAVY and ARMY units secured the base. A detonater was near the mantle of Hoth. The Galactic Unity tried pick up as many soldier back to the fleet, all of of Aua's companions were either isolated decapitated or vaporized, while he was one of the last to be picked up with the injured Ithorian. He tries to carry the Ithorian.

Aua's back starts to crack. Then the ice starts to crack and lava bursts out. The Soldiers are piling the the landing crafts so badly some landing crafts actually go out of order and descend into the deep cracks. The Landing Crafts were ready and Aua shoots a spindle to the last Landing Craft already floating up in sthe clouds. As he and the unconscious Ithorian reached altitude the base is nuked and the electrical ion radiation came close to Aua's face. He starts cough blood and goes to unconsciousness. Once again, he dreams he's in to the 5th dimension of the void. He started seeing swirls of mini stars, nebulas, planets, and universes surrounding his body until it overpowered him, and finally woke up by the lights, and nurse droids.

" Ohhh, hello Mr. Skywalker" says Bina in a frog throat talk with a titanium neck bracelet.

" Fine, doing Private, consider yourself relieved with the highest honors for all independence." Says Admiral Beldar a meter away from the tube saluting.

" Looook! Coruuuscaaant! Tey a r celebratiieng, apy ne yaaaaa!" says Fin while scaring the Ithorian out of his tube. Shouts, holocrons, dancing, and (Aura Borealis)light colors in space flew throughout the galaxy and bouncing off the party Cruisers.

Aua comes out of the tube and into another New Era in space. While hovering HoloNets and sentient people of every kind were,cheering, dancing, having sex, or celebrating a new relief, Aua finally looks out at the window, in space, to see the beautiful celebrations of Coruscant. He finally, sighs and says "home".

He leans near the plasma windows seeing an eclipse as well with the celebration and finds his second birthmark fading. Coming closer, to the echoing music of Coruscant, Aua mummers to himself. " Greatness not by character, but by destiny for many as well , of course for the less. Be prepared. "

TSH Chapter 3

Star Wars: The Shining Hour
Chapter 3

The Party Cruiser lands.... Everybody scrambles in to find their loved ones, or join the fantasy. Aua Skywalker comes out of the Landing Cruiser with Fin and finally came to kiss the plexiglass ground of prosperities. The month of partying passed like gamma rays and soon enough the soberness started erupting the poo of the market and the city. Aua Skywalker couldn't apply anywhere and Fin sleeping in the gunk puddles, hoping to have relief from the blistering suns of Coruscant melting his bumby scaly skin. Aua tried hydrate his veteran companion, but soon many crimes and robberies started to happen as prices skyrocketed, and rebellions started trading alliances with other countries other than the Galactic Unity. The New Trade Federation already new soon enough this was about to happen and their war with the Galactic Unity was to apprehend, whoever, was dissipating their Hololink data information of imortant systems, which would insure a peaceful state. The Galactic Unity blames them as inefficient queermonkeys not knowing when to decide if they were to trade, manipulating or not. One day the two veterans were lining up with homeless people who were trying have at least a cooked fish of MREs to take. When Fin took one his eyes went crosseyed just looking at the cancerous meal. " Yousa sei esa won ov a kind eh?"

"The best of it's kind" Says a cheering Rodian conservation worker secretly working for the government.

"Ten wy aven't yousa tried eit yousaf, boob?" says the Gungan while squirting the MRE into the Rodian's eyes and mouth.

" You call this platypus chick food," Aua interrupts. " I do solemnly swear, from my big bubble mouth, I've eaten a river of liver in an ice cube planet full of icicle lollipop people. I've eaten so much waterrusted fish, I'm ready to poop out boodie gills. I've eaten too much of a melting pot of livers , I really do believe I could cure my mouth with beverages of mustard gas and clorox bleach with Uranium at the same grand hour.

" YOUR POINT?" Asked the colorful Rodian.

" My case is this?!" says the impatient Skywalker as he was about to fulfill his speech until sees from the corner of his eye what looks like a Rodian vaporizer pistol.

The Rodian about lunges his pistol, if it wasn't for Aua smacking him and breaking the Rodian's little finger while stealing the pistol. Aua lowers the pistol and again smacks the Rodian and aims the pistol toward the Rodian. Aim, smack, aim, smack, aim. Last smack and the other homeless aim at the Rodian. Aua stunned at the sight as the gungan softly says, "pwusied" and everyone attacks and harrasess the Rodian, while Aua painfully spots a small assembly of party members in a dandy tune.

Aua finally meets the small group of members providing a peacefull assembly near the Capital Sphere. Aua speaks " Excuse-"

" Well, hello, their stranger. Are you one of those folks who can never, spend time to pay your bills, or lacked resources, because someone above you thinks you need to kill yourself,mmm?" asked the Bothan.

" Satisfying, however, my companion and I are trying to apply for any kinds of service available, and if you can at least give us a minor trait, we will benefit are every ion toward your statement of ingenuity," says Aua.

" You are most, certainly, welcome to the right apartment! Follow me, oh, your hired," says Bothan politician.

They head to a tall apartment building of different minor parties, while Aua meets a Twilek and a Wookie politican. " Welcome, to the Universal Party of the perfected three members, of course, plus two of you too." says the Twilek.

" My name is Aua and this is Fin Fin, we both need..."

"It's alright" says Uaska, the Wookie politician in Wookie talk. " This is my Twilek politican Agrila and my other companion named Namaste. Welcome, please, sit and enjoy the buffet and funk of politics and sweetness."

Already the Gungan starts heading toward the buffet bar picking a couple of Kamino shrimps, and making food faces with some who never noticed and some who pass out. Aua sits with the Uasha and Agrila.

" Deep highest respects for your bravery in the galaxy. What brings your greatness to our beneficial party?" asked Uaska.

" The markets, the Federal Reserve, and our own government. I just feel their something odd about the prices skyrocketing, after, I just came from a mission which almost obliterated the whole 69th Division. When I was recruited, the city seemed desolate in some places, but finally, boosted from many bailout plans. When, I came back it was prospering, and after a month, as you may have known from HoloNet, grand groups after grand groups of UFO waves of immigrants came to our planet in sure for new causes and new expectations. I'm proposing a new Economic tool to deal with these issues. The government uses the Federal Reserve for main incidents whenever, during wartime, or partyime, but they are also dealing secretively with some other programs which might endanger the galaxy industries. Unknowngly, we pay 2,500 quadrillion credits per year in harmful subsidies, more for state and government in developmental processing for further technology from banks and loans, but not more for jobs or benefits of disabled or other labors. 1,000 quadrillion credits in cosmic web degradation and more from our payments for additional health costs."

" Are you saying we should allow taxes and bills on the promotion of pollution, and new laws stating of corruption? "

" I'm informing to agree for a new CD Method, to allow no taxes or bills, whatsoever, but allow a new CD method to sustain a mutual amount of credits to the person which will be secured and increased to every sentient, until, they become senior citizens or retired. Market prices are never an issue other, than trade, while giving environmental healthcare free with association with productions and industrial plants, I am also proposing a new treatment for any sentient disease. From my unique scientific experimentation, by combining the bloodstreams and using a NADP+ synthesis to the Nucleic acids DNA and RNA own Tyamine and Guanine with unnormal cells of the disease by replacing them with positive ionic compounds with RNA strands and stabalizing blood types going from negative to positive and allowing the immune system to react and become healthier with the disease, instead the galactic government already has alot from the Federal Reserve to allow secret innovations for other malfunctions and more use of credits, and bills in general revenue, instead of improving galactic stability of all quality, reducing bills which I believe is the main cause for a sell out, while they income for payroll and profits, more for the Federal Department of Defense and trade of loans. "

" If so trully you should do so, then with my deepest respect to your highest honor you shall lead this party's speech shall you proceed?"

" I will."

The party members take a secret stargate to the Galactic Building and are finally seated by automatic seated rings toward their section of the party. During the talks, accusations, and many votes of no confidences for the Droid Confederacy and the New Trade Federation, the Chairman orders the small party, the socalled, Universal Party, to the stand upon their issues and opiniated emotions. " The Chairman will recognize the delegates from the Universal Party" says the Chairman in a soft sigh of gloom.

" Mr. Chairman, to the delagates, and Senators of the Unity, major tragedies have occured from last years incident on Forodor from the space ambush of the alliance of droids and Yuuzhan, with the help of smuggling from Nar Shadda, the people of Dathomir, and secrecy in Mustafar, with the new millenium of today right hear with the taxation and loans of industries, markets, and trade routes, which is now engulfed our entire galaxy from this unnatural incident and the Droid Confederacy." says Uaska.

" Negative, Negative, this is outrageous, I object to the pary-member's statement of negativity." says the Droid senator of the Droid Confederacy.

" The Chairman does not recognize the Senator of the Droid Confederacy at this time" says the Chairman while smiling a sneaky grin.

"To State your allegations, I will present to you a new member of the Universal Party, who will speak on the appointment of cosmic issues and the galaxy's opinions. Delegates of the minor parties and Senators of the Galactic Unity of the Galaxy, I present you, Aua Skywalker of the alliance." Says Uaska while being seated.

"Honorable delegates and senators of the Galactic Unity," speaks Aua, " with truthfull honesty of your highest honors and deepest respects toward the galaxy, we must expect a series of degradations in the galaxy, and deep poverty, although I must agree, I am humbled of the situations you all have accomplished with renewable resources for the security of the Defense and the insurance of the people, while the incident still boils, we must subject a resolution of the markets and how secrecy is evolving from around bigger companies under druglords and terrorists, who have secretly helped the Yuuzhan while enabling credit prices to skyrocket for another depression. My new ideal is to support-"

" Negative, Negative, objection, recomendation to all planets to obtain the files and facts of the dissipation of our Hololink data information of imortant systems-" interrupts the Droid senator.

" My ideal is to support all other Confederacies and other countries of the galaxy and allow a new ownership and one free-market currency for the people of the New CD method and the sustainability of universal quality by subsidizing envornmentally beneficial activities and new green jobs by this new transaction."

The Droids were chip-broke bewildered from Aua's speech of friendliness and alliance toward the Confederacies and a new situation on life and in the stars.

"My act of a new situation is to improve and ensuring ownership and administration of the means of colonial production and allocation of space resources, and a grand galactic society characterized by rights, liberties, and equal access to resources for the control for individuals and all people, and to allow a reduce on solid waste by 63%, gas emissions by 46 %, lower energy consumption by 28% and use the vital infuluences of Renewable, aquatic, and ionic recourses to save trillions of credits in the galaxy. The tradable environmental permits for many larger company corporations and manufacturing industries believe we tax and pay loans and bills to support the infastructure of our nation, while it is eating ourselves apart by big secret Defense companies and resources from the Federal Reserve who can buy their way out. Of course, excluding other companies from buying a socalled specific license, or permit. Shift from a less material-flow economy to a sevice-flow economy, and make credits by the new CD Method and environmental leasing, while allowing free-care for the disabled, veteran's benefits, senoir citizens, and retirees.

In addition to measure combat among poverty, increase private aid, invest microloans to the poor or deserted. Allow the free insurance and green sources for all citizens, while using the productions of green sources including of self-sustaining plasma glass and titantium enclosure from ecosystems and various aquatic planetary systems. We can use the green resources by applying service save energy conservational industries instead of priced credits upon the materials. It is with facts from the people saying our corporate leaders are threatening environmental unions and laws. Our galactic government officials need to stop resenting implementation of people's amendments and more Federal laws. My vote for a more sustainable and independent equal liberty is for all ownwership and free-care toward the people's living space, new fundamental corporations, and markets, while matter- recycling and reuse sources to mimic nature and increase production with minimal energy input for a new CD method of , for and by the people and a more sustainable prosperity for nearby superclusters with the spread of democracy and qualitiquantization of input on unique green production.

I'm also treating a new unique experiment for any sentient disease. From my theory and experimentation, by combining the bloodstreams and using a NADP+ synthesis to the Nucleic acids DNA and RNA own Tyamine and Guanine with unnormal cells of the disease by replacing them with positive ionic compounds with RNA strands and stabalizing blood types going from negative to positive and allowing the immune system to react and become healthier with the disease, instead you Mr. Chairman and three-fourths of this Congress, with the help of a secret program has alot of credit options to allow secrets innovations for other malfunctions and more use of credits, and bills in general revenue, instead of improving galactic stability of all quality, reducing bills which I believe is the main cause for a sell out, while you allow an income for payroll and profits, more for the Federal Department of Defense and trade of loans.

The act is now to change and start a new hope before it's too late to sell out the new cosmic doom of more crash markets , invasions of control, and the degradation of the universal people and corporations."

"The Congress of Yavin applies and agrees with the honorable members of the Universal Party," says a Besalisk Senator of Yavin, " a commission must be appointed-"

"Good, is a point of view Mr. Skywalker," says the sneaky grinned Brodo Asogian Chairman. " Your act is not the only valid one."

" Your honor_" asked Aua Skywalker.

"My honor with these delegates , can't allow such an act unless we may improvize under our corporations to allow it by process and evaluation by private grants and higher reserve before enabling the acts and rights, but is assured your act is a working progress for universal equality of the highest respect, is that of favor, Yay or Nay?" asked Brodo Asogian Chairman to the Dome meeting administration. Most say Yay for the inprocesing for higher corporation and the so called secret program to evaluate and decide the process of Aua's act.

" Delegates of the galaxy, rise up and do not take a career of manipulation, I plead and beg you all not to allow a self-service of Oligarchy and ownership of protection and resources from your so called " Secret Program" to command the operations of a new willed galaxy!" says Aua Skywalker.

Many delegates, including the Chairman, and other corporation officials, laughed at his ordeal, except the Universal delegates, the Confederacies, New Trade Federation, and the delegates from Yavin.

Aua now feeling like worried about his own stature, now ticked off by the delegates, and finally addreses the whole truth to the floating droid cameras and poor civilians audiences watching the Senate issues from main top balconies of the Senate dome,

" I'm sorry,... but, really, I don't want to be a stock broker, or a conqueror, that's not my business. I don't wan't to rule or conquer anyone.... I shall like to help everyone as possible, Dubrillion, Gungan, Neimoidian, and others alike, we would all like to help one another, the galaxy is truly like that. We wan't to live by each other's happiness, not by each other's misery. We don't want to hate and despise one another. In this universe there's room for everyone and the good galaxies are rich, and can provide for everyone, the way of life can be free and beautiful, but we have lost the way. Greed has poison, sentients' souls, it has barricaded the galaxy with hate. It has tricked us into misery and bloodshed. We have developed speed, but we shut ourselves in. Machinery that gives abundance, has left us in want. Our knowledge has made us cynical, our cleverness hard and unkind. We think too much, we feel too little. More the machinery, we need the love of liberty, more than cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness. Without these qualities, life will become worse and all will be desolate. The technoloy has brought us closer together, but the very nature of these inventions cries out for the goodness in the species,cries out for universal brotherhood, for the unity of us all. Even now my voice is reaching through trillions all over the galaxy. Trillions, of despairing, men, women, and children. Victims of a system, which makes men torture, and prison innocent people. For those who can hear me I say, do not despair, the misery which is now upon us, is but the passing of greed. The bitterness of men who fear the way sentient progress, that of men will pass, and Elite corruptors die. The power they took from the people will return to the people, and so long as the soul of the sentient species lives and dies, liberty will never perish. Soldiers, dear citizens of the galaxy, don't give yourselves to these Elite fools, MEN who despise you and enslave you! Who regiment your lives! Tell you what to do, what to think, or what to feel! Who Drill you, tired you, treat you like cattle!! Use you as cannon futter, and scum butter!!!! Don't give yourselves to these unnatural men!!! MACHINE MEN, WITH MACHINE MINDS, AND MACHINES HEARTS!!!!! OF COURSE, YOU ARE NOT MACHINES, YOU ARE NOT CATTLE, YOUR ARE MEN!!!! You have the love of the universe and liberty in your hearts, you don't hate....only the unloved the hate...... the unlove for the unnatural. Soldiers,don't fight for slavery, for the glory of the spirit of the galaxy! It is written, from a wise man once said ' The kingdom of the gods and dimensional light is within you, not one man or a group of MEN, but in all souls,'

In YOU,YOU THE PEOPLE do have the power TO CREATE BETTER MACHINES for the hope of the galaxy!!!!! THE POWER TO CREATE HAPPINESS!!!!!!! YOU THE PEOPLE HAVE THE LIVING POWER TO MAKE THIS LIFE FREE AND BEAUTIUL, to make this life a grand and wonderful adventure!!!!! Then in the name of DEMOCRACY, let us use that power, let us all UNITE, let us fight for a new world, a descent world, that would give people a chance to work! That would give you a future of old age and security. By the promise of these things, Elite fools have risen to power, but they lie, they do not fullfill the promise, they never will! Corrupt Elite free themselves, but they ENSLAVE the PEOPLE!!!! Now let us FIGHT TO full fill that promise!!! Let us FIGHT to free the universe!!!! To do away with socalled (NATIONAL BARRIERS). To do away with greed, with hate and tolerance! Let us fight for a universe with reason. A universe where science and progress will all lead the people's happiness. Soldiers, Citizens, in the name of LIBERTY, let us all unite, NOW, FREE WILL FOR ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The poor audiences in the balconies cry out for free-will, and thunders of applauses for a new hope for the galaxy

" You are now inspiring us as a new greed? Well then," continues the laughing Chairman, " by the appointed, upon further inspection of corruptions, do we hereby place the Universal Party under house arrest? Yay or Nay?" asked smiling Brodo Asogian. Yay! was the final verdict from the giggling delegates.

" The delegates of the Galactic Unity of the galaxy have reached their verdict, by three- fourths vote act, and by the law of the Galactic Unity of people's sovereignty, We do hereby place the Universal Party under house arrest for all other further inspections. Well, respect for the galaxy, force, and for all. This meeting is adjourned." says the BrodiAsogian Chairman while walking toward a stargate craft.

"I kid you-” bulp! They were sealed in a plasma bubble glass and secured in their building.

“ Any other alternatives Mr. Skywalker?” asked Usaka.

“ In fact,” proclaims Aua while looking at his holocomputer while pressing buttons by squinting his eyes. “ I do have a plan,.... darn me.” says Aua, while thinking and socalled, micromessaging.

TSH Chapter 4

Star Wars: The Shining Hour
Chapter 4

"BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOm!" Explosions after explosions rips out the minor party skyscraper, while the Universal party breaks out on speeders.

" I preferred shhhhhhh! " says, Aua while trying to let the others out while the explosion kept on everywhere on the streets as guards started flying everywhere.

" Accurate, just like popping Wampas eh kid? " says the retired First Sergeant, Regret giving a smile on his speeder.

"First Sergeant-?"

" Duh? Come on get in, it appears you need some help, literally." Says Regret to Aua as he gives him a fusion drink into his lips.

Regret's started doing barrel rolls and loop-dee-loops all over the traffic and finally place a comlink on his throttle. Sergeant Noen's image showed up saying, " Roger that, the troopers are heading on your way to help, from my calculations you're milita supporters are still eligible to fight within the next week, over."

" What is-" says Aua.

" Admiral Beldar watched your messages and asked many supporters all over the galaxy, especially, the Confederacies, from your micro-wave-messagings to plan, secret satellite rays, which will allow Shield Generator modules inside the batteries, on the Galactic city to explode, thus destroys most power of the City and the shields. Admiral Beldar issued his men, he had enough, with the manipulations, he is tired of his own soldiers fighting like bait for honor when there is, really nothing honorable about it! The Admiral is asking his soldiers and troopers if they stand down, and choose sides, but to always remember, why are you fighting for, your brothers, your dearest loved ones, for the people sake, and for the love of the galaxy. The great armada fleet with other planetary militia are coming to the Galactic City and help you of your new grand deal, I hope you're prepared for the challenge." says Regret.

" Yes sir, I'm just curious you would ask me for a challenge, if I had not been with you from your patient lips of Honor, Courage, and Commitment, as well as the, prosperous skirmish on Hoth a year ago, say, sir?" asked Aua with a short slic smile.

Regret didn't say anything, but smiled as well. On the link, Admiral Beldar's face showed up saying " Good to see you again, son, always remember, the sphere is top priority you must keep the people to store up ammunitions for a week, until, we arrive, otherwise, good luck, and may the force, always, be with you. Over and out."

A large blast on the speeder stalls a downfall with the speeder to a fashion design center. It appeaar a heavy trooper was about to launch another fuse ball from his rocket launchers toward the design building saying " Death to all traitors and sons of b-"

The Heavy trooper was shot about 88 times by two Droid Confederacy Magnaguards, two other jet troopers supporting Aua's cause, and of course, two other veterans who fought with Aua ."

" OOooh, my mymy, more mouth to say have you, nullicious Nabooin?" Asked Sergeant Noen coming behind Aua.

Aua finally, was relieved, for most of his veteran comrades had made it alive. All of a sudden his ears perked up. Sirens came closer, and the Coruscant Security Force and the Coruscant National Guard troopers, with a few MI5 working for the Brodo Asogian chairman, came to the streets and the design facility ready to wreek havoc on the customers and traitors.

"Go,go go go go, fight for the galaxy, fight for your right" says Regret raising a timebomb and fusion cutter," to paaartaaay!" after throwing a timebomb to a police mech, while charging with a fusion cutter to a Coruscant Security Police starfighter.

" I'm taking you down plastic boy!" shouts Regret while using a fusion cutter to tear the plexiglass of the starfighter.

" Come on, we don't have too much time to the dropships," says Noen while, the whole group started heading toward the supporting people and veteran trooper gunships.

Uaska and the Bothan senator sent the HoloNet news alerts astir with secrets of the government exploding throughought the galaxy. An uprising in Coruscant seek to help Aua and his new deal, while a week of bloodstreet guerilla warfare from supporters help ambush the Coruscant Security force and National Gaurd troopers, while veteran troopers who fought for Aua came through the great Armada Fleets of Admiral Beldar orbiting and besieging the planet while many starcrafts started to Airborne the atmosphere. The veteran troopers and volunteer militia from other planets finally met Aua and Regret as all the calamity around the planet was solar bomb shells, nova explosions,romote ligtning generators giving thunderstorms, and neuro poison everwhere was reigning down on the city. They huddle in a group and Regret finally says," Today, comrades, noneless, our battle is not with bills, loans, and other... THINGS. Our battle is, of course, for freedom, for the people, for Aua, for the grand galaxy, and the cosmos! ATTAAAAACK!!!!"

After his speech huge beaming lasers from the Admiral's space frigates, came down to support Aua's troops and other milita troops heading toward the Galactic Capitol Sphere building and fortresses. As the veteran troopers and the people's militias skyscraper hopped toward the Sphere skycsraper, they were ambushed by thousands upon thousands of Coruscanti Security Forces and other National Gaurd troopers, as well as, auto turret dispensers, 40 meter tall Galactic Unity remote droids, and Coruscant Droidekas.

By the time they reached, the shield of the sphere building. The shield, gave blasts of lighting zaps toward's Aua's veteran troopers, other militias, as well as, Droid Confederacy's Engineers, Magna Guards, droidekas, spider droids, and Droid floating roundlike gunships.

The leader, Aua, saw his comlink came on and 100 beam lasers blasted the shield giving a radiated bright light as the suns from space, as the Admiral's face says, " You're clear to go."

Going in the Capital was more worse than outside, as veteran troopers and milita were crowded in the passageways while rolling themselves to give more freespace from the crowded divisions. Inside the capitol, a furiosity broke loose, as both the Coruscant Security forces and Coruscant Honor Guard started firing, throwing auto turret dispensers, thermal detonators, and spraying liquid mix nitroxide flamethrowers giving fire a more burning power to explode the strongest medals everywhere in the main entrance center, while Aua's revolutionary veteran troopers and Confederate troops started charging and firing, while throwing detonators, firing incinerators, and neuron poison bombs everywhere. Aua ducks to a nearby DC droideka's shield emitters, as the Coruscant Honor Guard starts to flame everyone up. Noen, eventually, snipes a few flamethrowers small chip dispenser packs, while the chip dispensers immensely explode with the liquid mix nitroxide, as the guards splatter everywhere.

Aua finally manages to kill the general through the head with his blaster cannon, and finally leads up the stairways which leads to the top of the sphere. A V-Wing fighter bombs the top of the sphere shooting Guard radar repairers of the buildings. A Fardonar from Aua's troops carried the new flag, but was, as well with other veteran soldiers and militias was accidently hit by the V-Wings bombing. " Two minutes to go before the next laser beam strike!" shouts Sergeant Noen.

" Go, man, hoist the flag, of a New Era." shouts Regret.

Aua finally took the new flag from the dead Fardonar and walked slowly toward the center when an Honor Guard awoke from his unconscious and zapped Aua with his zap sticks.

Aua collapses paralyzed and about to puke the poison out. From Aua's left shoulder, Regret lunges toward the guard, while, smashing the guard's protected helmet head on the slab. Both Regret and the Guard stood up. Regret claw slashes him twice. Regret, finally, sneaks up behind the Guard and takes his right arm and plunges it into the guard's spine. Regret takes it out, and finally kicks the dead guard's body off the sphere. The retired first sergeant finally, comes toward picking up Aua saying, “ You will make it my friend, rise up, and magnify yourself.”

Regret, finally, wraps the Galactic Unity flag around a detonator, and bellows while Regret finally throws the flagged wrapped detonator toward a Galactic Unity gunship full of Royal Guards about to spray the flame shower of prosperities. As the gunship explodes, and smoke is everywhere, a lone shaded figure stands out of the smoke. Out of the clear rubble, a white uniform lunges his right arm out toward the top of the sphere as Regret says, “ The honor is yours”.

The injured Aua, slowly drags himself towards the center of the sphere with the new Universal Galactic Federation Alliance flag, as crowds and revolutionary troops started shouting UGFA. Fin, Noen, Bina, a battledroid, and four more other veteran troopers help Aua hoist the new flag on top of the sphere as crowds, and revolutionary soldiers started cheering with fireworks and ultraviolet skyworks.

“As long as you live, Skywalker,” says Regret patting Aua on the back, “ the force and free- will of the galaxy and space, will never be broken for the love of life.” Regret raises his blastor rifle. “Things will change! As patriots, for liberty's embrace, and democracy's love. Congradulations to you all! ”

“ Thus...the love we behold is the pain we carry ” say Aua as he blacks out.

In 100,001 ABY, after two months of restoring the Galactic City, from a calamitious great depression, to a shining great progression. People, all over the galaxy, and few ships from other galaxies, were waiting for the inauguration from the people's choice of a new Supreme Chancellor of the UGFA.

Near the new Representative Capitol Sphere, a jedi named Zquat'ticlahcachacha and Admiral Beldar came to Aua Skywalker near the sound barrier, and the Admiral placed a 3-D image of the galaxy over the “People's Announciation” finally, addressed “ Do you, Aua Skywalker, solemnly affirm that I will faithfully execute the office of Supreme Chancellor of the people and Universal Galactic Federation Alliance, and will to the best of your ability, serve, preserve, protect, and defend the people, and the People's Announciation of the Universal Galactic Federation Alliance?”

“I Aua Skywalker,do , solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of Supreme Chancellor of the Universal Galactic Federation Alliance, and will to the best of my ability, serve, preserve, protect, and defend the people, and the People's Announciation of the Universal Galactic Federation Alliance.”

"So may the force and all be with you?"

“So the force, and all be with me!”

“Congradulations, Supreme Chancellor of the Universal Galactic Federation Alliance!” says Admiral Beldar while saluting and shaking his hands.

A gigantic parade starts and as Aua is waving, he looks into the stars, and sighs saying , “ Long live..... the new progressive era; the shining hour of explorations of dimensions, space, and destiny by, free-will, of all love and life.”

TSH Chapter 5

Star Wars: The Shining Hour
Chapter 5

It was a dark clear and quiet night in Nar Shaddaa. Mandalorian New Death Watch were stationed in the streets to protect there illegal weapons trafficking investments, and innocent civilians were underground in case something would happen since a new chancellor of the people came to power, a year after. The Mandalorians New Death Watch and many Icon Star Core military trading bases were keeping guard of the moon, and searching for any civilians who wanted the new freedoms of the Universal Galactic Federation Alliance or UGFA.

At 01:10 A.M. Most Nar Shaddaa citizens who never took in any smuggling or trafficking jobs, as three-fourths of Nar Shaddaa did, were in their underground bomb shelters. They were waiting for someone to save them, from the calamity of the moon city.

3:00 A.M. All of a sudden, at. all the ecumenopolis moon civilians marveled at the sky what looked like three small ice-gas comets, slowly passed over their moon, distances away . Although, they started seeing small specks of orb lights coming out the three small comets tails, as the three comets passed over the night sky, million and millions of more orb lights popped out of the comets tails and started becoming brighter and brighter, as if they were coming closer and closer. A siren broke lose and then it stopped right, instantly. Then, all of the sirens, of Nar Shaddaa broke lose, and everyone starts to panic. A young 6 year old Falleen child marveled at the orbs as they came closer, while her father watched a Holonews report “ Many of the UFGA Fleets have deployed millions of Airborne units to rescue the infested criminal, Icon Star Core and New Death Watch controlled moon of Nar Shadaa, but to the civilians who are forced to work for the corrupted government of Nar Shaddaa to stay undergound, immediately, there will be a reckoning toward the Death Watch and Icon Star Core, count on it!!!!!”

03:11A.M. As the young Falleen was watching the brilliant lights and laserbeams shooting toward the sky The automatic doors suddenly closes in front of her in the underground bomb shelter bases. As cries of “ Hail Victory to no mercy to traitors!” ring out over the Death Watch troops holocron news sites.

03:22 A.M. Icon Star Commander, Exxon, in his underground bunker, plans out more defenses and ambush attacks on the moon and plans a chemical poison cloud over the entire city, “ If we die, so shall the civilians, and their children, their so-called “ wishfull freedoms” and the pathetic UGFA SCUM!”

03:27 A.M. The Icon Star Commander's last protocol to his troops was, “ If these aims- baiting the UGFA Fleet and deceptions- are unsuccesful, the sacrifice could mean the catastrophic obliteration of thousands of millions, perhaps tens of trillions of more lives in the Icon Star Core Galaxy, if they deploy to our facility planet Azan in the outer rim.”

03:30 A. M. In the atmosphere Mandalorian Death Watch starfighters sprayed chemical gas radiation over the sky to reduce the invasion. The gas worsened to become thick cloud poison gas storms, while millions upon millions of UGFA Dreadtrooper and Droid Confederacy Dropships blanketed the night sky. 3-14 SuperStarfighter s shot out ER-PPC or Elemtal Radioactive Polysaccharide Particle Clusters, which are Helium Nitrate balls made from the elements some stars use. The balls blanketed the ecumenopolis moon as the first nuclear wave cuts through 10 meters of reinforced concrete, and platinum steel, while Death Watch and Icon Star Core armies staying in the upper level skyscrapers, shooting every ammunition and ordinances available at their disposal were incinerated by the heat, while boiling water from the shelter's water tank exploded out killing Death Watch troops in the main city streets, right before a time-delayed fuse exploded underneath the mantle which created cracks all over the city as parts of the city fell into the great cracks. Minutes later the second airstrike followed the path cutted deeper into the city. Thousands of tons of ordinances fell upon the city, damaged many industrial , Death watch trafficking, and drug smuggling airbases of the city, but many parts of the underground were untouched.

04:30 A.M. The first Dreadtrooper airborne, the 77th Kell Hound Commandos, wave inbound to Drop Zone Alpha (A) (the equator checkpoint), was not surprised by the cloud storms and maintained formation, but navigating errors and a lack of signals caused by the storms caused the first error. Although , the 2nd Brigade 502nd Dreadtrooper Airborne was dropped as a compact unit; it jumped on a different part of Drop Zone Alpha , while its commanding officer, UGFA Captain Noen , the Trandoshan , came down virtually to be the first to land on the city on a Icon Star Base sphere full of enemy troops. “ Roger that C.S.S. Control this is the 502nd in positioning and standing by.... oh frack, gosh darnit!!!!”

Noen and his troops feasted on a bloody shootout with the Icon Star troopers, in which both sides lost an excruciating large amount of soldiers, but the 502nd managed to capture the batteries and the base soon after assembling, and they found that it had already been dismantled after an air raid.

04:50 A.M. UGFA Strike bombers airstriked on Drop Zone Bravo( B) to give more headway for the next airborne divisions. The second airborne wave, assigned to drop the 506th Dreadtroopers and Droid Divisions, and also the 76th UGFA Mechwarrior Battalion on Drop Zone Bravo (northern hemisphere) , was badly dispersed by the storm clouds, then subjected to intense anti-aircraft fire for about 30 minutes. Three/fourths of the Dreadtroopers, droids and few Mechwarriors on the Gunships over Drop Zone B were lost before or during the jump. One Dropship, Good Hope , piloted by 1st Lt. Shocktoucucoo, a Pantoran of the 439th UGFA Troop Carrier Dropship Squadron, caught fire.

Shocktoucucoo: “C.S.S. Send laser strike ASAP.. over!”

C.S.S UGFA Space Station: “Copy, that Good Hope, calculating your position in stand by...”

Shocktoucucoo: “I'm targeting the infrared laser to the extraction point, gosh darnit terd clown!!! Most of the darn crew is dead, and I'm in..... terrible.......bad bullbeep!!!”

C.S.S. UGFA Space Station: “Negative, Negative, Good Hope, your sensor targeting computer is malfunctioned, we're switching to manual, stand by over.”

Shocktoucucoo: “I , ... really can not hold on.......... much............ longer!!!!!”

Lt. Shocktoucucoo, held the aircraft steady while the stick jumped, then died when the Gunship crashed in to the main Icon Star Core stationcom, before enemy Icon Star Core Fleet 4.5 billion light years away from the moon the could pinpoint the location of UFGA reinforcements immediately afterward, for which he was awarded the only pilot to prevent more enemy reinforcement counterattack.. Despite the opposition, the 506th's Dreadtrooper/Droid 1st Battalions were dropped accurately on the Chemical laboratories and industrial plantation factories, landing two-thirds of its sticks while a split Platoon of the 76th Mechwarrior Battalion and their commanding officer, retired First Sergeant Regret, now Major Regret landed right on top of the north pole drop zone.

05:20 AM Most of the 76th Mechwarrior Battalion commanded by Major Regret Strayer had jumped to the north pole . They eventually assembled near Polaris Tower Water Treatment Plant at the northern top pole of Admiral Beldar's armada main landing objective area.

7:30 A.M. The 506th fought their way through the water cellular treatment piped factory causeways and cities which lead to the Polaris Tower Water Treatment Plant, but found that the 76th Mechwarrior Battalion had already seized the exit hours before.

08:30A.M the Droid Confederacy Battalion dropships resumed the advance on Drop Zone Delta( southern hemishpere) while facing difficult resistance from Death Watch infantry , Death Watch ATST, and ATTE tanks. “ Position to Wedge Formation” says a Spider droid as a line of Spider Droids form a wedge formation and obliterate the infantry and ATSTs. “Roger, Roger Mission Succesful, shutting down.” says a Spider Droid as they were met with the 12th UGFA NightHawk Mechwarrior Platoon and the 77th Kell Hound Commandos.

10:30 A.M. The young Falleen girl wakes up by green lights... “ Get out, of the fracking bunkers, move it, trashholes move it , NOWWWWWWWWWW!!!” Says a Death Watch Trooper aiming an elite assault rifle toward a group of underground civilians . The equator sector was a long highway which lead to a shielded stargate airbase on the moon. Death Watch and Icon Star tank battalions took as many underground innocent civilians and children from the underground as hostages and secured them in their military hovercraft convoys while deploying toward the main shielded stargate airtransporter base, to assume the UGFA would take the bait. Infact the UGFA took it, while the last of the Icon Star tank, infantry battalions, and Death Watch ATTEs were deploying and escorting the hostages in their military convoys to the stargate airbase, the UGFA Marine and Navy flight Squadrons airstriked the Battalions, tanks, and military convoys( not knowing there were innocent civilians in the convoys) with a variety of ordinances, before they could reach and transport through the Stargate Air Base which was 10 Kilometers away. It later became known as "The Highway of Death".

NOON: There is a stillness all over the desolate skyscrapers. Most UGFA and Droid troops secured the planet. Most of the surviving UGFA gunships and bombers are riddled by laser burns, blaster cannon wholes, or malfunctioned engines. Climbing out of their dropships and and bombers around the Nar Shadaa city area, the surviving pilots and airmen are bitter, weary, and suspicious. Troops search near and far throughout the moon's buildings for any evidence of alliances from the Yuuzhan Vong or other extragalactic enemies. Major Regret uploads back the spider droids to clean the “Highway of Death” massacre, saddened, they couldn't save the civilians in the military convoys.


“ What the...” says Regret.

Movement in the rubble. “ It seems my mild mind senses has come back to with the platypus hide and seek through goofiness,” as he aims his precision rifle to spay the movement, or whatever it was.

It was the young Falleen girl, shivering in her sleep. He aims the precision pistol at her and finally touches the 2nd trigger and sprays her. She was healed by the Precison rifle medicine chemical sprayer. Major Regret diggs out the rubble and carries her, for once he would adopt the only child, and to have a second chance to have a child to love and care carry the family generations.

On the space station Admiral Beldar calculates and x-rays the planets insides, and found many more red heat dots moving, meaning there are still more civilians alive.

At the Galactic city, Supreme Chancellor Aua Skywalker watches the news report, but also sees the whole battle on a different but special holocron showing, the estimates of the troops. Aua is devasted why couldn't set a stand point near the Stargate air base. While the cabinet members were being pumped up for more action against the corruption of the Icon Star Core and Yuuzhan Vong terrorism, Aua was already on the move immediately walking toward a titanium, but a beautiful 100 meter limousine ship, on the attack. Representative Korosk, an Eosian, asked Skywalker about the DC agreement. “ To take immediate alliance with DC, is to ally the god mode sector, near your doorstep, or are you willing to procced the agreement, with further or do, be treated unequal to many nations whom they have briefriended this nation many stocks, and proclamations, and galaxies according to whose choosing? or...”

“Or what has been accomplished by the DC aggreement? Number one, the little cell called... “Evidence” was proclaimed not of their faults, unless for any reasons, under subject government foul play, thus keeping the innocense to bankers who never knew of such child's play financial reserves . Number two, it was considered by a three-fourths vote from the people themselves whom I've freed established this new alliance with many or more Confederacies in initiating green revolutions. Number three, we, already, have an agreement where they notify us and we notify them of any military maneuvers, that are to be undertaken. They have done it, and in both cases where they've done so, there is no Icon Star domination, yet , in the UGFA Provinces( Unknown Regions), although, vanity of vanities, of course, all is vanity, when comes to not believing the colonists of Polis Massa consider themselves dominated by the Icon Star Core. Although, by sensor arrays, were no such chemicals carbon monoxide compounds present near the crater to suggest space stations to the limit of density. I don't believe the Falleen Federation, is considered free, due to uncontact by the representatives, their representatives act differently netherless equal peacefully as you, in which to many reasons abnormal, according to them. I don't believe the people of Tatooine themselves, who wish more or less of what they bargain for, as more troops to be deployed for safety and establishments. As a matter of fact, I stargated to the airbase of Polis Massa, Falleen, and Tatooine to make certain that the people of the Universal Galactic Federation Alliance are dedicated to their independence.” interrupted Aua Skywalker, Supreme Chancellor of the people, cooly taking in Korosk's statement apart step by step inside the long glamourous -protected limousine ship.

The limousine ship transported the Chancellor, the cabinet members, and the Eosian Representative, to the Stargate Space Station. The limousine flew through the stargate and entered Bothan Space, where they were visited and connected to the C.S.S UGFA Space Station near the Bothan planet. As the entry ceremony ended when the Chancellor entered the Space Station Oval Office, a jedi named Zquat'ticlahcachacha looks at a holocrom movable picture of the legendary Asa Aw , then looks onward toward a window, noticing cabinet members arguing with each other over grants and business and a chief of staff. “Such vigorous pace your loyalists achieve.”

The Chancellor sits down on his own diamond, amethyst, and sapphire-like chair. Aua looks up to the ceiling and murmurs, “ I never have wanted to have a major chief of staff between me and the ordinary people who voted me in office. I have always wanted to have a multiple like seven, eight, or maybe as many as ten cabinet members who had direct access to me all the time without having an interim boss, and I have always appreciate working that way. I don't even mind if those ten to twelve cabinet members are incompatible with each other shape or form, molecular or melted.”

“ It is wise to keep the peace and calmness inside you, be patient to let go your fear and stress. The eye that mock their boss, and despises to obey, and to be a trickster, so shall the birds of the valley shall pluck it out, and the young shall eat it, because they were manifested in their own arrogance in fear. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. To be patient is to fulfill the sky. Build as many clouds you wish, then build the foundation to rise up and magnify the independence of the cosmos." Zquat'ticlahcachacha says in a croak voice.

Aua is still thinking if the UGFA was ever conquered what should the universe turn into.... “ I don't feel like I should have been head of congressional liasons. I think it was a terrible mistake.”

“ The Kiliks are but a feeble folk, yet their houses are strong as steel. The ants are a people not strong, yet they prepare their meat during the summer. The locusts, have no king, no soul, yet go they forth all by bands as they well please. Surely, the wringing of the nose bring forth the blood, so does the churning of juice bring medicine, so the force of the universe is within all species, not one, nor a group of species, but in all species. Favor is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but if a person fears not and believes in theirself and the force with in them, shall be forever greatful of their calmness .” says, Zquat'ticlahcachacha. “ Ahhhh.... Mmmmmh.... depressed shall you be...?”

Aua Skywalker looks toward his cabinet members, which three ask him “what is it you need” , but he shakes his head and he looks toward the window out to space and says “Here I was born from a small suburb near Theed in Naboo and being exposed to all these problems at the very highest level without being showed any VIDs (Very Important Documents) of importants systems and more, of course, for a lot of this mis-communication and misinformation about the planets which needed the freedoms which they never possesed.”

The cabinet members were worried, cabinet member 3 Secretary of State said “ I tried meeting Falleen's government office and had five arguments against something about the Royal Elite, but after questioning about this Royal Elite species, the government wouldn't talk beyond point one before government officials would be arguing back with me. I'd never got to point two, three, four, and five! When I had a subtle point to make or a complicated thing to try to influence them on , I'd usually resort to taping it, I knew they couldn't argue with a piece of holocron. They'd have to sit down and take in the message one by one.

I felt completley free to argue with them and differ with them on anything, but it seems from their looks and their worried minds, they were being pushed, as if this Royal Elite Program expected a lot from them. I guess they were expecting someone to know they needed help...”

“ I despise guessing games” interrupts Chancellor Aua Skywalker.

“ Okay for certain, in their own eyes they were bluffing, they need our help, immediately!” says cabinet member 3.

Aua Skywalker looks onward in space concerning how to protect the love of life in the galaxy. “ I wish you would have text me sooner, make a note of it. Please be more thoughtful to think as a consumer would think, walk in their shoes, and find out the evidences or clues of the situational problem.”

“Yes sir” says cabinet member 3.

Aua Skywalker speaks to a friend entering the Space Station Oval Office, named Fin, now a Gungan representative, while Aua still looks out in the window saying, “ Everybody has warned me not to take on too many projects so early in the administration, but it's almost impossible for me to delay something which I see desparately needs to be done for the destiny of free-will of all people. ”

Fin concluded by stressing, “By awwl odds da mos importante wecommendationes in da new dacument holocrons waz wheen ya emmeeeediatly dazignate a Twansition Plaanning Cwedit Caard to caampose evewy zantient zpaces to bee payed on haours weethout da wepwesentation ov aney taxation, bills, o loans. Yousa gave da galaxey a wetirement plaan, a plaan wheech you weeshed no zpaces(species) wood be left homeless, and evewyone is wondafull in da name ov liberty.”

“Copy that, Fin, copy that. It would certainly take a galactic shift for the people to open their eyes and see the truth to come.” Aua finally speaks.

Chief of Staff enters the chamber and shouts “Preparing for the luxury ship Good Glory: Some thoughts on Organizational Speechesand Transactions Action Requirements.”

Cabinet members look at each and say “ Done”.

Zquat'ticlahcachacha says “ More to say have you. The heart and mind of the wise is in the house of mourning, but the heart of fools is in the house of mirth, thus begins false truth of this false terrible vanity, I have said for many need this not. Greatly wisdom shall light you to come to the people. The actual factual truth. Wisdom is good with an inheritance, and by it there is profit to them that see the sun. For wisdom is a defence and money is what you create to play, but the excellency of knowledge is that wisdom and hope gives life to them that desparately need it. He/she that is of a proud soul will stir a strife, but he/she that puts his trust in themselves in positivity and in the force shall be made fat ( plentiful).

Aua looks at him and knew Zquat'ticlahcachacha was correct. He looks down and sighs saying, “ I'm sore worried, this nation may crumble, I can't be as great as my legendary relative ancestor s were, if there ever was a time I could go back and lay back down on the beautiful dome I use to live in and look at the constellations .”

Zquat'ticlahcachacha finally says, “ My dear boy, he testifieth the rememembrance of the good in his past, even so comes the light. There is nothing better for a man than that he should eat and drink, and that he should make his soul enjoy in his labor. For every season, time, and purpose, a time to be born, and a time to die, a time to plant, and a time pluck. A time to kill never more , but a time to heal. A time to break down, and a time to build up. There will plenty of weeps, and plenty more laughs, a time of mourning, and a time to dance. A time of casting away stones, and a time to gather stones together in the circle of life, where there's a time to refrain, there's a time to embrace, where there is hate, there will always be love. Where there's a time of war, always a time of peace. The trail of tears will come and go like transformation of many stars, but water will always break the rocks. But always if you choose, go in grace , wisdom , and knowledge; to independence of sentienkind, be glory both now and forever. Remember, may the force always be within you in love and light. Over and out.” Then he goes to the stargate to help protect another system and their people.

The Chief of Staff was waiting impatiently.

The Coruscant NAVCOM sensed a distress signal to the Space Station. Aua left the space station with the cabinet member on the Good Glory Luxury Ship and Hyperspaced back to the [[Galactic City.

STRANGE ENCOUNTERS Chancellor meets an Icon Star Core Secret Agent

Aua came back to the office Represenative Dome Building. The Chancellor asked an astromech droid to receive Donnis a message. Aua knew Donnis, a freewheeling private international oil speculator had long been playing footsie with the Icon Star Core Capital and Yuuzhan Vong, for the Galactic Department had been building a dossier on the 44 year old Falleen born since the inaugaration.

So the Chancellor asked Assistant Secretary of State, an advisor on espionage and security matters, “ Present meeting ten till ASAP, please be present for the meeting,.” Aua checks Donnis's records, shocked to his own dismay, Donnis was born a rags to riches background. As a youth he had few friends, but later studied hard and became valedictorian in high school, and joined the Coruscanti University, in a major of management and stocks. In his twenties he started his own reusable electric and hydraulic companies in Tatooine. By 30 he had extensive electricic and labratoria l holdings, in Hapes, Falleen, and Ryloth. In the UGFA provinces or Unknown Regions he owned terminal and distribution facilities throughout the area. His vast electricic community was directed from a plush suite and office was on the thirty-fourth floor of the Municipal Building. Now in the in the Chancellor's office Donnis looks all over the famous chancellor statues and movable holocron pictures of various famous Chancellors of the the galaxy, Fillorean, Vocatara, Cressa, Rosock Mekosk, Anwis Eddicus, Contispex, Yethen Vorchak, Tarsus Valorum, Eixes Valorum, and Finis Valorum. The oil speculator looks at Aua Skywalker, whe he was receiving a cool reception from solemn-faced Chancellor Aua Skywalker, who listened while other holocron floating droids watching and datalizing the videos, while Aua Skywalker stayed pokerfaced and unmovable smiling stare without comment as the electric service-flow baron reeled off his “universal peace”. “ I have received an urgent holocron message from a General of the Icon Star( whom he was doing business with). The General had suggested a meeting with you and your VIP in order to settle disputes of peace trade agreements, providing certain your conditions are met.” Donnis addresses.

The Icon Star Core General and Yuuzhan Chief of State actually wanted Donnis to try to figure out if Skywalker would either act as a peace aribitrator himself or assist in securing the leader of another sellout nation to perform the role. No doubt Chancellor Skywalker was galled to find himself holding court for a Galactic citizen who had furnished huge amounts of credits, and precious reusable resources, and hydraulic, with reusable reactors for the Icon Star Core and the Yuuzhan Vong armed forces, which at hat precise moment terroizing Tatooine almost desolate. The Chancellor would have been even more irked had he known that Donnis was include on the list of code#001( Espionage agency) in the Icon Star Core Capital as Agent I-30. Like many persons in power the Yuuzhan Chief of State had a penchant for dabbling machinations. So the Icon Star Core agency gave Donnis's “ Peace Plan” the green light to coordinate the arrangements. For the operation was aimed at Chancellor Aua Skywalker , Donnis was designated Agent I-30, Yuuzhan Chief's cover was “dove”. Now seated in the Chancellor office of the UGFA Representative Dome Building, Donnis anxiously awaited Chancellor Skywalker's response to his “ peace plan.” Despite Aua Skywalker's loathing of Donnis, the chancellor remained noncommittal and did not refect the plan outright. Aua comments to Donnis “ You are appreciated in everyway to visit any time, you have my guarantee, but this agreement can't allow to take place unless the people may decide, improvize and allow our corporations to process and evaluate it the plan with theories problem solving elements of law to enable the peace and rights, but is assured your plan is always a working progress for everyday equality of the highest respect in accordance to our labratories, and corporations.” Like any other shrewd politician or chancellor, Aua Skywalker always kept his options optimistic, solvable, and open. The astromech droid shredded the documents, because the droid saw and new the biography records of Donnis were a scheme. A few days later, Donnis hyperspaced to the Icon Star Core galaxy, and the Icon Star Core Generals were eager to hear the chancellor's meeting firsthand in NAVCOM chambers undergound Icon Star Core ecumenopolis. As they waited for the automatic hatches to open the Icon Star Core Chancellor strode in the room. “ Good afternoon, Supreme Chancellor ” the generals shouted to Donnis.

“ Gentleman” Donnis said evenly, “ I have reviewed the propostion and find it, by the next week it will be feasible, for time for the Insectoids to give us rights of claims toward other galaxies. I want the Federal Reserves to be prepared to finance it!”

In the middle of the week he holomessaged himself to the UGFA Representative Dome Building and tried to make an appointement with the UGFA Supreme Chancellor of the people as the private international oil speculator. In the meantime, Chancellor Aua Skywalker had a change of heart about Donnis's “peace plan”. After the earlier meeting the Chancellor Office, UGFA MI5 had messaged and text the Supreme Chancellor that the he considered the electricic, hydraulic, and reausable reactor tycoon to be “ almost an Icon agent.” As far as the Chancellor knew, the tycoon broke a few laws, during his life, such as corruption and manipulation. Thus ended the personal relationship of Aua and Donnis, being the only time that a Chancellor met face to face with an enemy secret agent who was actually the enemy Chancellor. The office stood closed and he was breathing hard. He goes to the main representative meeting chambers to watch the represenatives argue over petty grievances. The factories are in full progress, obseving the Navcom room to find any homeless travelors or homeless and help them out to the new era. He travels throughout the Dome Building shaking hands to everyone and texting exel records for new work ethics beyond the galaxy. Aua moves to the stargate near his office, and is transported to an air limousine, and then transported to The main Space Station fleet orbiting the Galactic City. During his sleep, he woke up from a terrible nightmare of gargoyles surrounding him. “ Mr. Chancellor, an urgent message from Naboo.” A floating droid spoke.

“ Sir, they're hailing us” reports the Battledroid in the command bridge.

“ Good Afternoon Chancellor, a report of Generating Stations have exploded acidic chemicals in the UGFA provinces, causing an out poor different poison particles into space. The failures in the non-nuclear secondary systems, were followed by a stuck-open pilot-operated relief valves (PORV) in the primary system, which allowed large amounts of nuclear reactor coolants to escape. All though this has never happened through are automotive machine facilities, but I believe someone is calculating the attacks and planning the disaster without proof. The mechanical failures were compounded by the initial failure of plant operators to recognize the situation as a loss of coolant accident due to inadequate training and human factors, in which we train all recruits 7 weeks to conduct experiments, the plan I believe was hijacked, but such as industrial design errors relating to ambiguous control room indicators in the power plant's user interface is proven empty. The scope and complexity of the accident became clear over the course of 5 minutes , as employees of the Nuclear Generating Stations, Galactic state officials, and members of the Galactic Nuclear Regulatory Commission (GNRC) tried to understand the problem, communicate the situation to the press and local community, decide whether the accident required an emergency evacuation, and ultimately end the crisis.

Sir, trillions among trillions of people of different planets are starting to move toward the the Galactic City, in case of an invasion I suggest you start planning battlegrounds stations and defenses ASAP before it's too late!!!!!!!!

The planet of Tatooine has been poisoned bombed by the Yuuzhan Vong and the socalled “ agent” is actually the Icon Star Chancellor, seeking an invasion....”

“Funny how things do pop out.” says Aua.

“ A report from Coruscant issued a hostage crisis from an unknown species under the mantle of the planet. This Royal Elite, issues you to push back, immediately, there's nothing for you to take care of, if you step down, move your fleets away from the city, but most importantly lose your office as Chancellor, and the people, and as always we will spare your city from the city collapsing on itself from a gravitational bomb device.” concludes the MI5 agent.

Droids calculate the City, it was all secured by some other radars. The city itself belonged secretly to an unknown insectoid race more capable of obliterating billions of people, and the universe by the main graviational bomb which could create a black hole. Aua, already, knew the insectoids would not show their faces, as a way of arrogance. Aua could officialy just surrender and gone to another galaxy, while the insectoids may as well take their place once again, as the supreme race. Eventually, if he went fleeing , they would catch up, and he will wake up into a deephole, thus, having know where to hide, but in the melting pot of cannabalism. The ship prepares to come closer, the children cry, people franticly come together knowing this could be there last in life. Some people wish admit their wasn't a revolution. Aua now finally announces his proposal and almost addresses his, supposedly, last speech, he looks toward stations and then toward the Galactic City, and then out of nowhere he makes a sneaky smile.

Star Wars: The Ghost Ship


Star Wars: The Ghost Ship is a stand-alone alternate universe Star Wars fan fiction novel currently being written by Corusant.

Publisher's summary

The Ghost Ship
For eons among eons, as long as space navigators, astronauts, and Fleets have sailed the stars, they have told stories of different light dimensional species, floating space monsters throughout the universe, or ghostly phantom ships travelling through universes. Perhaps the tales are yarns spun to pass the long hours aboard ship. Maybe they are the result of a runaway imagination brought on by the space's hypnotic rhythms. Or they might be superstitions that have been passed from one generation of space explorers to another until they seem true.

Sometimes, though, things happen in deep space that cannot be explained, and there are places in the '''void''' where mysterious paranormal behavior seem to take over, claiming explorer after expolorer as their '''victims'''. The Outer Rim near edge and [[the galaxy]]'s outer  Voids are such areas, especially Wild Space. The space around the outer area and Wild space stars are  said to be more haunted than any others, in the galaxy. Many of these hauntings involve a ghostly ship believed the the legendary '''Prosecutor''', a Republic Destroyer who's crew was massacred, and corpses were never rescued, or found. The ship later was taken as a space tourist attraction during the New Republic, but, mysterious paranormal energies took the lives of many tourists, and sucked many explorer ships in without gravitational pull. One fleet patrol  went to discover the menace of the ship, but later were infected by the dark terror of the ship, which the fleet patrollers went crazy, as the Captain killed every employee and janitor, on the ship, believing it was cursed. Many, many years of battles in the galaxy's eons made the ship isolated, floating throughout cold space. Whenever the  ship appeared, it brought terror along with them.  

The story which follows, eons later, is a group of engineer chemical speculators, a GPDS Lieutinant, and a GPDS Pantoran Corporal, who all would  come face to face, and enter the kingdom of the '''Prosecutor'''.

Table of contents


By type 
Characters Creatures Droid models Events Locations
Organizations and titles Sentient species Vehicles and vessels Weapons and technology Miscellanea


Dramatis personae

  • stock broker agent Zelk
  • Technician
  • Anchorman
  • Corporal Cos
  • Lieutinant Einhorn
  • Gigfan Kouna-engineer chemical speculators
  • Onya Chiuchi-Female leading engineer chemical lab experimenter.
  • Mumba
  • Captain Martz
  • Clone Commander CC-1999 " Golden Spade Phoenix"

Behind the scenes

The haunting of the famous ghost ship is based on famous haunted ghost ship movies, ghost spacesships movies, and Stephen King books.

The Ghost Ship, Prologue

The Legend of the R.A.S. Prosecutor tells of a Republic ship that deployed to deep space to Chaykin Cluster. Under the command of a Captain Martz, and Clone Commander CC-1999, also known as the " Golden Spade Phoenix", because of his shining golden/yellow stripe on his helmet( Phase I rank for Commander), The brave Commander was also famous for medal records of leading a Battalion of gunships into the hell of battle, while being the first and the last to step foot on the planet, such as Geonosis. Although, he was less remembered, more erased, from the log book as serving the crew, because he was too much of his own pride, yet he also worked in a secret NAVCOM Room on the Prosecutor, calculating, and commuticating back the Galactic City. Their ship was to follow and trade with planets near trade roudes, and protect the trade routes, while also willing discover to Isotope clusters. The Expansion Region experienced a calm flow, but as it rounded near Chaykin Way, a massive solar storm blew up. Although, the waves were far away, huge particle waves separated leaving acid burnt marks over the ship's side.

The Prosecutor crew, knowing they are probably being watched, losing micro-energy on the ship, and fearing they would be lost in the Expansion Region, begged Captain Martz, who begged Commander CC-1999," Please! In the name of the Repbublic, and for the galaxy, and for your brothers who trained, and fought with you to the end, to land to the nearest safe port!"

The Commander refused. He claimed, " Brothers, you are cowards, everyone of you. Remember your training, and fight, you dumb tinkleterds!! Danger is what sailing was all about. If it frightens you, then why were you even born as a clone, in the first place."

There would be no peaceful passage for his crew; they would have to tough it out like true clone troopers and sailors. The more the crew begged, the more steadfast the Commander became, even laughing at their request. The Clone Commander, even went so far as to almost shooting the female nurse who begged the hardest. If were not, Captain Martz to grab her worried body out of the way, as the ship became infected with fear. Suddenly, during the middle of a second miserable solar storm,a strange glowing form appeared on deck in front Bridge, between the Clone Commander and Captain Martz. Instead of being frightened, like the whole crew, the Clone Commander just laughed, continuously.

"Commander, you are a fool" the glowing figure said.

" A fool I might be" the Commander replied, " but I want the POWER.... TO GLORY....AND conquer, I never wanted a peaceful trade passage. I want the excitement of a storm like this one. The Commander then reached for his precision pistol, but the weapon exploded.

The glowing figure continued," Your weapons, and any other power is no match for my omnipotence. Your arrogance blinds you. Since, you love the unknown space so much, you will never leave them. The bodies forever unrested. Your soul will forever sail on this ship, bring ruin to all who see and come in it."

Suddenly, the glowing figure exploded. Most of the ship's crew almost couldn't see what was coming near after the storm. The crew were calculating the uncoming ships, when all of a sudden droid special forces and Trandoshan mercenaries bombed, opened the ship's pipes, and hangar, of the ship. The Clone Commander at least deployed one gunship to automaticly cruise to the nearest Republic source for more help. The entire crew was massacred, leaving CC-1999 the last to die on the command bridge surrounded by droids. Droids, took advantage of the radiation and left a recorder to record the intel com satellite echo message com. They took the chips, the reusable resources and most of the droids evacuated the abandoned ship with radiation poison and gas spills, leaving some droids to clean up most of the dirty corpses, into heating chambers of the reactor, or cut them to pieces, and placed them inside the walls of the Prosecutor.

Eventually, Delta Squad rescued the ship, but the bodies, unknown, thus leaving the ship and the Chaykin Cluster. That curse explains of why the Prosecutor has been seen haunting the stars ever since, as an omen, to any space sailors to inspire of what occured on the ship. and fear to whoever comes to the kingdom of the Prosecutor.

Alpha Zeta insectoid

The Alpha Zeta insectoids were an extragalactic species race, from an unknown universe. Through out the far reaches of the universe, they were an independent nation, less known, although were very grand in the crafts and other sciences, but were a very powerful and cruel species . The Alpha Z insectoids did not evolve in the galaxy nor in the universe as a society, as a nation, or as a lifeform. They wormholed themselves into the universe. They traveled throughout the universe, because, “They are Just a Pain” as Aua Skywalker recalls from his experiences with the great Alpha Zeta insectoids. They were faster learners, and quick in agility than any other species, they were incredible intellectual geniuses, vast explorers, incredibly telepathetic, and clarivoyant in all senses(which they could alert from the slightest orb light flicker), and finally incredible in almost everything they invented, builded, and experimented, but they only respected their kind, others species have called them hotshots. Their whole way of life was control, expansion, and power.

The Alpha Zeta Insectoids main goal was for every species to never evolve to space or its densities, but used them for their control, experimentation, hybreeding, and slaves. They were carnivorous and were not friendly to any one except there own. They were apparently one of the first races in the universe to have stargate interstellar space travel through black holes, and have had this capability for 4 billion years and more; the Rakata respectfully allied with these great species, for trading human children, or slavery, secretively, in the Pre-Republic Era . They were a very difficult species to battle against and sense there were no planetary nations, which could really beat them or wipe them out, they don't have to chose light or dark, they carried their own torch of victory, and their progress for Alpha Zeta insectoid liberty for all. Magic, sorcery, or divine power would weaken them a little, but they have qualitized a machine which transformed their powerful bodies into densities in order to make them form figures of anything;such as soldiers, as well as moved ships, moons, or they
Aliens Ufo horizon

Alpha world starships about to absorb a planet.

would even touch metal and their exoskeleton could go through metal, electricity, water, or any substance, which they would become blended, mutated, and transformed into the element or substance and created a great havoc on the sources. Their first and main settlement was in the Udlibixus Galaxy, because it was the only particular galaxy offered them the highest probability of survival. After 4 billion years in their new universe, they have manipulated plenty of galaxies and planetary nations. They were also responsible for a 200,000 year war with humans, migrated Columi from the galaxy, and different other species alliances which, actually evolved and lived peacefully in the early beginnings of the Udlibixus Galaxy. Yet, the uninvited, terrible, but powerful passionate Alpha Zeta Insectoids massacred almost every entire species of different races, while the galaxy was left unliveable. The Alpha Zeta insectoids showed very little remorse about it.

Only few humans and explorer Columi left the Udlibixus galaxy to live to in the galaxy. The galaxy kept more abundance and more life. The Reavers which evolved in the Udlibixus never sided and were neutral, because they were not ready for the power and suprise of the intellectual powerful and cruel Alpha Zeta insectoids. The Alpha Zeta insectoids did aid the Reavers secretly through many galactic voids, which was not mentioned in records. They aided the Reavers so the Reavers could get a head start in their conquest for every species in the galaxy. This gave the Alpha Zeta insectoids a beautiful start for their expansion in the Udlibixus Galaxy.

Out of many species, there were few insectoid species who did believe in the Alpha Zeta insectoids cause. Of course, they did have a class system, in which many insectoids were lower rank
(Z) homeworlds

Alpha Zeta Space in in the Mid Rim of the Udlibixus Galaxy

and worked secretively with the other higher, or greater insectoid specimen, the Alpha Zeta insectoids. The Geonosians, thousands of years after the Battle of Yavin were one time genetically manipulated into their belief systems.The lower you were the worse you were treated if you were not an insectoid. As many feared, the Alpha Zeta insectoids are masters of mind manipulation. When many different species in the galaxy were abducted througout the eons by these strange insectoids, they thought they were usually experiencing calm and peaceful experiences with them or being told they were having a wonderful experience, when infact they really haven't, because they were mind wiped of knowing nothing had happened. They've helped in aid for the Yuuzhan Vong , for their expansions in the Yuuzhan Vong War, in secret. They've also sprayed silent isotope gravitational atoms which, once they manipulated two galaxy nations far far away from the galaxy, which were in serious plagues. The Alpha Zeta insectoids welcomed them with the spray which healed them as medicine radiation, but the
Space battle yyy

Confrontation between the UFGA ( left)and Alpha Zeta Insectoid fleet, as the UGFA takes a hardblow from the Alpa insectoids on their reactors.

planet was so infected by the atoms the nearby stars allowed star rays to attract the planets and gave them a sun bathe( tortured and melted under 350 degrees Celsius. They had an objective to capture the galaxy during the later eons, which would be a major issue for the universe and for the Universal Galactic Federation Alliance also known the UFGA in the New Era. They would set the stage for two main classes if they came and conquered the galaxy, Royalty and worker slaves, once again. They've established underground bases in many planets controlled and splitted the same beings to be observed and could experiment which could have served them to be a higher class which could have served the insectoids, and the next half of the same beings were a lower class or broke civilians. The Alpha Zeta Insectoids project, of course, was all about PLANETARY BEINGS OUT FOR POWER WHO SOLD OUT THEIR OWN PEOPLE AND NATION for their grand moment of glory and liberty through out the dimensions. They were basicly lab and astronaut explorers; they also were genetic engineers. They would just colonize, and they would take samples, they would establish holocron light-lasers which could beam through the planets atmosphere, it meant,"This planet , of course more or less, always belonged to us." They builded more underground bases for

Alpha Zeta Insectoid dressing experimentation.

their buffet meal for they only ate live sentient species in which they would choose, especially children. These insectoids were scientists and chemists, and they would just gone to a planet and see what was there, their worldships would absorbed the planet, and they would have explored it and checked different species of life, experimented, and hybreeded, as well as mind controlled, also produced buffet labs, and checked if there were minerals they needed, any lifeforms, organisms, or anything else they needed, they tooked and when they were done, or had enough they moved on, and explored more for their explorational territory. The would build newer interstellar crafts, spacetravel wormholes, and experimented in produced alternate suns through the Periodic Table of elements, and blood experimentation of different ABO, -RH, Polymer blood types. They were magnificient at what they did, and many planetary governments believed they should have been commented at what they did, but the fact they needed to control, expand, dominate, and manipulate to a larger standard,it was according to their mind “ Sorry I have a problem with that”, was their main issue, because that was just how they were evolved, they were the biggest bully. Since almost every planetary government couldn't beat or wiped them out, they did have no emotion for change or for anyone, except to evolved their for their own species. The UFGA considered them as an ultimate warrior. While great manipulators they were terrific in which they manipulated the Icon Star Core who manipulated corruption over the Galactic government which madethe galaxy poor, until Aua ,the Droid Confederacy, and revolutionary troops broke the chain of command. Some have lived up to 4,000 years. The Alpha Zeta insectoids enjoyed different sentient species flesh, and children best, for two reasons. The first was because children don't have the accumulation of pollutants in their bodies other than adults do, and when children were put into a state of fear, their energy andrenylin just exploded. The Alpha Zeta insectoids got a "rush" from this stuff. A record from the UGFA suggested they were responsible for about 500 trillion unknown kidnapped children before the Great Universal Supernova Wars. Of course, the children had to be alive during the feast. While a nervous wreck they were, there was a way to kill them; two hearts under and inside their armpits,and finally, their weakestest spot was to shoot them in the mouth. If any sentient explorer did come near even 100 meters from one, they desparately needed to move away, they would've fled out of it's way, immediately!!!! Most would not realized they were bait until i twas too late to become the everyday late night delight buffet. If they came in armadas ( a large group of warships) to a nearby planet all the sentient species on the planet were doomed to trouble, they would never escape the absorbed ships.

The Alpha Zeta insectoids were explorer manipulators corrupted Planetary governments, laws, and Planetary Federal Reverse systems in ordered for them to have sentients to be tried and relinquished from the universal free-will, by which they coerced every sentient in which they used their own free will against themselves and asked them to come down there and to be controlled by them, or could have been snacked by them. Thus, the Alpha Zeta insectoids were always expected to be prepared for their achiemvent as gods, or great spirits of the universe.

Biology and Ranks

They would evolve when they aged by their ranks.

Youth or Younglings

The Youth were born

Young Alpha insectoids having fun by invading and causing trouble on a conquered planet's living space.

from DNA and RNA labratory processes, as well as asexual reproduction from a special Royal hermaphrodites(half male/ half female ) Class. They were slender built but quick in speed, in which they could manage to average run up 100mph.

Worker/Soldier Class


Worker/Soldier class upgrade

The Worker/Soldier Class were the hands and feet of this sentient
Insectoid worker class

Worker Class/Soldier Class prepare a human buffet

species. They were expected colonize planets, produce labratories, and would take samples. They would have established holocron light-lasers, which, could beam through the planets atmosphere as if have said "This planet , of course more or less, always belonged to us." They build more underground bases, labratories, and sentient buffets to have benefit for the grand Alpha Zeta insectoid progress. They were slender and quick-witted, they would upgrade themselves, but still be part of the worker/soldier class, but were more lethal. Yes, they were also blamed for many hybrid experimentations.

Commissioned Officer Class

Commissioned Officers were given authority directly from a sovereign or Royalty Class power and, as such, hold a
Alpha Officer

Alpha Zeta Commissioned Officer

Alpha Zeta Commissioned Officer

Alpha Zeta Commissioned Officer

charging them with the duties and responsibilities of a specific office or position, while they mostly pertained to as leaders of navigation, or negotiators for a main cause. If a Worker Class was old enough or showed great valor in combat, they would have had a chance to the CO Class. They were taller, stronger built, more leadership skills, and could become invisible if needed.

Royal Elite

The Royal Elite Class was the highest Office in the Alpha Zeta Insectoid Extragalactic Chain of Command.
Alpha Zeta Insectoid Royal Elite

UGFA MI5 agent looks face to face with a Royal Elite.

They were very fast and had wingspans as wide as 170 meters, while wings could cause capable and terrible damaging winds. They are extremely telepathic and clarivoyant, as they could also have camaflouged and mutated themselves with any other substance they touch. One image seen on top of this main page (the Cover page) was of course a Supreme King. Their height could go up 20 or 100 meters, while they could breath out nitroxide acid fire, which could melt the strongest metalloids in the universe. They could even speed up from 120mph to 700mph in sports. Enough speed could cut a Destroyer like butter. They were responsible for the safety and kept the Alpha Zeta Insectoid species in a workaholic power system, for the dimensional achievement of the universe and life.


Star Wars: The Shining Hour(First appearance)

Aua Skywalker


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“ Everybody has warned me not to take on too many projects so early in the administration, but it's almost impossible for me to delay something which I see desparately needs to be done for the destiny of free-will of all people. ”---- Aua talks to Fin about the chaos of the galaxy.

Aua Skywalker was a Human male in Naboo, who became a politician and a galactic leader of the Universal Galactic Party . He would later become a famous legendary absolute dictator of the new Universal Galactic Federation Alliance from 100,001 ABY to 100,048 ABY, with the title Supreme Chancellor. An honorable veteran of the Yuuzhan Vong Incident around 99,990-99,999 ABY, he had joined the precursor of the Universal Party in 100,000 ABY and became leader of the party in 100,000 ABY. Following his imprisonment after a failed speech in, he gained support by promoting a plan for an Authoritarian Democracy, free galactic market systems, veteran benefits, liberty rights for all planetary and colonization labors, and free Universal Insurance Security toward all, under the highest honor for the people instead of corrupted oratory and propaganda. He was appointed all powerful Supreme Chancellor of for and by the people in 100,001 ABY, and quickly transformed the Galactic Unity Senate into the Universal Galactic Federation Alliance, a single Democratic party dictatorship based on the totalitarian and autocratic ideals for the galactic people. He ,ultimately, wanted to establish a New Order of an absolute Universal hegemony throughout, and beyond the galaxy. To achieve this, he ,thus, pursued a foreign policy with the declared goal of seizing "living space" for the Galactic people; voluntarily, directing the resources of the state towards this goal. This included the rearmament of many nations, same time when he commissioned his new found Dreadtroopers( mixture of soldiers and droids) invaded the Yuuzhan Vong galaxy. In response, the next door Yuuzhan Vong galaxy and another nearby galaxy called the Icon Star Core declared war on the New galactic nation, leading to the outbreak of the Great Universal Supernova Wars throughout numerous nearby nations and other galaxies. His still death remains a mystery to anyone.


Early life and ancestry

Born in 99,970 ABY in the city of Theed, capitol of Naboo, young Aua always had visions of planets and space surrounding him and through the vastness of the void. His direct ancestry was notably directed to famous and infamous people in galactic history from Anakin Skywalker, to Luke Skywalker, and Aden Trackus. At the age of three he used to have a pet Rancor and by ten, Aua's parents moved to Coruscant. As a child, he tirelessly played "clones and droids", or cyberball by his
Echo rebels on foot

Last photo of Aua's Division on Hoth during the Yuuzhan Vong Incident, not knowing a Yuuzhan Vong poison radiation ambush. He was the only soldier, to live from an atrocity.

own account; became fixated on the economy after finding a picture book about the Galactic Civil War in his father's things. As a soldier he wrote in the Yuuzhan Chronicles "It was not long before the great historic struggle had become my greatest spiritual experience. From then on, I became more and more enthusiastic about everything that was in any way connected with war and prosperity or, for that matter, with the economy."

Political change

He would later become, the leader of the Universal Party and ensuring ownership and administration of the means of colonial production and allocation of space resources, and a grand galactic society characterized by rights, liberties, and equal access to resources for individuals and all people; a society from the corrupted Galactic Congress or Senate, where he ensures a democratic society propose nationalization of key national industries in mixed economies, while maintaining private ownership of capital and private business enterprise of, for, and always by the people. To ensure the safety and free equality shares for the whole galaxy.

With his statement, the Galactic Congress order his party in house arrest. With the help of supporters, they bombed the building and he escapes creating a new wide revolution. The votes of a new chancellor spread like a radiated disease and, finally, the congress was decreasing its power while Skywalker already new he had them in his grasp. Rumors and fortune tellers through the centuries have predicted of
City New Era

Galactic City in a New Era.

a grand force who will shape an new universal cycle with palm of his hands. Some Jedi even speculate the the lineage of the Skywalker generations as the Skywalker name is a beacon to ownership and power for both the worse or greater surroundings.

Appointment as Supreme Chancellor

Finally, the Congress reluctantly agreed to appoint Aua Skywalker, as a New Supreme Chancellor of a coalition government formed Universal Party. Congress was created to be intended use as a figurehead, the UP gained key positions.

On 100,001 ABY, inside the Galactic Senate, Aua Skywalker was sworn to as absolute Supreme Chancellor of newly freely united Universal Galactic Federation Alliance during what some observers later described as a brief and simple ceremony. He later negotiates with the Droid Confederacy(DC), to become part of the new Dreadtrooper Military core. The UP seizure of power subsequently became known as the New Age Movement. His economy and the galaxy was rapidly increasingly due to his true promises and free-will of a universal prosperity throughout the area.

Campaign adventure


Yuuzhan Vong Campaign occupying the capitol Skyscraper

With the alliance of the planets completed he finally must widespread his influences throughout the galaxies. Starting with a long time enemy, his largest fleet planet hopped the Yuuzhan Vong galaxy, there were supposedly still plenty more Yuuzhan Vong on other planets in their galaxy. After. occupying the capitol resources. He approved of the green resources the Yuuzhan Vong produced. A cosmic radiation which will protect skin, food and other enhanced items from lasers, gamma rays, other radiation and etc. It was the right resource for his 10 billion battleships, four hundred-thousand aircraft carriers, three billion battlecruisers, eight billion heavy cruisers, 44 light cruisers, 68 billion destroyers and 1 billion space stations.


Icons Star Core Capitol Taken

Icons Star Core galaxy as always was about the same planet hopping strategy except more space battles than the other two galaxy space battles combined.

Ultraoral galaxy was the most unusual out of all the campaigns most of the species were usually living gas-like beings floating around the Ultraoral galaxy, like the force they can bend surroundings and go through walls not even being noticed they are a unique breed to discover and have abilities to shape-shift or force an explosion without cause. At this time Universal chemical scientist conducted a silent death atom which will allow the campaign to go to any galaxy without a single shot. He was also the first to institutionalize a Universal Explorer Academy to anyone for free, if they have the ambition to explore the cosmic web of infinite or beyond.

Glory-class capital ship

UGF Battlecruiser exploring the Ultaroral galaxy radiation

Throughout his later decades from the solar galaxies to the radiated galaxies and other dimensional galaxies Aua Skywalker kept spreading to control to other galaxies with his scare tactics and ambitious steady universal economy. Aua Skywalker was the most known legendary Supreme Chancellor enabling a new culture knowledge, wisdom, and parallel time itself. As the nation grew his body started quickly opposite.


UGFA Floating City in another galaxy of gamma and Hydrogen Nebula clouds

Giving up the ghost

His sickness and death was some believed was a conspiracy, but many believed the Force was calling him for another purpose. His body was sent to the Capitol for the Coruscant Funeral, the largest galactic funeral in dimensional history, his body was placed in a diamond crystal coffin and was secured in a plasma lava deep into the City's core.

Legacy Legend

The importance of Aua Skywalker was his lineage name comes to root through many famous Skywalkers, eventually, out-coming power for worse or greater causes for many galaxies beyond the space. Another fascinating legend, has it was his force spirit may have lead space pioneers to their final destination or to become one with the force.

Behind the Scenes

Aua Skywalker is based on, of course, famous world leaders around the real-world.

Grand Admiral Pellaeon

Supreme Chancellor Aua Skywalker at age 78.


Big Huge Fuckin' War of His


Great Universal Supernova Wars, was a galaxies-wide military conflict lasting from 100,001 ABY to 100,040 ABY which mostly participated all of the galactic nations and nearby galaxies, including all of the greater coalition forces, organised into two opposing military alliances: the Galactic Coalitions and the Unconquerable Combine. It was the most widespread war in dimensional history, with more than 800 trillion military personnel mobilized. All the major participants placed their entire economic, industrial, and scientific capabilities at the service for war efforts, erasing the dividend between civilian and military resources. The war itself has been estimated in resulting 11 trillion to over 1 quadrillion sentient fatalities.

Course of War

The start of the war, originally, began when the Galactic Senate, officially, appointed Aua Skywalker as Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic people; including Yuuzhan Vong invasions

Vong trying to occupy the capitol skyscraper

near the Outer Rim planets, with Icon Star Galaxy and other nearby galaxies, which declared war on the Universal Galactic Federation Alliance, two days later. They started deploying an airborne invasion on Nar Shaddaa,where supposedly Death Watch was sectrely selling top secret weapons with Icon Star Trading Military Bases stationed there.

The War Becomes Universal

Yuuzhan Vong Campaign

Four years after the UGFA was defending the galaxy, Aua officially commissioned the Dreadtrooper Military Core or a mixed sentient soldiers and droids(with the help of the DC).Also, on 100,004 ABY, he commissioned the 3-14 SuperStarfighter, thus became the most frequent and usefull starfighter in the galactic cluster, starting with the c

Yuuzhan Vong city with labratories surrounding it.

ampaign of YD-DAY invasion when the UGFA invaded and attacked the Yuuzhan Vong galaxy. As always, the UGFA Navy always fought space battles while they planet hopped througout the Yuuzhan Vong galaxywide. After capturing their capital and approved of the green resources the Yuuzhan Vong produced, he used A cosmic radiation from their labs which protected
Eriadu First Battle

Yuuzhan Vong space battles were confusing withfreindly fire

skin, food and other enhanced items from lasers, gamma rays, other radiation and etc. It was the right resource for his billions to trillions of battleships, spacecraft carriers, battlecruisers, heavy cruisers, light cruisers, destroyers and 1 billion space stations.

Icon Star Core Campaign

Icon Star Core galaxy, near the Udlibixus Galaxy, was as always about the same
Mirialan by artbytravis preview

Icon Star assassin

planet hopping strategy except more space battles than the other two galaxy space battles combined. Icon Star Chancellor had a deal of trades with the Galactic Senate before the an anounciation of a Supreme Chancellor. He also despised Aua for his love of liberty and not of power to anyone. He sent spies to kidnap some sentients in the galaxy and bring them
Space Battle Hoth101

Azan space battle

back the Icon galaxy to interrogate and clean every memory cell out of them. The Icon Star Core Navy doesn't go straightoward the galaxy, but, actually, assists with the Yuuzhan Vong and also counter attacks the UGFA galaxy during the distraction. Icon assassins came close to assassinating Aua, however, they couldn't ever catch up, since he was one step, while holding the stress back througout the wars. With Tattoine neutralised,Icons Star began a space superiority seige over the Galactic City to prepare for a major space assault. The campaign failed, and the

Azan ocean beach aftermath

invasion plans were cancelled by the UGFA Navy armadas lead by Aua Skywalker in order to go through a hyperspace wormhole. Icon Star Core Navy armadas increased, its blockade in the Icon Star Galaxy wide especi

UGFA flag on top of the Icon star Capitol Sphere

.ally, main chemical and supernova laser weaponry labs in several bases in the outer rims of the isolated Icon Star planet of Azan. Both galactic Navies crashed into each other through hyperspace wormholes and all havoc broke lose near Azan. The Icon Star Navy was when first with interception, however, 4 hours later in battle the UGFA NAVAL reiforcements finally came through the hyperspace wormhole made reared the Icon Star into oblivion and flight to the Icon Inner Core. After years and years of planet hopping the Icon Star galaxy, they finally reached the Icon Star Capitol near the center of the galactic core. The Icon Chancellor was vaporized in an escape space station, however, the Icon Star Core galaxy sentients were treated as normal sentient civilians and amnesty.

Udlibixus Campaign

The Udlibixus Galaxy had another more unusual sentient insect species
Xri swag preview

ZZZzZ insect sentient

called "ZZZZZZZZzzzZ" in their language with their world- nest ships, but were very powerful and had the knowledge of a thousand Columi . These Sentients also known as the Alpha Zeta insectoids heard about the destruction of their next door Icon Star Core Galaxy and the UGFA, with all its abundance and food and natural resources, the Alpha Zeta Sentients wanted to control it, badly. There was apparently a mis-communication or misunderstanding between the ZZZ insect sentients and the UGFA. The UGFA wanted to know more about the ZZZ sentients before some kind of “assistance” was offered. The ZZZ sentients broke the communication as a refusal, and subsequently destroyed three billion of the trillion UGFA NAVAL Armadas between the Udlibixus and Icon Star galaxies, most of the UGFA Navy ships retreated to the Icon Star Core galaxy. Aua Skywalker was at an Icon Star planet helping to recover a planet city
Aliens Ufo horizon

ZZZz world ships hovering over a Udlibixus planet in datalyzing for more UGFA bases.

back together, when he heard about the ZZZz wiping a third of the UGFA NAVY with a 100,000+ Holocrons perminute. The Alpha Zeta insectoids normal height was 4 meters and large brains. The ZZZz insect sentients were highly intellectual tough bunch and were highly intellectual in other stragetic circumstances, with planet ships which can absorb other planets with gusto. Although, having four exoskeleton legs they had many buglike characteristics.The Insect sentients enjoyed other sentient flesh, and children best, for two reasons. The first is that children don't have the accumulation of pollutants in their bodies that adults do, and when children are put into a state of fear, their energy and field and andrenylin just explodes. The insectoids usually got a "rush" from this stuff. They were highly adaptable and highly flexible in stealth and combat technological strategy, the UGFA actually acknowledges them as the ultimate warrior sentients. They only trust their own kind, other sentients are a buffet. They were one of the hardest sentient species to take over and many more billions of DreadTroopers and UGFA personal died trying to planet hop the infected insect galaxy. Some who were killed in the campaign were many military leaders from the Icon Star galaxy and UGFA galaxy, General Stanx, Aua's cabinet memebers and even the Grand Admiral of the UGFA NAVY Grand Admiral Beldar.The main image template on this artticle is a battle between the UGFA NAVY(left) and the ZZZz NAVY(right) in the Udlibixus Galaxy. A UGFA secret force squad finally captured a silent atom gas bomb from a ZZZ world-ship labratory which will affect anyone with a silent death, only one
Droids Dreadtroopers

Dreadtrooper droids

made person made it allow the secret atom to UGFA use from messaging in a holocron until he died on his ship with half a body.


The UGFA finally use the death atom bomb which wiped out 95% of the Alpha Zeta insectoids in the Udlibixus galaxy.

Ultraoral Galaxy

Ultraoral galaxy was the most unusual out of all the campaigns most of the species were usually living gas-like beings floating around the Ultraoral galaxy, like the force they can bend surroundings and go through walls not even being noticed they are a unique breed to discover and have abilities to shape-shift or force an explosion without cause. However, the resources of fuel and and steam rechargeable systems helps spaceports and Military spacecraft to produce chemical facility around the Ultraoral galaxy stars.

Further Aventure

Throughout, UGFA datalyzing later decades, from the solar galaxies to the radiated galaxies and other dimensional galaxies Aua Skywalker kept spreading to co
Glory-class capital ship

UGFA Battlecruiser exploring the Ultraoral galaxy radiation

ntrol to other galaxies with his scare tactics and ambitious steady universal economy, yet to bring balance, liberty, and democracy. Aua Skywalker was the most known legendary Supreme Chancellor enabling a new culture knowledge, wisdom, and parallel time itself. As the nation grew his body started quickly opposite.


After 100,041 ABY most galaxies were rebounded quickly, and enjoyed rapid economic growth

A UGFA city in a galaxy far far away on a distant planet.

, modernization, and were granted amnesty, with free-trade and trade routes through any other galaxy. The infinite of the force and the universe was now evolving in for a lifetime for a new shining grand success in life.

Behind the Scenes

World Wars and other various space explorations.

A Big Huge Fuckin' "Alliance"


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The Universal Galactic Federation Alliance, also known as the Independent Alliance , People's Alliance, or UGFA for short was a government formed by the Universal Party around resistance from the Galacticy Unity Congress of corruption which utilized the power of the Federal Reserve to manipulate wars or peace treaties and when to allow anything important or any other options. The Universal leader and an honorable war veteran named Aua Skywalker gave way for a new DealPlan of approach for the galaxy. Aua, suggested to ensure ownership and administration of the means of colonial production and allocation of space resources, and a grand galactic society characterized by rights, liberties, and equal access to resources for individuals and all people; a society from the corrupted Galactic Congress or Senate, where he ensures a democratic society propose nationalization of key national industries in mixed economies, while maintaining private ownership of capital and private business enterprise of, for, and always by the people. To ensure the safety and free equality shares for the whole galaxy. A great prevention from diseases as he found a new chemical which can allow NADP+ synthesis to immune with the abnormal cells or diseases and actually upgrade the body's Nucleic acids of DNA, RNA, Guanine and Thyamine experimentation and allow the body to immune other diseases or radiation. The Galactic Congress asked if he would like a secret meeting and share this importance not for anyone, but for special occasions. Aua decided now for all before it was too late, Congress meeting laughs and puts the Universal Party under house arrest. The Universal Party planned a microwave messaging and bomb the building while HoloNet and people of different kinds were everywhere colliding around the explosions. As the Galactic Congress decreased, Aua secretly messaged all of the secrets of the government and used a new deal for a new universe. Appointed Supreme Chancellor by the people's choice. The galaxy boomed with factories, technology, and free-willed beyond the space. While rival galaxies were starting to choose sides, starting the Great Universal Supernova Wars. After the years UGFA paved the way as a lamp to other galaxies to become states of prosperity of the UGFA or the exploration to new hope and liberty of the universal web of life.

A Great Independence

UGFA Capital Building

UGFA Capital Sphere Building.

Aua, an honorable veteran, came from an incident, which most of his division was lost, and now he as well is having a hard search of maintaining to a working life back to civilian life. Everywhere he applies the works of the jobs are running out, there is poverty and he just cannot stand the unhired working people from other places migrating to the Galactic City for a new hope. The only career he found while he got to the Galactic City was a small Universal Party with only three members. Aua needed a job badly, and finally made his way to politics. Aua suggested a new liberty and rights for labor, veteran's benefits, industries, senior citizenship and new health, with free insurance for all. The Galactic Congress finally discussed and agreed to laught at his new fantasy and ordered the Universal Party under house arrest. The Universal Party members plan to bomb the secured building and microwave messaged to supporters, and with the help of supporters they bombed the building and escaped, while the Galactic Congress was worried about their careers of manipulation. The wave changed when Congress, in 100,001 ABY appointed by the people's choice a new Universal Supreme Chancellor of the people of the Universal Galactic Federation Alliance. The new Supreme Chancellor's for the peoples wishes to do so, allowed labor, industries, new technology, and new jobs to boom, as well, of his new health plan for seniors, and disabilities. Aua also created a new Explorer Academy for free for anyone to take the challenge for outgoing space exploration. The UGFA, as well, agreed for an operation by the people's vote and opinions to allow an operation to surround Nar Shadaa and kill the druglords and capture terrorist which were secretly messaging informations for new manufactoring. The galaxy was now upgrading the markets and a grand-galaxy was becoming to prosper the independence of the liberty and equality of free space.

Galaxies Far Far Away

The UGFA galaxy was prospering for more ideas and liberties, while other galaxies were choosing sides. The Icon Star Core galaxy was manipulating the galacitc congress, until Aua became Supreme Chancellor of the people with his Galactic Reresentatives of the people. The Icon Star Core galaxy was also being manipulated by a far more worse group from the Udlibixus Galaxy, these extragalactic genious insectoids were

UGFA Floating City near a nebula galaxy.

called the Alpha Zeta insectoids and were an intellectualy independent sentient group, but were very lethal and love to explore other galaxies while devouring the planets for their data and liberty of the universe, very rarely were they defeated and intentionally made a big affect for the Great Unive

Ultra Wormwhole Centerpoint Station to the Ultimate Galaxy planets and stars systems.

rsal Supernova Wars casualties, while technically using a silent death atom bomb. They were enjoying the political clashes of galaxies choosing sides, and waiting for their moment to pounce for Z space. The Icon Star Core never really started an invasion, but let the Yuuzhan Vong do the first damage to the galaxy. The Yuuzhan Vong never really
(Z) homeworlds

Alpha Zeta insectoids star systems in the Udlibixus Galaxy.

accomplished the missions and the UGFA started a YD-DAY invasion to the Yuuzhan Vong galaxy. As always, the UGFA Navy always fought space battles while they planet hopped througout the Yuuzhan Vong galaxywide. After capturing their capital and approved of the green resources the Yuuzhan Vong produced, he used A cosmic radiation from their labs which protected food and other enhanced items from lasers, gamma rays, other radiation and etc. It was the right resource for his billions to trillions of battleships, spacecraft carriers, battlecruisers, heavy cruisers, light cruisers, destroyers and 1 billion space stations. Icon Star Core galaxy, near the Udlibixus Galaxy, was as always
Ord Mentell Medical Space Station

A UGFA Floating City near the AG-12 galaxy for trading and peace with the Confederation of Non-Aligned Planets through centerpoint stations.

about the same planet hopping strategy except more space battles than the other two galaxy space battles combined. Icon Star Chancellor had a deal of trades with the Galactic Senate before the an announciation of a Supreme Chancellor. He also despised Aua for his love of liberty and not of power to anyone. He sent spies to kidnap some sentients in the galaxy and bring them back to the Icon galaxy to interrogate and clean every memory cell out of them. The Icon Star Core Navy doesn't go straightoward the galaxy, but, actually, assists with the Yuuzhan Vong and also counter attacks the UGFA galaxy during the distraction while setting Icon space stations in Grek. Icon assassins came close to assassinating Aua, however, they couldn't ever catch up, since he was one step, while holding the stress back througout the wars. With Tattoine neutralised, Icons Star began a space superiority seige over the Galactic City to prepare for a major space assault. UGFA Fleet counterattacked collided the Icon Star Core Fleet by a wormhole centerpoint station. After years and years of planet hopping the Icon Star galaxy, they finally reached the Icon Star Capitol near the center of the galactic core. The Icon Chancellor was vaporized in an escape space station, however, the Icon Star Core galaxy sentiens were treated as normal sentient civilians and amnesty. The Z insectoids were by far the worse factions waiting for an oppourtunity for prosperities. These Sentients also known as the Alpha Zeta insectoids Sentients heard about the destruction of their next door Icon Star Core Galaxy and the UGFA, with all its abundance and food and natural resources, the Alpha Zeta insectoids wanted to control it, badly. There was apparently a mis-communication or misunderstanding between the Alpha Zeta insectoid sentients and the UGFA. The UGFA wanted to know more about the Alpha Zeta insectoid sentients before some kind of “assistance” was offered. The Alpha Zeta insectoid sentients broke the communication as a refusal, and subsequently destroyed three billion of the trillion UGFA NAVAL Armadas between the Udlibixus and Icon Star galaxies, most of the UGFA Navy ships retreated to the Icon Star Core galaxy. Aua Skywalker was at an Icon Star planet back together, when he heard about the Alpha Zeta insectoid wiping a third of the UGFA NAVY with a 100,000+ Holocrons perminute. The Alpha Zeta insectoid normal height was 4 meters and large brains. The Alpha Zeta insectoid insect sentients were highly intellectual tough bunch and were highly intellectual in other stragetic circumstances, with planet ships, which can absorb other planets with gusto. They were one of the hardest sentient species to take over and many more billions of DreadTroopers and UGFA personal died trying to planet hop the infected insect galaxy. Some who were killed in the campaign were many military leaders from the Icon Star galaxy and UGFA galaxy, General Stanx, Aua's cabinet members( not the new ones in 100,041 ABY) and even the Grand Admiral of the UGFA NAVY Grand Admiral Beldar. A Secret Squad finally confisicated the silent death atom bomb, however, a Zeltron did message the UGFA the experiment method of the bomb, but
Flower power

Ultraoral flowers.

died with half a body. The UGFA finally used the death atom bomb to wipe out 95% of the Alpha Zeta insectoid in the Udlibixus galaxy. Ultraoral galaxy was the most unusual out of all the campaigns most of the species were, usually, living gas-like beings floating around the Ultraoral

UGFA star globe uncovering the Ultraoral radiation for star systems.

galaxy, like the force they can bend surroundings and go through walls not even being noticed they are a unique breed to discover and have abilities to shape-shift or force an explosion without cause. However, the resources of fuel and and steam rechargeable systems helps spaceports and Military spacecraft to produce chemical facilities around the Ultraoral galaxy stars.

Throughout, UGFA datalyzing later decades the UGFA discoverd the AG-12 galaxy and finally many independent galaxies , from the solar galaxies to the radiated galaxies and other dimensional galaxies Aua Skywalker kept spreading the love of liberal spaces to other galaxies with his ambitious steady universal economy, yet to bring balance, liberty, and democracy.

Aua's Last Days

The UGFA fulfilled galaxies,
City New Era

New Universal Era in the Galactic City.

to rebound and fully became part of the states of the UGFA. Wherever the UGFA discovered, free-trade and prosperity followed, but the controversy of Aua's death lead to some detectives and Jedi Shadows to investigate Darth Zhin who escaped the Galactic City and flew to an non-atmoshperic moon. The peoples's choice decided the UGFA to wormhole centerpoint stations to the moon. While they besieged the moon three-fourths of the UGFA exploded the moon while the sith with floated in frozen space.

New Universal Era

The UGFA gave way to a new sense for many galaxies, a sense of freedom, tranquility with the universe, and the force, now evolving the shining hour of prosperities, and biolization independence of
UGFA supernova city

UGFA Supernova City in a galaxy far far away on a distant planet.

all for an incredible outer space.

Political Structures

Legislative bodies

The Alliance Capital Representatives of the people were voted and decided by the people's choices for the Planetary Respresntatives, which was organized into a body of high-ranking officials, or favorable bosses by the people, and led by a Supreme Chancellor of the
people. If three-fourths of the representatives decisions was rejected by the Alliance Capital Representatives votes from the people, the Supreme Chancellor wil veto and redecision the Bill/Act to the ACRP for the people's choice.

Main Policy

The main goals of the UGFA was to spread the love of trade, democracy, and independence with the stellar space. They never will use the taxes or bills to invest profits for selling a country, this was a new galaxy without poverty. The UGFA laughs at it and never would do such a scheme to rid the universal kind. The CD method is the citizens balance protected money in CDs and grows after automatically being saved in the excel money and exploding the money wealth to a diabled or a senior citizens benefit. If a deserter or travellor is lost, the UGFA will assist and give him/her rights freely to the galaxy. The ongoing policy of liberty of supernova space.


The constitution of the UGFA was the "People's Announciation", which allowed amendment rights of all citizens. Its main policy is to spread the love, of democracy , prosperity and outer space.

Executive Branch

The People's Alliance members are representatives or favorable bosses decided and opinionated by the people. Chain of Command list of the Peoples Alliance Members in 100,041 ABY were as follows :

  • Aua Skywalker Nabooin - Supreme Chancellor of the UGFA.
  • Fin Fin Gungan - Viceroy
  • Boldar Cerean- Secretary of State
  • Zess Chiss - Secretary of Treasury
  • Bina Quermian - Secretary of Defense
  • Areels Ithorian- Attorney General
  • Biuz Rakata- Secretary of the Interior
  • Cheedo Sullustan - Secretary of Commerce
  • Nemco Vorchak bloop de na bloops - Secretary of Labor. This member is also a descendant of a short-termed, yet less remembered, but famous Supreme Chancellor Yethen Vorchak after Kalpana.
  • Taisha Futterbly - Secretary of Medical Services
  • Aueo Killiks - Secretary of Transportation
  • Zquat'ticlahcachacha Anx - Secretary of Energy and a UGFA Chief of State on a planet. First Jedi General to become a member of the People's Alliance Member.
  • Bica Wookie - Secretary of Education
  • Alake Fardonar- Secretary of Veteran Affairs
  • Noen Trandoshan - Secretary of Security

All decisions are made by the people choices, decisions, and opinions would be presented to the Alliance Capital Representatives of the people which would then give the citizens a last decision to weigh it and decide whether it is accomplished or not.


I am a Universal Galactic Federation Alliance Soldier/Sailor.

I will support and defend the People's Announciation of the UGFA, and I will obey the orders of those appoined over me.

I represent the fighting spirit of the Navy/Marines/Army and those who have gone before me to defend freedom and democracy around space.

I proudly serve my country's Navy/Marines/Army combat team with HONOR, COURAGE, AND COMMITMENT.

I am committed to excellence and the fair treatments of all.

!!!!HOOORAH!!!! Dreadtroopers Creed

The Department

The Dreadtrooper Military Corps/Core(DMC)s is made out of volunteered sentient soldiers and droids, and is the UGFA federal department charged with coordinating and supervising all agencies and functions of the government relating directly to universal security and the UGFA armed forces. The Dreadtrooper Military Corps/Core is an evolution of the Department of War. The Dreadtrooper Military Corps/Core includes as well as non-combat agencies such


as the Universal Security
Droids Dreadtroopers

Dreadtrooper Droids

Agency and the Universal Defense Intelligence Agency, including the Sphere Intelligence Base in the Galactic City. DMC's Universal Energy Conservation Program (UECP) improves the energy and water efficiency of existing Military Services' and galaxies-wide facilities. The program's projects help the Military Services and galaxies-wide facilities save on energy usage and resources. The Supernova Recovery Act of 100,041 ABY provided all the recources and galaxies-wide works for the UECP.

Military Chain of Command

  • Mr. Skywalker - Supreme Commander
  • Mr. Fin - Viceroy
  • Mr. Bina - Secretary of Defense
  • Mr. Zgos and Mr. Sos - Secretary of the Navy
  • Admiral RougheadandGeneral Fockner - Chief of Naval Operations and Chief of Army Operations.
  • MCPON Okek and SMA Noec - Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy and Seargeant Major of the Army.

They are the heart, eyes, ears, and senses of the UGFA and prepared to defend and treatment for all outer space.

Behind the Scenes

The National Patriotic Song of the UGFA is equivalenty similar to Medal of Honor's Assault Dogs of War. The song represents a nation's turmoil through depressions, but outcomes poverty, and prepares the long journey to fight for freedom from powerful and manipulating nations who want a thousand or more reigns on every nation they trample. The outcomes with a high price,but paid priceless for free-will to all people and the universe.


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