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Lune Crackham

aka Lune

  • I live in Holy Terra (In the great nation that was once called the Republic of Turkey before the Age of Strife.)
  • I was born on March 4
  • My occupation is Acting Leader of T.C.E. (The Crescent Elites)
  • I am Male
Hello Everyone! I am Lune Crackham, known as the most badass Colonel in a more grimdark universe, far far away. Here, however, I am just a humble Star Wars fan that writes his own stuff. I love collabaration and collaborative articles and, let me be honest, I spend time mostly with 40k but my first love is Star Wars.

TL;DR -------> Just a new guy who loves (and hopefully an expert) on Star Wars and Warhammer 40.000!

Favorite Characters

There can only be one victor!

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