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My name is Krellverse, but you can call me Krell for short. I have been a fan of Star Wars ever since I was a youngling, and I find myself inspired to try my hand at writing fan-fiction for this wonderful franchise. While my work may not exactly be official, I try my very best to not screw with canon when I write my work because I feel that my work is canon. I believe that as long as my work does not contradict canon then it is potentially canon. I respect canon which means I respect what Disney is doing with Star Wars. However, everything within the Old Republic era will always be canon to me, like I said before, as long as it doesn't contradict canon.


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My Star Wars Projects

  • I am planning a potentially-canon Force Unleashed Remake, it will be a trilogy of novels, and will possibly have a few spinoff novels, this entire project is called Project The Force Unleashed also known as The Force Unleashed Saga

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