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About Me

I'm a member on Wookieepedia and a friend of N@M3Le$$. That's what you need to know about me right now, I guess. I and N@M3Le$$ are just now working on the Namelesennia system, with one planet each; N@M3Le$$ works with the story of Namelesennia and I with the story of En'rg-ch. This of course means we also make some articles about characters and such who is important for these worlds.

Mysteries of a Distant System

I and N@M3Le$$ are currently working on a series of articles strongly associated with each other. We also writes Fan Fics in the series. Here's a list of the Fan Fics that has been made yet:

Thought it technically aren't a part of MDS, also Star Wars: Battlefront: Fanon contains elements from our system.

Articles created by me

Mysteries of a Distant System: Civil War

Articles created by N@M3Le$$

Mysteries of a Distant System

Mysteries of a Distant System: Exile

Articles I plan to create

  • Darth Sev (the apprentice of Kaxs I)
  • Darth Toxic (the apprentice of Kaxs)
  • Darth Venoum (a Captain of the En'rg-chan Sith Alliance)
  • En'rg-chan Sith Alliance (an alliance of dark Force users founded and destroyed by Kaxs)
  • Enel-class capital cruiser (a ship used by the Republic during the EN'rg-chan Civil War)
  • Sion-class acid dropper (a ship used by the En'rg-ch Empire during the En'rg-chan Civil War)

Derlan system

I've also begun a new project, about a new system (I've yet not decided how much it will be related to the MoaDS). These are the articles I've created yet:

Other articles (not really as interesting)

Black Army



Income Union


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