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Kathkira is a contributor to the Star War Fanon Wiki. She is a fan of Star Wars, as well as Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and Battlestar Galactica. She enjoys writing and hopes to one day put to paper some of the crazy story ideas stored in her head.

Kathkira's Creations

These are some of the pages Kathkira will be working on in the near future to accompany her Star Wars fanfics.


Sagara Household
Quinn Sagara Brisia Sagara Katha Sagara
Celina Riserre Marie
Tovis Tala

Kintara Household
Gavin Kintara Saira Kintara Xanin Kintara
Honora Kintara Siran Namara Adele

Sylmani Household
Corinna Sylmani Kamrin Sylmani

Tyker Spince Oridin Qel-Zend
Zevon Torsanis
Kate Colin


Adamari family Airadi family Aldana family
Cardona family Hamana family Kimura family
Kintara family Muraka family Namara family
Nashira family Sagara family Samara family
Savona family Sylmani family Varila family
Virana family Zabala family Zangari family


Eponi sector Eponi system Epona
Amarai province Taihira Qas'rei
Arai province Rheita Barashi
Caieta province Raenia Shanhara
Shaeri province Thiasia Niraia
Sora province Corii Peak Kirsai
Nashira estate Namara estate Cardona estate

Balmorra Sobrik Averik
Etna Lynsor Sagara estate

Flora and Fauna


  • Betrothal of Xanin and Katha (document - not sure how to name this one)
  • Eponian Betrothals (in general - may be a part of the above or something)
  • Ancient Eponian musical instruments:
  • High Eponian (this one might not get written for a while - must decide how much of a language I can really invent)

Fanfic Entries

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#IRC This user is often present on #swfanon IRC chat, by the name of Kathkira.
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