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The following is a list of articles written by Jasca Ducato that have become featured articles as of:

27 September, 2020

Darth Abeonis

Darth Abeonis (Redsaber)

Darth Abeonis, previously known as Jasca Ducato, was a Dark Lord of the Decreton Empire who ruled over the Sith Order of Decreto during the Legacy era, and was considered by many to be the amongst the most powerful Sith Lords to have ever existed. Darth Abeonis was a former Jedi Knight of considerable strength, who fought valiantly through the Yuuzhan Vong War and Swarm War before being swayed towards the dark side of the Force. After a short stint as the self proclaimed Dark Lord of the Sith, Ducato was returned to the light. After a several years Ducato and the crew of his flagship The Soiyo were tasked with exploring the Unknown Regions in order to assist the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances; it was during these travels that Jasca Ducato finally ceased to exist, and took up the title of Darth Abeonis permanently.

After years within the Unknown Regions, Darth Abeonis returned to the known galaxy at the head of a massive Sith armada, intent of destroying the Galactic Alliance and the New Jedi Order. For ten years, Darth Abeonis' war would ravage the galaxy, slowly bringing it under the Sith banner. Following the conflict, Darth Abeonis would rule the galaxy with an iron fist, but maintain a fair and just rule; a rule which would go relatively unopposed for almost sixty years

The legacy of Darth Abeonis was so great, that for years after his death the Dark Lord's name was used as a curse and even a praise. Due to his exploits through the galaxy, he was even given the prestigious title of Tiorsiabeo, meaning The Honored Sith Warrior, Abeonis, by the people of Vania.

Form DCLXVI: Atra-Manua


Form DCLXVI: Atra-Manua or the Way of the Black Hand, the Art of the Black Hand (simply known as Atra to its practioners) was the primary lightsaber form for the Hand during the Successors War.

Although originally an experimental form created by the Jedi Knight Jasca Ducato Atra-Manua was instantly recognised as one of the hardest forms to master. Following Jasca's fall to the dark side, the new Darth Abeonis decided that he would not teach the form to his followers so that they could not challenge him in a duel effectively.

Darth Nihilus


Darth Nihilus was a Sith Lord and the first of Wyyrlok's "Hands" and the commander of the Sith Order of Decreto's forces on Korriban and its nearby systems. A close "friend" of Darth Raith, the two were barely seen apart, let alone out of contact with one another.

A Korribanite, Nihilus was taken into the Sith fold early on, quickly showing his tenacity for combat and strategy. By the time of the Zao tenj War he was one of the most powerful Sith of his age and a force to be reckoned with.

Although his exact age is unknown, it is known that a figure matching Nihilus' description had inconsistently appeared and disappeared through-out the years; giving assistance to both the Jedi and the Sith.

Jehn Rhin


Jehn Rhin was a Jedi Master of the Jedi Autocracy and veteran of the Zao tenj War. A Human male from the desert world of Tatooine, Jehn was one of three Force-sensitive brothers apprenticed to Tai painj following their discovery.

Upon discovering the wrecked remains of Tai painj vessel, the brothers Hal, Fay and Jehn were taken to Ossus to begin their Jedi training, one of the few to be trained in over 150 years. For ten years Jehn continued to his training as Tai painjs Padawan, eventually facing members of the Sith Order of Decreto; the reigning galactic power. Chief among them being Darth Hiljo, with whom Jehn Rhin would for a dangerous rivalry. Over the next few year Jehn continued to serve as a Jedi, repeatedly coming into conflict with Darth Hiljo, until the outbreak of the Zao tenj War. With the decleration of an alliance between the Jedi and Sith against the Zao tenj, both Hiljo and Jehn were forced to confront their differences and work together during the Battle of Hardpoint One, although differences between the two commanders often saw the alliance fleet at odds. Following the battle however, the two had developed a mutual respect for one another.

Jehn Rhin and his three brothers continued to serve during the Zao tenj War, becoming Jedi Masters during the conflict. Jehn Rhin's ultimate fate however, is unknown.

Darth Hiljo


Darth Hiljo was a powerful Sith Lord and later Commander of the Home Fleet during the Zao tenj War. A keen military tactician and a master strategist, Hiljo was a master of the Force and one of the Order's greatest lightsaber duellists.

Born in the year 218 ABY on an Sith controlled Outer Rim world, Hiljo was, as was customary for all newborns of the empire checked for Force-sensitivity just days after his birth. Upon discovery Hiljo was "requisitioned" by the Sith commander on his homeworld and indocrtinated into the Order. Hiljo spent the first sixteen years of his life as a part of one of the Sith packs, before finally being sent to the most prestigious of the Sith academies, that of Korriban. Hiljo quickly asserted himself in the academy, despite being one of the youngest students there.

Hiljo trained for a further nine years before being taken as an apprentice, although this relationship did not last long as his Master was soon discovered to be breaching the Rule of One and, as was the way of the Sith, Hiljo betrayed his Master to the Sith Council and was subsequently taken as Darth Wyyrlok's apprentice, being granted the title of Sith Lord and Commander of the Home Fleet.

Hiljo served Wyyrlok faithfully and dutifully, becoming the first Sith in over 150 years to combat a Jedi; Jehn Rhin. The two would continue to confront one another intermittently over the years until the outbreak of the Zao tenj War, wherin Hiljo led the Sith advance on the Zao tenj galaxy before being defeated during the Battle of the abyss. Hiljo survived, and was eventually forced to serve alongside Jehn Rhin during the Battle of Hardpoint One, where the two developed a mutual respect for one another.

Battle of Ossus


The Battle of Ossus, also known as the Attack on the Jedi Praxeum and the Jedi massacre, was one of the most devastating battle for the Jedi Order throughout the entire Sith Crusade and a ideological turning point in the aims of both sides. Following the Battle of the Cron Drift the Jedi found themselves on the very edge of Sith space and, fearing for the population of Ossus, ordered the immediate evacuation of the planet, sending a request for assistance to all whom would listen.

Awaiting the inevitable attack, the Jedi were surprised by the arrival of the Dark Lord of the Decreton Empire Darth Abeonis, who seemingly wished to offer terms of surrender to the Jedi; an offer few Jedi were willing to even consider, instead preferring to apprehend the former Jedi there and then. Regardless, Luke Skywalker allowed Abeonis to speak; and was left shocked by his revelations, despite ultimately turning him down.

Enraged, the Dark Lord returned to his fleet and commenced with the attack, decimating vast swathes of the planet and hemming the Jedi into their Academy, although incurring heavy losses in the process. The battle raged for the remainder of the day, and into a second, with the Sith finally invading the Academy itself. Led by Darth Micail, the Sith forces massacred the defending Jedi and Alliance soldiers wherever they could, before finally retreating.

As the Sith returned to their fleet, the newly arrived Galactic Alliance fleet did what little they could to combat their much larger Sith counterpart. Abeonis was concerend with little more than remaining in orbit long enough to gather his forces, and as soon as this had been achieved the Sith fleet left the sector; leaving a devestated Ossus behind them.

Sith Crusade


The Sith Crusade, also known simply as the Crusade to the Sith, was a conflict which took place between the years 56 ABY and 66 ABY. One of the largest engagements in galactic history, the Sith Crusade saw the rise of the Sith Order of Decreto as the greatest galactic power in the history of the galaxy. The roots of the conflict are traced back several thousand years, to the death of Naga Sadow and the acension of Konopka to the self proclaimed title of Dark Lord of the Decreton Empire. Eventually, the revenge Konopka sought upon the Galactic Republic was realied, having trickled down through the different regimes and Dark Lords until the Sith Order's discovery on Nerezza and the ensuing battle, saw one of the most powerful Jedi in the history of the Jedi Order was corrupted towards the dark side.

Newly re-born amongst the Sith as Darth Abeonis, the new Dark Lord conquered the weakened Sith Order of Decreto, and somehow managed to bring the Sith out of the conflict stronger than before. Using Sith knowledge that he had had gained the Decreton Knights, former Jedi lead an invasion of the galaxy, starting with the Chiss Ascendancy. After the conquests of the Chiss Ascendancy and the Imperial Remnant, and several defeats at the hands of the Sith, the Galactic Alliance found itself suing for peace, and surrendering numerous planets to the Sith. Eventually however, the Sith did invade, and Darth Abeonis ushered the galaxy into the start of a new Sith age.

Darth Abeonis and his fellow Sith Lord (most of whom were former Jedi themselves) launched a series of deadly campaigns against the Alliance, wiping out numerous minor galactic powers along the way and bringing others into the Sith fold. Eventually, after a massive power shift within the Galactic Alliance, and several gargantuan engagements, the Sith and the Jedi found themselves gasping for breath from the conflict, having lost a great size of the forces in the last year. The following however, a renewed Sith invasion brought the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances to its knees, and after several more years the galactic capital of Coruscant itself was conquered. The conquest of the galactic capital, and the deaths of so many Galactic Federation personnel finally brought the Sith Crusade to an end.

Mandalore the Wise


Mandalore the Wise or Te Dral Mand'alor in Mando'a, was a renowned businessmen, soldier and later, leader of the Mando'ade Alliance, before and during the Sith Crusade. One of the few Taung still in the galaxy, Te Dral was born to the rich and powerful Mandal family, and from an early age was taught the importance of patience, skill and honor. Following his father's death and Te Dral's eighteenth birthday, Fenn Shysa offered Te Dral a place in the Mandalorian Protectors. After his resignation from the Protectors Te Dral joined the Mandalore's Guard, and became a close associate of Boba Fett.

Te Dral later fought during the Confederation-Galactic Alliance War, serving with distinction during the battle of Fondor and earning a mutual respect with both Boba Fett, and the Jedi Luke Skywalker. But despite this respect, Te Dral was not above usurping the throne of Boba Fett, and following the latter's death in 46 ABY he performed his coup d'état.

Now Mandalore, Te Dral became well known to the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances and (unknowingly to him) the Sith Order of Decreto, thanks to his various "war crimes". Te Dral knew that the Galactic Alliance was unwilling to enter yet another war, and so continued with wars in the Outer Rim; but was not above checking back to make sure he did not push the Jedi too far. The wars past quickly, and the Mandalorian military began to wane, but with whispers of a new Sith threat in the galaxy, Te Dral began a massive re-militarization program, but even this was not enough to prevent the near-total destruction of the Mandalorian people during the battle of Mandalore.

Following the battle, Te Dral joined forces with the Sith Order of Decreto, but maintained a soft rebellion against the Sith Empire, secretly supplying various Mandalorian rebel movements throughout the Mandalore sector.

Sith Order of Decreto


The Sith Order of Decreto, officially known as the Empire of the Sith Order of Decreto, but more commonly known as the Decreton Empire, was an ancient and powerful faction of the Sith Empire. The brain child of Konopka, who would later become the Orders first Dark Lord, the Sith Order of Decreto was conceived to be the eyes, ears, and knife of the ancient empire. During the Great Hyperspace War of 5,000 BBY many of the Order's ranks were destroyed in battles of Koros Major, Kirrek and Primus Goluud, with the orders flagship —Devastator— being destroyed, drastically thinning their ranks and stunting their effectiveness.

Following the battle of Primus Goluud the Sith Order of Decreto retreated into the Unknown Regions, where they settled upon the planet Ni. Adopting it as their homeworld, the Sith conquered the planet jump-started its inhabitants technological abilities and set themselves up as gods. Quickly securing control over the numerous warring nations, the Sith Order of Decreto begun creation of a small interstellar empire. Konopka's armies spread across the sector, creating a fleet of warships to carry supplies and men across the empire.

For thousands of years the Sith Order of Decreto survived by the skin of its teeth; constantly battling pirate organizations and the Chiss Ascendancy for control of the region, all the meanwhile, slowly working its way into the major galactic governments. But as the years past, and infighting amongst the ruling Houses worsened and struggles within the House of Ni caused the planet's seclusion from the rest of the empire. However, the Sith soon overcame their struggles with the promotion of Hekas-ni to the rank of Dark Lord; and under Hekas-ni the Decreton Order flourished, with its power, strength and sheer will to survival becoming undeniable. The Empire survived two more civil wars before finally being united under Ater Phasas'a.

The Sith Order of Decreto, now united and strengthened, continued in the plans to control the major galactic governments, using their influence to pass several influential laws through-out the galaxy. Eventually however, the Sith Order of Decreto was discovered by the headstrong Jedi Master Jasca Ducato. Ducato killed the then-Dark Lord, Guerreiro, usurped the title for himself and set about absorbing the Sith Order of Decreto into his own personal empire. Successful, Darth Abeonis waged a gruesome war against the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, and the galaxy whole.

Years past, but the Sith order of Decreto was successful, and by 74 ABY had conquered Coruscant. With the entire galaxy under their rule, the Empire of the Sith Order of Decreto entered a period of enar total peace, until the year 121 ABY and the death of Abeonis. Yet another civil war followed, and the rise of another Dark Lord followed. Under Krayt, the Sith Order of Decreto ruled with an iron fist, and by the time of his death, and even the ascension of Darth Wyyrlok in 214 ABY the Sith still ruled supreme. Eventually however, the Sith of the Sith Order of Decreto met a foe that matched themselves; the Zao tenj.

War with the Zao tenj ravaged the galaxy, and frced the Sith to unite with their sworn enemy, the Jedi. For sixty years the war ravaged the galaxy, but in 300 ABY the Zao tenj were finally defeated. Unfortunately for the Sith however, the victory had been costly. No longer able to support their massive empire the Sith were forced to withdraw to their holdings within the Unknown Regions, leaving the galaxy open to a new wave of empires and governments.

The Sith Order of Decreto had not forgotten the galaxy however, and following the Fourth Jedi Purge in 3,260 ABY, was prepared to make its return.

Darth Krayt


Darth Krayt was a former Jedi Knight during the Clone Wars and later a Learner, Sith Knight, Sith Lord and a Dark Lord of the Decreton Empire during, and following the Successors War. Born A'Sharad Hett, Hett was a promising Jedi throughout the waning days of the Old Republic, serving with distinction during the Clone Wars, where he proved his military prowess and tenacity, fighting in engagements such as the second battle of Jabiim and the battle of Boz Pity. Hett later survived the execution of Order 66, killing his would-be assassins and escaping the planet he was stationed upon.

Seemingly alone, Hett returned to his homeworld of Tatooine and once again took up his Tusken heritage and spread the fear of the Tusken people across the planet. Unfortunately for Hett, he became a victim of his own tenacity; when he challenged and was defeated by the fellow Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi. Cast out by both Jedi and Tusken society, Hett took to seeknig out the one Jedi he believed could redeem him in the eyes of the Order — Anakin Skywalker. Unknowingly to hett however, was the true story of Vader's rise to power and it was not long before Hett came to the realization that Skywalker and vader were one and the same.

Empty of hope, Hett surrendered himself totally to the dark side, and for several decades honed his skills in the dark arts; surviving the Galactic Civil War and founding his own Sith Order. By the year 25 ABY, the galaxy was in the thrall of the Yuuzhan Vong War, and Krayt's Order took to combating the Yuuzhan Vong the "Sith way", but in 27 ABY Krayt was captured by the Yuuzhan Vong and tortured. Infected with Yorik-Kul, Krayt found himself being transformed by the deadly toxins hidden within. Escaping the Yuuzhan Vong, Krayt returned to his Sith Order and, after bringing peace to the fractured followers, continued his war against the Yuuzhan Vong, all the while battling the affects of the Yorik-Kul.

Krayt later formed an alliance of sorts with the self-proclaimed Dark Lady of the Sith Lumiya, promising to aid the dranged former-Jedi in return for mutual silence withr espects to Krayt's Order. Krayt survived Lumiya, remaining hidden on Korriban, although he found himself havingto rely more and more on carbonite-induced suspended animation; and it was during one of these sleeps that Krayt received a rude awakening in the form of Darth Wyyrlok. Wyyrlok infrmed Krayt that his Sith Order had been absorbed into the greater Sith Order of Decreto, and that all those Sith who had survived had pledged their alelgiance to the Dark Lord of the Decreton Empire Darth Abeonis. Begrudgingly, Krayt accepted Wyyrlok's offer, and became one of the many Sith Lords of the Sith Order of Decreto.

Krayt served Abeonis with distinciton, furthering his own agenda whilst helping to strengthen the Empire whole. he became a distinguished member of the Hand and a ruthless assassin, personally assassinating various enemies of the state, including Cerras Ki. Following the Sith Crusade Krayt continued to serve faithfully, but following the death of Abeonis in 121 ABY decided the time had come to remove the only thing that stood in his way. His Decreton Sith Master, Darth Debello.

Following his overthrow of his Master in 126 ABY, Krayt slowly reclaimed all the Sith territories lost to the usurper, Darth Proditor and, within three years had become Emperor, and head of the Sith Council. He would later go on to rule the galaxy in a fair and just way, but made sure that no opposition to his power went unchecked.

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