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  • I was born on November 5
  • My occupation is to bring balance to the quality of this site.
  • I am the Chosen One
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Hello <insert name here> I am I'm the Chosen One, a lot of people call me ITCO though. I was born and raised in—and around—Chicago, Illinois. I graduated high school in 2008 and I currently am an employee of a pinball manufacturer in the Chicago suburbs. I am a fan of many film and novel series, including Star Wars and Jurassic Park.

Since joining this site, I have made over 17,000 edits. Many of those contributions are made to improve the quality and condition of the site by cleaning up articles. I consider myself the jack-of-all-trades editor on SWFanon as I dabble in a little bit of everything--mostly things people don't want any part of, but I digress--from sourcing and categorizing images to fixing grammar and repairing broken links and dead-end articles. I became a Chat Mod for the wiki on June 2, 2012 and can be found there for questions one might need answered or for general talk. My personal fanon and work have resulted in one UotM award, numerous Wiki Awards, three good articles and seven Featured articles.

List of ArticlesEdit

Here is a list of articles I have created:

  1. Scott Borek
  2. Yoder Gree
  3. Mason Quarrell
  4. Knight Blindness
  5. Sicemon
  6. Fission
  7. R3-S3
  8. Galactic Republic (ESW) Featured Article
  9. Human Imperium
  10. Pup Kickto
  11. Casino Imperial
  12. Zell Coo-Neo
  13. Kinaya Madrid
  14. Ike Carcharias
  15. Shyla Spearrunner
  16. Anon Sel-Kerris
  17. Alec Prime Good Article
  18. Otah Good Article
  19. Form VIII: Kendosu
  20. Darth Nemis
  21. Magnum Rockwater Featured Article
  22. Dug Anguis
  23. Bruce Jammer
  24. Kellen Varundle
  25. Nubolo Corno
  26. Darth Absoltus Macht
  27. Odd Yirra
  28. Xian Orrot
  29. Erasmus Ferus
  30. Echo Delrissian/Kor Vella
  31. Garrison Varundle
  32. Fredrico Borek
  33. Mongo Gastrohilic Testino
  34. Coo-Neo Crisis
  35. Justice Isomeer
  36. Emerson Shryne
  37. B-3PO
  38. Rune Gambler
  39. Vjun Redwind
  40. Simeon Darkmoon
  41. Warrick McQuarrie
  42. R-36 Superfortress
  43. Mumbai Gobi
  44. Will-Tye Ford
  45. Dreams are for Wookiees
  46. Great Galactic War
  47. Republic Defense Space Force
  48. Shadow Vengeance
  49. Phyllius Marks
  50. Dispersion
  51. Star Wars (conflict)
  52. Chandor Prime
  53. Perlemia sector
  54. Jedi Temple (ESW) Featured Article
  55. Jedi Order (ESW) Featured Article
  56. Dark Crusaders Good Article
  57. Borel III
  58. Corellia (ESW)
  59. Coronet
  60. Jedi Sentinel (I did not claim exclusive editing rights to the article)
  61. Epic of the Star Wars
  62. Sarapin
  63. Deuce
  64. Trips
  65. Clone Army of the Republic
  66. Clone Navy
  67. Royal "Roy"
  68. Massiff
  69. Commander Kolto
  70. Great Militia Debate
  71. Thuggee
  72. Galactic Healthcare
  73. Food and Spice Administration
  74. Blaster Control Act
  75. Blaster Registration Act
  76. Chancellor's Impeachment Trial
  77. Orasco
  78. Royce McHarenberg
  79. Amber Solaris Featured Article
  80. Saladeen
  81. Nurada Aladeen
  82. Sise System
  83. Sicemonite Sector
  84. Tyrannosauran
  85. Blue Bear
  86. Baibars Zenge
  87. Killick Orslan
  88. Warrful
  89. Warbacca
  90. Roorwookrror
  91. Bogden
  92. Glanville
  93. Ashta Matha Monastery
  94. Jedi Archives (ESW)
  95. New Crusader Wars
  96. Star Wars Volume I: Shadow's Vengeance
  97. CorSec Academy
  98. Corellian Engineering Corporation
  99. Interminable
  100. Beneris
  101. Supreme Chancellor (ESW)
  102. Belcredan (people)
  103. Force Wars (ESW)
  104. Rothana Heavy Engineering (ESW)
  105. Blaster Owner's Protection Act
  106. Trade Federation (ESW)
  107. Signature (Power)
  108. Signature (Identity)
  109. Ferrum Grotto
  110. Rail-Cannon
  111. SB-30 Tactical Assault Carbine
  112. Flamespewer
  113. Star Defender
  114. Star Defender-class cruiser
  115. Borel III government
  116. Master of the Order (ESW)
  117. Bloodstripe
  118. Incom Corporation (Featured Article)
  119. Bloodstripe (film)
  120. Bloodstripe (documentary)
  121. Bloodstripe (interceptor)
  122. Valion
  123. Spineless
  124. One Shot
  125. Volo Asiago
  126. Wroshyr tree Featured Article
  127. Cornerstone Holofilm Group
  128. Corellian Transit Authority
  129. Duros
  130. Deviant (ESW)
  131. Electrum
  132. Errol Dunewell
  133. Volo Asiago
  134. 30th Armored Division
  135. Aggressive ReConnaissance-170 starfighter
  136. 300th Flight Battalion
  137. 23rd Armed Rangers
  138. Angland Wastes
  139. King's Belt
  140. Mandalorian shot
  141. Rey's Castle
  142. Rey's Nebula
  143. Stud Dustport
  144. Will of the Force
  145. InterGalactic Banking Clan
  146. Jawa Juice
  147. Anubis Tu'sirius
  148. B-OX droid
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