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Star Wars Fanon politics is built on personal opinions and assumptions conflicting and boiling into arguments without any sort of rational discussion involved anywhere.
Brandon Rhea[src]
Come with me if you want to live...
Fuck you Goodwood.
And that's why we're Wikia's greatest suppository—err, I mean repository—of fanon.
—Goodwood, on Star Wars Fanon Wiki[src]

Well, howdy-do there my friendly fellow Fanoneers! Welcome to Sean "Goodwood" Nash's user page on the Star Wars Fanon Wiki, where a whole lot of folks like to write fan fiction! Here you will learn something about me and what it is that I do for this wiki, both for the benefit of others and my own enjoyment—as well as why I'm wearing this spiffy uniform.

Who is this strange person?

I may grow old, but I flat refuse to grow up.

Goodwood and Trak Nar, two of Star Wars Fanon's administrators.

Funny you should ask that. I've never actually been in the military, so don't worry about the uniform and some of the things I write about. Rather, I'm also an administrator and contributor at Darthipedia, the Star Wars humor wiki, and perhaps because of this, I serve as an informal ambassador between the two communities. Of course, I would never dream of abusing this position, so rest easy in the knowledge that your own personal fanon won't get Rickrolled, Over NINE THOUSAND-ed, or otherwise meme-ified in any way, shape or form! Besides, I'm hopelessly unfunny.

Other than that, I like cats, semicolons, the smell of cut grass after it rains, dodgeball, Dr. Pepper, playing computer games (FPSs and RPGs being high on the list), frozen candy bars, and recreational writing. Dislikes include bad spelling and grammar, fragmentary and/or run-on sentences, mumorpugers, and Mary Sue-type characters.

This silly person likes the Old Republic era

For over a thousand generations, the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace, justice, and good literature in the Old Republic.
—Obi-Wan Kenobi

Did I say silly? Nah. My fanon is utterly serious. So serious, in fact, that the paper has now become creased with frown lines. Not a pretty picture, and it makes using a pen rather difficult. Anyway, enough with the chit-chat, this is what I've cranked out so far (in recommended reading order):

There's also Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: Vima's Saga, but that's been on hold for ages, so you really shouldn't look at it. Seriously, I'm not kidding, you'll shoot your eye out!

So yeah, I like the KotOR era, and wish that Lucasfilm Licensing would stop playing around with the Skywalkers and start shedding some good light onto the Old Sith Wars and the years immediately after. But not TOR. For the love of all that is Force-y, not TOR! NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN!

The point of all this BS

What are you doing?! There's no crying in Star Wars!
—Tom Hanks

So yeah, back to the nitty-gritty. I'm also an Archivist, which means that I have agreed to review nominations for Featured works. Before asking me to review your work, take the following into mind, because generally-speaking, here are some things that I look for in a good read:

  • Well-developed characters who act consistently throughout, or else have damn good reasons for changing (be sure to indicate why, though)
  • Dedicated attention to detail, particularly in the realm of setting and scenery, as well as internal thought processes within characters
  • Action scenes that really grab onto the reader and make them feel like they're either a part of it or witnessing it for themselves
  • Plausible use of the Force and/or high technology, with bonus points for keeping consistent with established canon
  • Inventive use of fan-created technology and/or uses of the Force, provided they are plausible
  • Creative use of vocabulary, particularly the use of in-universe Star Wars metaphors, analogies, and phrases.

Well, that's a pretty good overview. Generally-speaking, I'll look over just about anyone's fiction, provided that they submit it to me in something besides .pdf format. This will save a lot of headache for me and you both.

Administrative philosophy

Leadership is the ability to get other folks to do what you may not want to do yourself, but you'll do it anyway if that's what it takes.

Okay, now that the community has decided that I can be trusted with sysop tools, here's the part where I ramble on/wax philosophical about how best to apply said tools to the benefit of all (while at the same time heading off potential trouble). Basically, it boils down to three things:

  • Like a Jedi serves the Force, I serve the community
  • There is no "I" in "Team"
  • Just because I have a fancy title and sysop powers doesn't mean I'm right

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, please feel free to ping me in the IRC channel or leave a message on my talk page if you have any questions, comments, ideas or whatnot relating to the site. I'll do my best to provide whatever help is asked for, or else to refer you to someone more capable.



Yes, I'm a hardass when it comes to enforcing the wiki's Image Policy. You'd be wise to follow all of the instructions listed on Special:Upload before you click that button to send your copyrighted image to our servers. See, we have this charming policy of not wanting to get sued by the fine folks who make the images we nick every day for our own fanon/fan fiction, and personally I think they deserve a bit of credit. ¿Comprende, mi amigo?

Some random thoughts

  • Never argue with a stupid person; they'll drag you down to their level and beat you (to death) with experience.
  • Never argue with an asshole. No matter what the subject, no matter how obvious it is that you are in the right, you simply cannot win.
  • There are alternatives to fighting.
  • An intellectual is a person who uses more words than are necessary to tell more than he knows.
  • The only thing that is absolutely required of you in this universe is to die; all else is purely optional.
  • If you see a good idea and how to do it, see what you make of it instead of simply admiring the work.
  • Those who insist that you can’t have an omelet without breaking a few eggs have never had to break their own.
  • The best things in life are simple, but the best simplicities offer endless variations.
  • The Force will be with you. Always.
  • All you need is love.

Further reading

The universe is filled with a network of wormholes. You might emerge some where-else in space, some when-else in time.
—Carl Sagan

So you want to know a bit more about me, eh? Well, try this page and this page. As to why I'm wearing this uniform, there are three four reasons:

  1. ...for great justice!
  2. ...for teh lulz!
  3. ...because I'm an actor!
  4. honor and respect those who put themselves in harm's way while wearing similar uniforms.

Why are you abandoning me?

Duck tape is the Force! It has a light side, it has a dark side, and it binds the universe together!
—Goodwood to Trak Nar about duck tape[src]

Because I've just caught a vandal over at Darthipedia and I have to ban him—no, wait, that's not it. But really, what else is there to tell? My talk page is always open, and I'm almost always on the IRC channel, so if you're that desperate to talk (or if you're a good-looking woman—haha, just kidding!), please feel free to drop me a line.

Toodles and poodles!