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I say we burn sky until we see lines!
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Hello there, I'm sure no one reading this remembers me, although a few of you probably do. In any case, there's a lot to say to those reading this, but I encourage you to keep writing Star Wars fanon until you're totally burned out on it, and above all I encourage you to keep this place alive, because Star Wars Fanon was, is, and can forever be a genuinely great place to put stuff and talk with people no matter what anyone has to say about it.

I was formerly an administrator here, I am not anymore out of personal choice even though you might come across my name in an older page or discussion. For current administrators who can help you out, please see this page.

Other notes

For a solid essay I wrote a couple years ago, see this page here. Some of it is out of date, but it still presents a good explanation as to why I left and what I did in my time here. Originally it was this user page after I left, but I feel it needs its own page for many reasons.

I'm also always interested in the current whereabouts, happenings, and elsewise of people I knew back in the day through this site--you know who you are! It's hard to believe that it's been ten years since I first came here! I'll probably check in occasionally on this site every now and then as I've been doing for years, since I'll never be able to permanently cut my ties from here.

Best of luck to all current and future editors of Star Wars Fanon! Next time you hear of me or anything you ever remember me or not writing, you'll see it over on Wookieepedia, I swear it! --Mike (Gnosis is knowledge, Knowledge, whatever)

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