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"Dieu seul est grand." — Jean Baptiste Massillon
Greetings and salutations! Welcome to the HoloNet feed of Aban Fiolli—Fanoneer and all-around good guy. If you need assistance with something relating to my work here, feel free to leave me a message on the ComNet. I will gladly help as best as possible. Have a wonderful day!

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Aban Fiolli on the Star Wars Fanon Wiki

This article is about the Fanoneer. You may be looking for this user's second cousin and successful executive.

Contributions and projects

Admittedly, my writing on the Star Wars Fanon Wiki is subordinate to the free time that I have during a given day, and this varies from much (during holiday breaks) to precious little at other times. I work in academia, and my schedule is contingent upon the academic schedule and the amount of work that it entails. (Including, but not limited to, grading papers and tests, attending meetings and conferences, writing and publishing, etc.) Because SWF is a hobby, I sometimes have protracted absences or droughts in participation. I attempt to log in periodically to at least keep things active. Much of the larger work that I do is also being written off-line.

It must be confessed that at times I have tended to not scrutinize my work on SWF as thoroughly as my real-life obligations. I strive for professionalism, but sometimes I fail to notice things when I am hurried, rushed, or not entirely focused. I eventually do go back and proofread things to maintain the level required for the site, but since I write for hours each week for work, I use SWF as a recreational outlet. With simple mistakes that exist in my work, I have no objection to those being corrected. I do, however, ask that people respect the articles and writings and ask questions when things are uncertain. When in doubt, let me know on my talk page.

Golden Age of the Republic

The Golden Age of the Republic is currently planned to be a multi-part series of at least three e-novels posted on the Star Wars Fanon Wiki. The premise is a glimpse away from the traditional Jedi vs. Sith mantra of many Star Wars tales and taking a snapshot of the Republic's Golden Age, a time when the Sith were not very visible and the Jedi were recovering from the New Sith Wars and the subsequent Ruusan Reformation. It is a time where the Republic prospered and expanded. Such stability, however, came at a price. Currently, story arcs for the three-parts have been drafted; the first two novels, Hidden Truths and Secret Agendas, have been released as first editions; and the third novel, entitled Ghostly Images, is being written offline. In addition to this, short stories are being used to supplement the plot line, exploring deeper aspects of the characters involved.

An article series based upon Golden Age of the Republic characters and backstory has been periodically updated and expanded. Eventually, these articles, which provide greater backstory, will be crafted into an online version of the Essential Guide. These and other articles can be found here.

Fiolli's futile "To-Do" list

  • Create articles for major characters, locations, etc. in GAR series
    • Prep templates for Essential Guide
    • Reformat a few articles to fit Essential Guide structure (This may require subpages)
  • Gather images for major characters and places in GAR series
  • Compile chronology into IU year and event articles

Things I prefer and admire

Even if all you can do is smile at someone, you have made the universe a better place. That is what we all should seek to do; make the universe better in the small ways.
—Nava Aras
  • Kindness.
  • The music of John Williams as it functions in Star Wars. It's a masterpiece.
  • The wide array of stars, planets and other celestial bodies in the Star Wars galaxy.
  • People who try hard, even if they do not completely succeed right away; I value effort.
  • Civility. People irritate me as well. It, unfortunately, is part of life. Nevertheless, we should try to remain civil.

Other remarks

Feel free to leave a message on the ComNet if you need to reach me. I only ask that messages relating to this wiki be left on this wiki for convenience sake. I am seldom available on IRC, but I do occasionally appear under the registered name Fiolli.

May all who pass by here be blessed with peace.

Publication cover gallery

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