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The Fall of Ruan

Evan was born on the planet Ruan as Vanev Feque. After being found by Jedi Master Jud-Kris Zetta to be a force sensitive, he was inducted into a secretive Jedi Temple on the still independent planet of Ruan. When the Empire became tired of Ruan resisting an Imperial Induction they were attacked in what was called the Freedom War. By this time Vanev had already been assigned to the very master who had found him. During the war the secret Jedi Temple was found and destroyed along with Vanev's master and most other Jedi training there. Vanev and a few other jedi survived the attack on the temple, but had to flee the planet and change their names. Vanev changed his name to Evan, and got rid of his last name, Feque, and replaced it with a title, The Great. By the end of the Freedom War, the once technologically savy planet was converted to an agicultural planet, providing a major food source for Corusant. The once great leaders of Ruan were forced to leave the planet or face death. This included Evan's parents whose wereabouts are unknown, but have been rumored to have been taken to Kessel.

Early Life

After the murder of Jedi across the galaxy, the inner core planet of Ruan began the immediate construction on a new Jedi Temple beneath the Royal Palace, not believing the story of the newly self-crowned Emperor. This is where young Vanev spent most of his childhood, until the age of 13, and the freedom war. Upon the creation of the Empire there were always Imperial troops and scouts in the area, but the Ruani government passed laws saying that the only standing army was their own. They also did a good job of hidding the Jedi Temple, as it was right under the palace, a place that was usually not searched. The large fields that covered about 90% of Ruan's land, and provided a major souce of food for Corusant, were a good place to allow the Jedi to meditate, as underground was a bit "off center."

The Freedom War

But as the years went on the Empire became increasingly suspicous of their close ally. When the Emperor sent Darth Vader to look into it there was no hiding the secrets of the temple, the army, and the government. The people of Ruan were well perpared for this day, the day of the war with the Empire. Darth Vader had already been reassigned by the time the first divisions landed in the open fields. Most of the war involved guerilla fighting in the fields or forests. But the urban fighting was the worst, blood covered the streets of the capital city, right up to the palace. Clone bodies linded the streets as Imperial propoganda photos displayed the Jedi holdouts laughing in the background. Darkness was everywhere. The Jedi decided to join the fight, they could wait no longer. As the jedi fought, the Imperial forces kept becoming more, and more, untill they had control of the entire planet, except a small port town near the ocean. From here the Ruani leaders launched 3 transports with escorts, packet with whatever soilders were left, major leaders of the Ruani government, and a few of the remaining Jedi. Vanev, meanwhile, was assumed dead in the explosion that killed his master. Actually, he had survived the blast and made it to a refugee port where he found a transport heading to Nar Shadda. He boarded the transport under the alias Evan the Great.

The LowLife

After Fleeing Ruan, Evan took up a life of smuggling and crime, doing his part to cripple the Empire. He began with small jobs, moving death sticks, or illegal nerf herds. As time progressed he heard talks of armed rebellion, but couldn't find a lead on who, or where he get could go to get involved. He continued to run smuggling missions, getting larger deals, that although were more dangerous, paid much more. As he built up his cash pile, he built up his conections to the point that Jabba the Hutt had Evan running missions for him. As the armed rebellion became more serious, Evan stayed interested watching the news from his penthouse on Tatooine.

Nar Shadda and the Lowest of the Lows

Upon arrival at Nar Shadda, Evan didn't quite know what to do. He knew that force sensitives were looked down upon, he had been brought up knowing it and the wars didn't give him comfort. He had no where to go and nothing to eat. He knew no one and no one wanted to know him. He began to find that his force powers could help him get the things he needed. He began to pick the pockets of other lowlifes. Although he wasn't exactly going hungry, it wasn't exactly giving him everything he needed. He moved up to the middle class, making about 200 credits each day. He began to rent a small appartment in Nar Shadda. Eventually he was picking the pockets of local gangsters and smugglers. By this time he had saved up enough money to buy his ship, it was an old smashed-up, Eta-2 Interceptor. It still flew but had no hyperdrive, and very poor engines, but it was his.

Nar Shadda and a New World

About a year after the purchase of his ship, the Acton, Evan found a job running death sticks in exchange for an old hyperspace ring and 50 credits per trip, on both ends. Most missions were uneventful, with an Imperial scout here and there, but sometimes he would run into, and away from, larger ships like the new Imerpial-class star destroyers. He always said that he wanted to command one, but new that their sole purpose was evil and despised those who built them. After a few good years of small mission Evan came in contact with a large nerf smuggling operation, who called themselves the New World. Evan became part of the New World and was paid enough to buy new engines for his ship. He returned the hyperspace ring and got a nicer, tri-engine ring from the New World people. He protected the large freighters that carried the herds of nerf from planet to planet. He started out on the Tatooine-Nar Shadda route, but was quickly moved up to the Klatooine-Togoria route, then to the Mimbam-Telti route. As he got closer to the core, he got into more and more danger. Imperial raids were now more frequent than ever before thus increasing the amount of fighting Evan had to do. Not having to worry about bills to pay Evan saved up enough money to buy a sheilding system, which weren;t usually used on the Eta-2 Interceptors. Evan was now a force to be reckoned with. During his time with the New World he stayed basically to himself not making friends, or enemies with much of anyone. After 2 years, the New World was found out and crushed by the Empire. Evan fled to Tatooine, where he knew he could find shelter amongst the other smugglers. Upon his arrival he went directly to Jabba the Hutt. Jabba held the Feque family in good regards because of their efforts to establish trade routes and good relations betweeen Ruan and Hutt Space. Evan told Jabba his story and Jabba gave Evan a place to stay, in exchange for some work. For the next year Evan ran missions for Jabba which ranged between everything from smuggling Death Sticks to Nar Shadda to Hijacking an Imperial Star Destroyer. Jabba paid well for the work Evan put in and Evan now had enough to buy not only a penthouse suite on Tatooine, but also a new tri-engine hyperspace ring, new weapon, scanning, sheilding, and navigational systems for the Acton.

The High Life and Armed Rebellion

He had become rich and had ties to some of the most powerful people outside of the Empire, but he couldn't find any hard leaks to any high ranking Rebels. Through a rather complex business deal Evan came in contact with a mid-ranking Rebel, looking to purchase and transport X-Wing fighters, and need protection from Imperial entangelments. Although Evan wasn't involved with the batle of Yaivn, directly, he did help fund many other Rebel operations. Evan remaned a close tie to Jabba the Hutt and upon the Empire's defeat help foster a treaty between the New Republic and Jabba's Region of Hutt space.

Het Nered's Shipment


Imperial threats would come and go, but Evan remained out of the spotlight. He stayed on Tatooine, helping to fund the Jedi Temple that was built there, and giving lightsaber building courses on weekends as he was only one of the few who still posesed Jedi holocrons. On Tatooine he became friends with the leader of the temple, Master Kakarot, who helped him re-enhance his Jedi abilities. When invasion came from an extra-galactic force Evan once again became interested in the thrill of a war.


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