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Hey guys! I am a huge Star Wars and Doctor Who fan, and I write fan-fiction and edit pages. Not going to give out my personal info, but if you have any questions pertaining to Star Wars or my work, feel free to ask!

"Rey isn't important because she's a woman, she's important and she's a woman." -Daisy Ridley

My favorite Star Wars good guy: Rey

My favorite Star Wars bad guy: Darth Maul

My favorite Star Wars movie: The Last Jedi (yeah, I know, controversial)

My least favorite Star Wars movie: A New Hope

My favorite Star Wars TV show: The Clone Wars

My favorite actress: Daisy Ridley

My favorite actor: Peter Capaldi

My favorite band: Coldplay

My favorite quotes:

"Laugh hard, run fast, be kind." --The Twelfth Doctor, Doctor Who

"The garbage will do!" --Rey, Star Wars: The Force Awakens

"Do. Or do not. There is no try." --Yoda, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

"Fear is like a constant companion."-- Clara Oswald, Doctor Who

"Love, in all its forms, is the most powerful weapon we have. Because love is a form of hope. And like hope, love abides. In the face of everything."--The Thirteenth Doctor, Doctor Who

"The choices we make, the actions we take, the moments--both big and small--shape us into forces of destiny."--Maz Kanata, Star Wars: Forces of Destiny

"Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound. That saved a wretch like me. I once was lost, but now I'm found. Was blind, but now, I see."--Amazing Grace

"Tell me, and I forget. Teach me, and I remember. Involve me, and I learn."--Benjamin Franklin

"All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen."--Ralph Waldo Emerson

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