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C3PO the Dragon Slayer was the Star Wars Fanon wiki's User of the Week from July 23 to July 29.

I am an expert on fanon.

Allow me to introduce myself: I am C3PO the Dragon Slayer. I am fluent in over six million forms of communication and I slay dragons. For more information, click here.

I have been a regular contributor to Star Wars Fanon since June 2006. In that time, I have been appointed as an administrator, elected to become a bureaucrat, and had some of my articles deleted. I have seen horrors and wonders that you can only imagine. I remember a time when Star Wars Fanon was a giant sandbox, where anyone could make an article about anything, and people were praised highly for making the most basic of articles. I remember a time when vandals would move as many as a hundred pages daily, back when there were only a couple hundred articles on the wiki to speak of. Much has happened since then, but I'm still the same person.

I am an inclusionist, meaning that I would rather articles be given the proper attention to be fixed before they're deleted. I discourage the deletion of articles when they can be fixed. I'm not an inclusionist extremist, however. If a user is not willing to fix an article that clearly violates a policy, the article should be deleted.

I believe that users should help one another out if someone's article is found lacking. We're a wiki, after all. Slapping delete templates on articles that can be fixed is not only insensitive, but contrary to the wiki idea: that many users can come together and create something great.


In the past couple of years, I have been more focused on creating Star Wars Fanon video games than writing short stories or making articles. The largest, and most ambitious, of these projects is Avian Hunt, a strategy/flight simulator game that follows the story of the 1337 N00B5.

Another video game, which is much more playable than the latest version of Avian Hunt, is Ace and Commander.

  • Avian Hunt (in progress)
  • Star Wars Expedition (stalled)
  • Second Clone War (completed)
  • Note: The Alternative Movie Battle Series and the Too Many Death Stars series have been deleted due to their humorous nature. Some articles in the Second Clone War series have been deleted in the last Mass Deletion because they looked like they didn't conform to the standards of the wiki.


Since I need music for my video games, I have composed my own music for Avian Hunt.

Avian Hunt Music
Track Title Time
1 "Avian Hunt (main theme)" 2:52
2 "Civilization (epic medley)" 2:19
3 "Kaffman's theme" 1:36
4 "Leet March (version 2)" 3:12
5 "PK-10's theme" 1:25
6 "Tatooine Battle" 2:44
7 "Vergere's News" 3:12
8 "Song of the Fairies - Pirate Heroes" 1:36
9 "Leet March (version 3)" 2:08
10 "Revenge of the Sith 2:06
11 "Pirate Heroes" 1:06
12 "Empirical Medley" 1:36
13 "Leet March (version 1)" 1:30
14 "Tarkin's Theme" 2:21
15 "Avian Hunt Requiem" 3:27
16 "End Credits" 8:21
Total 41:31

Because I don't want this wonderful lyrical adaptation of "This Old Man" to be lost to the Star Wars Fanon community, I have relocated the words on Palpatine's Motto here:

From the tune of "This Old Man"

I hate you, you hate me
Let's conquer the Galaxy
With a great big war with the Confederacy
So I'll gain supremacy.

You hate me, I hate you
This is just what the Sith do
While the Hutts say, "Mine" and the Dugs just shout "Poodoo!"
Few things the Sith say are true.

I hate you, you hate me
This is Darth Bane's legacy:
With the Rule of Two, I will get rid of thee,

Claim Skywalker's destiny!

My Favorite Contributions:


10 Commandments of Star Wars

  1. Every story should have whimsical additions, like minor characters with a distinct personality, funny or interesting things happening in the sidelines that don't affect the story, etc. One of the biggest reason the Star Wars Expanded Universe is so big is because people saw many characters, species, and
    • The Phantom Menace has things like Pit Droids and boomas, which add personality to the film. The large fish in Naboo's core don't serve much of a purpose except to show that the characters' problems aren't limited to something as short-term as the storyline. There's a whole world they must venture through, and much of that world is dispassionate to the conflicts they care about.
    • Attack of the Clones has shaaks, Geonosian speech, and the nightclub on Coruscant to add a whimsical feel to the movie.
    • Revenge of the Sith also has whimsical additions, such as Boga and Grievous's wheel bike, the fuel tanks on the Invisible Hand (in a deleted scene), the opera which Palpatine and Anakin watch when they discuss Darth Plagueis, and having Chewbacca be an aide to Yoda during the Clone Wars.
    • A New Hope is chock full of details added on whims. The aliens in the cantina, the shape of the Millennium Falcon, the character of Chewbacca, the speech of R2-D2, the Sand People, and much more.
    • The Empire Strikes Back continues the pattern with Tauntauns, the Space Slug, and the exploitation of the AT-AT walker's legs using the T-47's harpoon launchers.
    • Return of the Jedi packs a lot of unnecessary content, which only serves to add personality and character to the film, in Jabba's Palace. The singers of Jedi Rocks, the fat guy who cries for the Rancor, the Sarlaac, and the destruction of the Executor all add to this.
  2. Every story should introduce a new planet/race with multiple unique characteristics, whose characteristics play an important part in the story. Aspects of the planet/race should include unnecessary content to make them alien, but lovable.
    • The Gungans in The Phantom Menace have a unique society, built of elegant bubble domes underwater, speaking in an original dialect, and equipped with special weapons that are thrown or catapulted which look like lightsaber balls.
    • Attack of the Clones introduces the Kaminoans, who have a systematic way of cloning and training soldiers, and are very crucial to concluding the movie. The Geonosians, however, are the most original race to play this part, as their means of execution sets the stage for the climactic battle.
    • Revenge of the Sith shows us the Pau'ans. Though we don't see much of them, their Boga contribution allows Obi-Wan to pursue Grievous after he flees, and their dwellings, which line the insides of vast sinkholes, which create a unique stage for the battle. More on that later.
    • A New Hope shows the Jawas, which are important in getting C-3PO and R2-D2 into the hands of Luke Skywalker. The landscape and environment of Tatooine helps explain how Luke is a pilot, but a farmboy. The moisture farms were a legitimate, creative idea for making a dynamic society on a criminally overrun desert planet, and the landscapes like Beggar's Canyon help Luke's victory in the Battle of Yavin seem believable.
    • The Empire Strikes Back introduces Hoth, whose Wampa serves as the instigator of conflict until the Empire arrives. However, it's Bespin's Cloud City that has the most character. The very idea of a floating mining facility on a gas giant works well as an original society. The carbonite freezing process they use, the position of Han Solo's "friend," and the very fact that the city is high in the clouds affects the story greatly.
    • Return of the Jedi: Ewoks. 'Nuff said. The culture of Jabba and his minions could be treated as a whole new world as well.
  3. Droids, bioengineered clones, and weak-minded servants or criminals must have personality. From "Roger, roger" to C-3PO's impersonation of a deity, droids are not mindless shells with no character. This is the most unrealistic rule in Star Wars, but one of the most important. Star Wars is the story of C-3PO and R2-D2. The best character in KOTOR by far is HK-47. Additionally, an underestimated droid or being generally regarded as "inferior," whether it's a droid or Jar Jar, but usually R2, should save the day in some way. Clones should also have personalities independent of their original hosts. This is to establish the recurring theme in Star Wars that personality is formed by experience; which is established by the sentient droids, the impressionable Clone Troopers, and the "identical" Battle Droids. The New Jedi Order series failed to continue this theme, up until Jacen started talking to his friend the World Brain.
  4. There is a Light side and a Dark side. The Dark side appears stronger, but the Light side leads to less conflict and is capable, when used properly, of stopping the Dark side.
  5. No Star Wars character is immune from the influence of the Force. The Force exists in all things. No character, light or dark, is completely light or dark. Even Palpatine shows compassion, even if it's utilitarian, and even Yoda shows aggression.
  6. Superweapons are not to be treated lightly. No criminal organization is capable of building their own mini-Death Star. Superweapons are rare, expensive, and extremely powerful. They aren't drama fodder for the same heroes again and again.
  7. Everyone is the hero of his own story. Villains are still villains from the absolute perspective, that is, the perspective of the audience.
  8. The Force is all-powerful. Force-users are not.
  9. Every major battle, lightsaber duel, skirmish, etc. should use the terrain in a clever way.
  10. The environment should reflect the pace of the story.

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