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Wiki This user has been here since April 3, 2010.
dark This user is on the dark side.
#IRC This user is often present on #swfanon IRC chat, by the name of Bigman602.
Rancoricon This user thinks a Rancor should have mercilessly devoured Jar Jar Binks.

End Days This user survived Order 66.
Wookieepedia This user contributes to Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki.
I believe in brandon rhea This user believes in Brandon Rhea.
M This user is male.
Pizza This user likes pizza!
>>> This user is right-handed.
AD This user is addicted to The Star Wars Fanon Wiki, damn it!
Sithlord This user is a Sith Lord
Republican Emblem This user thinks Republic clone troopers are awesome.
Sabersmilygreend This user is a lightsaber fanatic.
RNDM This userbox is randomly generated!
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