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A traditional author of original fiction, a self-published writer, a fanfic writer, a Stargate SG-1 novelist, a blogger — if he or she is good at the craft, then he or she is my peer.
—Aaron Allston[[src]]

Hello and welcome to my userpage. I'm Atarumaster88, and I'm an Archivist here, as well as a member of Wookieepedia, and the author of the Force Exile fan-fiction series. Please feel free to leave a message on my talk page if you wish to contact me.

About me

I'm the author of the Force Exile Series and occasionally post new stories, content, and artwork related to that series, often with accompanied by terrible puns involving the "FE" acronym. I've been an avowed Star Wars fan from youth and first started posting on wikis in summer of 2006 on Wookieepedia. I was an administrator from there, but am now retired. I started writing the Force Exile series at the end of 2006 and began posting it here in 2007. I used to manage the fan-fiction discussion topic at Café Fanfic, a laid-back, criticism-free area for fan-fiction and related ideas. I'm also an Archivist and review fan-fiction on this wiki out of some unusual desire to read other people's stories. One last important detail: I'm a Christian. I believe in the importance of mutual respect for others and their beliefs, but that's where I am coming from.

Check out my latest updates and thoughts at my blog.

And please, call me Ataru.


Force Exile is a series of novels, short stories, and more set in the Star Wars universe. The core of the series consists of six novels: Force Exile I: Fugitive, Force Exile II: Smuggler, Force Exile III: Liberator, Force Exile IV: Guardian, Force Exile V: Warrior, and Force Exile VI: Prodigal. The saga is expanded upon in the anthology Yanibar Tales, which has twenty short stories and novellas. Supplementary reference works The Essential Guide to Force Exile, Inside Force Exile, The Art of Force Exile, and the Yanibar Guard Sourcebook, augment these stories by providing details on the characters, organizations, ships, and technology behind the series along with additional background information. The cover art for Force Exile works is largely a courtesy of the inimitably talented Solus. Force Exile has won acclaim on two websites, both here and on TheForce.Net's old boards. There is a full listing of works and accolades on this page, along with a listing farther down. Please feel free to provide feedback on any of those works that you read.


As an Archivist, I often review other fan-fiction, particularly those nominated for featured work. I'm willing to read and review other narratives, providing input, opinion, grammar nitpicking, and apostrophe corrections as needed. I'm not big on reading articles. If you are not able to take criticism, it's probably not a good idea to ask me to review your work. I'm pretty civil and constructive, but I won't sugarcoat.

My credits include:

Please note that I absolutely refuse to review something in a .PDF format. Any work I review needs to be in a format I can mark up, and PDFs are not conducive to editing.

Lastly, please no Mary Sues. I am not a fan.

Writing conventions

These are posted here as reference for what I use in my writing. I don't necessarily judge other works I read by their adherence to these guidelines; I operate under the stipulation that I'm the only one who uses these and so I don't expect others to follow all of them. That said, some of these guidelines are more universal to good writing in general.

  1. Nothing is ever perfectly written, but strive for excellence.
  2. Never write a Mary Sue. Ever.
  3. Uphold the 7 pillars of Details, Dialogue, Development, Description, Decency, Characters, and Believability in all writing.
  4. Seek to tell a good story, not a social/political commentary.
  5. Let your work flow with existing official canon, not disrupt, rewrite, or violate it.
  6. Overt sexuality, extreme violence, foul profanity, and dark hedonism have no place in my work.
  7. Evil will never be ultimately rewarded.
  8. Never write anything for the sake of popularity or awards. Write what you want because you want to.
  9. All full-length novels should start on an Imperial or Republic ship, per the example of George Lucas and Timothy Zahn.
  10. Proof-read everything. After that, proof-read it again and have someone else read it if you can manage that.
  11. A good Star Wars tale has these elements: action, romance, suspense, comedy, symbolism, and thematic elements, in addition to being a page-turner.
  12. A good Star Wars author never gives himself more than a dozen general rules.

Fan-fiction endorsements

These stories meet or surpass my standards for technical quality and narrative merit. I am not paid or compensated in any way for these endorsements. You can find larger reviews for these and other fanworks on this wiki at my fan-fiction review page.

Stories with very high (4.5-5) technical ratings have the most polished writing. Stories with very high (4.5-5) narrative ratings have the best stories. Stories with both are awesome.

  1. Heritage by Aurrasingrules101 (epic novel)—NJO-era alternate universe epic that replaces the Yuuzhan Vong. 5/5 narrative, 4/5 technical.
  2. River by MPK (action short story)—a KotOR-era short story depicting what happens to a town caught in the conflict between Jedi and Sith. 5/5 narrative, 4.5/5 technical
  3. Rakata by Solus (drama/dark short story)—a unique take on conditions in the ancient Infinite Empire. 4.5/5 narrative, 4/5 technical
  4. Knights of the Old Republic: Convict's Dawn by JM76 (epic novel)—the first episode in the saga of Sith exile Raen Benax. Set during the KotOR era. 4/5 technical, 5/5 narrative
  5. Star Wars: Death and Life by Goodwood (drama short story)—an interesting story set in the KotOR era about a Republic marine who is re-animated after being killed and must adjust to her new life. 3.5/5 narrative, 4.5/5 technical
  6. Star Wars: The Tragedy by Brandon Rhea (drama short story)—an alternate universe short story featuring a power struggle between two Sith Lords. Set in the late Republic era. 4/5 technical, 4/5 narrative
  7. Knights of the Old Republic: Vanguard of the Republic by JM76 (action/drama short story)—a prequel to Convict's Dawn, Vanguard follows the story of a Republic soldier fighting the Sith against Revan's forces in the Jedi Civil War. 4.5/5 technical, 4.5/5 narrative
  8. The Last Full Measure by Goodwood (epic novel)—a KotOR-era novel about a Jedi and her fateful mission to save the Republic. 5/5 technical, 3.5/5 narrative
  9. Knights of the Old Republic: Phantom Rising (drama/horror short story) by JM76—a KotOR-era short story about the last survivors on the Sith warship Phantom Rising. 4/5 technical, 5/5 narrative
  10. Through Glass by MPK (drama short story)—A story of Revan's introspective journey into the caves of Korriban. 5/5 narrative, 4.5/5 technical
  11. Freedom by Sakaros (action/drama short story)—a short story about a young slave and his fight for freedom in the arena. 4.5/5 technical, 3.5/5 narrative
  12. The Cantina Revelation by Goodwood (drama short story)—the Jedi Exile revisits her past and the things she holds dear. 5/5 technical, 4/5 narrative
  13. The Suppression by Fiolli (drama short story)—an oppressive regime celebrates its victory by executing the most notorious dissident. 3.5 out of 5 narrative, 4.5 out of 5 technical
  14. The Passing by Fiolli (drama short story)—a family faces tragedy when one member becomes seriously ill. 4.5 out of 5 narrative, 5 out of 5 technical
  15. Legends of the Jedi: Burning Bright by MPK (action/drama short story)—a recounting of how the world of Malachor was conquered, saved, and doomed. 4.5/5 technical, 5/5 narrative
  16. Legends of the Jedi: The Beast of Rutan by MPK (horror/action novella)—a clash between a Jedi Knight and the terror that has been haunting Rutan turns out to be all too familiar. 4.5/5 technical, 4.5/5 narrative
  17. Death Wish (drama short story) by Tesh Vohore—a veteran of the Stark Hyperspace War reflects on the harrowing situation that cost him the lives of his squadmates. 4/5 technical, 4/5 narrative
  18. It Takes Only One (drama short story) by Sakaros—a Nei restaurant owner reflects on his personal experience, of a hero can be born from just one person willing to act in the defense of others. 5/5 narrative, 5/5 technical.
  19. My Mother's Dreams (drama short story) by Brandon Rhea. Leia Organa reflects on how her mother's legacy impacted her. New Canon setting. 4.5/5 technical, 4.5/5 narrative.
  20. The Apprentice Trilogy (action/drama novella trilogy) by Sakaros—a Jedi Knight has been given his most difficult task yet: training a Padawan he doesn't want, while also defending the Republic from the ominous forces of the Sith. Set in the New Sith Wars; 5/5 technical, 3.5/5 narrative.
  21. Torchbearer (action/drama novel) by MPK—in an alternate Legends story where both Revan and the Exile fell to the dark, how does the Jedi Order survive? 4/5 technical, 5/5 narrative.
  22. The Price of Knighthood (action/drama short story) by Sakaros—a pair of Jedi undertake a daring mission to stop a Sith bioweapons plant. 4.5/5 technical, 4/5 narrative.

Force Exile works (by release date)

FEIFugitive.jpg FEIISmugglerNew.jpg FEIIILiberator.jpg FEIVGuardian.jpg FEVcover.jpg FEVIcover.jpg YGS1.2.jpg YanibarTalescover.jpg Convergence.jpg


  • Force Exile, nor any work of Atarumaster88, nor Atarumaster88 himself are in no way suggested to be affiliated with Lucasfilm, Ltd. Star Wars and all related terms are copyrighted by Lucasfilm, Ltd. and Atarumaster88 in no way seeks to infringe upon those rights. As far as I'm aware, the term "Force Exile" originated on Wikia with this user, and anyone else using the term as a proper noun or claiming credit for Force Exile works is lying.
  • This author's work contains sci-fi action violence, some of it graphic, mild sexual content, and mild profanity.
  • This author's work also seeks to not conflict with established canon, however silly it may be.
  • Any original artwork that I have drawn (maps, ships, vehicles, technology, weapons, etc.) and all the covers for Force Exile are considered proprietary. That means you may not use them in your work per the editing policy unless I have given you explicit permission to do so.
  • If you would like to cameo a person, place, or thing that I invented for Force Exile in your work, please let me know and provide as many details as possible. If you're looking to have something more than a cameo, the answer is almost certainly no. I'm sorry, but I'm not the collaborative type.
  • In case you see links to this userpage piped through "Will Enser" or some derivative thereof, that is not my real name. That's a pseudonym I invented for the benefit of others dissatisfied with "Ataru". Do not make a Will Enser article—it's just a pun off the phrase "will answer." The name's Ataru. Just Ataru.