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  • I was born on May 14
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Aiddat was the Star Wars Fanon wiki's User of the Week from July 16, 2006 to July 22, 2006.

The following is information about the real person:

My major interests are PC video games, Star Wars (I have many Star Wars computer games), and Elves-Dwarves-and-Wizards-type fantasy. I joined the Star Wars Fanon Wiki as a user February 19th, 2006, when it was very small. Over the years I've gone through being very active, gone, and semi-active.

Here is a list of my first pages on the Wiki:

And here is a current list of my works that I enjoy most:

  • Aiddat - still expanding it and making it better. Aiddat's my "mascot". Sabersmilyaiddat
  • Eniam
  • Drijoken, Keaarglr, Eniamo, their governments, et cetera
  • Mucaav (and related articles)
  • The saber smilies - not an article, and I actually didn't make the original image, but I spent a while coloring the sabers and making the dual-saber smilies out of the single saber ones. I'm glad to see so many people using them.

Note: If you happen to notice any {{improving}} templates on one of my articles, and I haven't done any more than minor edits to the article in a week or two, please remove the template.


I usually don't mind if people make references my fanon without my permission, for example the Aiddat-class cloaking apparatus. But if you want to make a larger collaboration (more than a mention of something) I might be willing, but post on my talk page.

I like to think my fanon fits into the canon pretty well. I would like to keep it that way if I do any collaboration. That means my fanon will almost certainly not include or be linked to large fanon things such as galactic control ("Turns out, Fa'nun Dood was really the power behind Palpatine!") or major additional factions during wars, or new galactic wars entirely. (Sorry to use the Second Clone War as an example, but it came to mind.)

And that doesn't just mean not contradicting canon. After all, I doubt the canon specifically says the New Republic didn't fight an army of a quintillion cyborg clones of Jar Jar Binks at the same time as the Yuuzhan Vong War.

So if you want to significantly connect your fanon with mine, that would be great, if that fanon of yours fits that criteria.

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