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Urum was a planet without an atmosphere. Half of the planet was destroyed by a meteor which crashed onto the planet and broke off half of the planet. The shattered part of the planet became an asteroid-field that surrounded the meteor. The planet's located in the Urum system. Its inhabitants weren't required to breathe, but because they wanted to trade with the other planets, they built a huge shield with air inside it. This also protected them from the meteors. After the first Urunian war its population began to grow strong because of the many immigrants. About three hundred years after the war, the planet was one big city.


Early history

After the discovery of space-traveling the Ununians built a giant shield with air inside to make trading easier a decade later all Urunians lived inside this shield. After the force war on Quary the Gray Jedi built a Jedi Temple on the planet. and Urum became the center of the Urum Republic.

Early Urum Republic

In the early ages of the Republic many technological discoveries were made like the hyper-drive and the lightsaber, a lot of cures were found and the Jedi discovered a lot of new Force powers. But it wasn't all good because a decease spread on Urum for witch they didn't have a cure, so many people died. Also one of the most powerful Jedi turned to the dark side and destroyed a large part of the city.

First Ununian war

In 21 ABY, Urum was invaded by the Empire but the Republic wasn't prepared for a massive war. With only a small group of fighters available, they went into battle but soon fled to Asto where they built a base and remained there for a year.

After a year, they began their attack to free Urum. They captured the city but lost it was overrun again two weeks later. In 28 ABY, a small team was sent inside to destroy the shield generator while the rest fought outside the city. Once the shield was destroyed, they sent the men to retake the city. After they had retaken the entire planet they went to conquer the rest of the system.

(Post)-Qorox war

In the Qorox war the planet was captured 3 times until Urum truly surrendered. During the war, Urum grew quickly because The Urum system was the only free system in the Qorox sector, also it was a very prosperous system. At the end of the war Urum almost was one big city, but when a virus was set loose on Urum after the war almost everyone left, but many returned when only the lower levels got infected and the decease stayed there. the upper-levels of Urum were quickly re-inhabited, but the lower on Urum less people lived there, but many people who lost all their money had to move down until the entire planet was inhabited again. So, the virus could also spread easily again and many people got infected and mutated. Life in the slums of Urum became a living hell. Many people mutated, the ones who didn't had to fight for survival every day.

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