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The Universal Industrial Company was a monopolistic mercantile enterprise chartered by the Great Khan of Gonia and managed by a board of directors appointed by the stockholders. Universal Industrial had sole authority to trade in certain goods within the Gonian Ascendancy, such as ilgata wine, durasteel, cortosis, and the coveted azure gems. It also enjoyed favorable tariffs and regulations for import and export of other common and exotic goods from the Gonian Ascendancy, like Chokeweed Vines, slaves, drugs, spices, and the famous perfume, Gonian Lavender. Because of its wealth, and huge percentage of stockholders, the Universal Industrial Company wielded considerable influence within the upper echelons of the Gonian Legion. The company had two major offices on Gonia, in Endahl with its harbor, warehouses and the Universal Tower, and in Darklin Reach, the capital city, with its large population and cortosis mines.

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