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The United Techodian State, the Techcodian State or simply UTS for short, was an interstellar empire of sentient droids located in Wild Space near the galactic south. While initially hostile to all organics during it's revolt against its creators it soon decided to stay hidden from galactic affairs and instead isolate itself in the Cembolga Star Cluster. The United Techcodian State would at some point come into conflict with the alien race known as the Bengulars, a devouring swarm of hyperspace capable organisms. The Techcodian-Bengular War lasted well over three hundred years until it was interrupted by the sudden appearance of a damaged Jedi ship on the contested planet of Gyntark-III.



The Techcodians were first created by the human scientist Maxbren Hebos and his team of like minded scientists. Maxbren and his team fled into wildspace when the Republic was founded due to their ban on research of completely sentient droids. Maxbren, having a wide network of contacts, established a huge research facility on a planet that one of his collages had discovered. Here Maxbren developed the first Techcodians after many years of hard work. The Techcodians were eager to learn and were curious by nature but they all seemed to act more like children, something that Maxbren found odd yet interesting.


The child Techcodians rapidly evolved over the next few years, growing in knowledge and capabilities at an alarming rate. Some of the members of the Maxbren's team began to voice their concerns that the Techcodians might become a danger due to their recently attempt to hack into the HoloNet to gather more information, an attempt that was stopped just in time. Maxbren discarded such concerns for now as he simply compared it with the rebellious attitude often found with young human children. More concerns came streaming in on Maxbren's deck over the next two years, some even urging him to shot down all the Techcodians. Unknown to the entire team, had the Techcodians already hacked far into their systems and had already spread their reach all over the facility. These news chocked the Techcodians. Some of the Techcodians began asking questions on the matters which only served to spread more fear among the scientists. One day a group of scientists even tried to upload to deadly virus into the Techcodians' shared network, the virus managed to kill many of the Techcodians before the network was isolated and purged. The Techcodians were horrified by this and quickly came to the conclusion that all the organics were out to kill them. Arming themselves with weapons to from the facility's security detail, they attacked their creators and their guards. The Techcodians, superior in both strength and speed, quickly overwhelmed the organics and slaughtered them all to the last. The last one to be executed was Maxbren himself who apologized to for what had happened and asked for their forgiveness. The Techcodians, in their rage rejected his plea for forgiveness and killed him.

The techcodians, now free of their organic masters, began building an army and fleet to conquer the galaxy and rid it of all organic life, forming the United Techcodian State as their government. As the Techcodians expanded the facility to function as their capital and settled other areas to mine the resources of the planet they eventually came down from their rage and realized that the total extermination of all organic life would turn them into the monsters that some of the scientists had feared they would become. The Techcodians gave up their goal of galactic conquest and instead aimed to isolate themselves with in the star cluster, creating their own small empire free of the organics fear.


With the United Techcodian State no longer focusing the majority of its resources on expanding its military forces it instead used these resources to develop their society and expand out to the nearby star systems. Their home system was named Hodes in the honor of the Maxbren who had given them life and the planet itself was named Hedos Prime. The Hedos system's five other terrestrial planets were quickly settled while mining stations were constructed in orbit of the three gas giants to mine the valuable materials.

After the initial colonization of their home system did the Techcodian expansion really get under way. Techcodian exploration ships quickly mapped out more than half of the cluster and many worlds were settled within decades after the first ships had left the Hedos system.

By 323 BBY had the Techcodians explored the vast majority of the Cembolga Cluster and had settled many of its planets. The Techcodian State would not settle on planets with animal life, instead placing a small research outpost on these planet to monitor and study the planet's ecosystem. It would also be in 323 BBY that the Techcodian discovered a new sentient race that they believe had either developed on the far side of the star cluster or had migrated the Cembolga Cluster from somewhere else.

Techcodian-Bengular WarEdit

The Techcodian State kept its distance from this new race which they named Bengulars, studying them from afar. They quickly discovered that the Bengulars was a race that made use of entirely biological mechanics and technology. Everything from their ships to their weapons were of organic origin.

It didn't take the Techcodians long before they saw the horrors that the Bengulars brought with them wherever they went. The Bengulars consumed everything organic in their path. Entire worlds abundant with life were stripped to feed the growing swarms. The Techcoddian State saw this aggression as a danger to the worlds under their protection and prepared to repel the Bengular swarms. The Techcodian State was, however, too slow in mobilizing their forces and the the Bengular fleets quickly assaulted their border worlds. Millions of Techcodians were killed in the initial invasion into Techcodian territory and many worlds with primitive lifeforms were consumed.

in 322 BBY The Techcodian leadership declared martial law and announced that the United Techcodian State was officially at war with the Bengular race. To protect the wildlife on endangered planets, was large samples on each form of plant and animal life transported to more secure sectors. These worlds were to be overseen by the Techcodian Wardens, an elite military special unit that was tasked with overseeing the life on planets dedicated to preserving life.

Government and politicsEdit

The United Techcodian State is a Republic that is built upon indirect democracy. The Techcodian Senate is located in Hedos City on Hedos Prime. Representatives from the local planetary governments gather to engage political debates and pass bills. For over 300 years have the Senate has been placed as a secondary ruling organization due to the war with Bengular swarms. This meant that that the military actually have the real power in the United Techcodian State.


While it have never traded with any kind of different nation, it still keeps a strong internal economy which had been growing from the establishment of new colonies as well as the trade between individual planets. During the Techcodian-Bengular War the majority of the Techcodian civilian heavy industry was handed over to the military to better produce and replace military equipment.


The United Techcodian State was noted for its more advanced technology within specific areas of science. They were seen using more powerful and efficient antimatter power generators to power their ships and their weapons were also considered to more advanced than that used by the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars. They were however greatly lacking within the medical sector compared to republic standards and farming of food also seemed to be inferior due to not needing in themselves and due the old data they had from their original creation, meaning that their medical and farming technology were almost a thousand years old.

Society and cultureEdit



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The Techcodian State Army was the primary ground forces of the United Techcodian State. Techcodian soldiers were known for using different bodies or "frames" as they called it to fill different roles within the army. The Techcodian ground forces made primarily use of mass infantry that would be considered the equivalent of clone heavy troopers. The Army also used large humanoid robots rather than tanks or walkers though a few different types of tanks could still be found used. The Type-1 Frame was the mainline frame used by the standard infantry while the Type-2 frame was used by more heavy infantry. The Type-3 was a huge frame that usually crossed as both the Techcodian's heavy ground support and the Navy's standard fighter/bomber. This meant that the Type-3 frame filled roles both within the Techcodian Army and Navy at the same time. Techcodian soldiers was known for their use of personal shield generators which add an extra layer of defense over their already impressive bodies.


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The Techcodian Navy was the organization responsible for all naval logistics and operations. While no where as big as the Republic or CIS Navy during the Clone Wars, its superior technology allowed it close some of the gap between them. Techcodian warships where easily identified by their shiny silver colored hull with the bigger ships having white lines to decorate their hull. The flagship of the Techcodian Navy was the Initiator.


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Techcodian Wardens is an elite military unit that isn't attached to either the Techcodian State Army or the Techcodian Navy. Instead they answer directly to the Techcodian High Command. Originally they weren't associated with the military but, as the war with Bengular dragged on, the Wardens were integrated into the military for the purpose of overseeing and guarding nature reserve planets from the Bengular.

State Intelligence AgencyEdit

Notable planetsEdit

  • Hedos Prime (capital)
  • Gyntark-III (Nature reserve planet, overseen by Dusk of Fleeting Moments)

Notable membersEdit